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Author Topic: Some Experiments.  (Read 7218 times)


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Some Experiments.
« on: June 18, 2019, 12:19:44 PM »
All tho I dont know anyone with aids. Me and the missis split up once for a year and I seen someone else during that time. I was a bit worried and had an aids test. They said I did not have aids which was a relief. But age itself seems to bring about many strange things one will experience in life. One has to learn with age that every weird thing one experiences, one need not go to a doctor. Because whatever weirdness it is, may be here today but if you wait a day or two will miraculously seem to vanish on its own. Its just part of the process of aging it seems. This does not mean there are repeating things one notices with aging that repeat time and time again mind you, but they also seem to come and go.

Given Im 50 years old you could say Ive been there and done that or experienced a bit of what aging is and the horrors that come with it. However one must never give up and keep learning all one can about health and aging given its something everyone will experience if you live long enough to that is in the first place.  Ive been through many of the health fads, diets, vitamins, and so much more in the arena of alternative health and learned a thing or two along the way. You would be amazed at how much BS is out there all in the name of profit to get your money in relation to your health or your ignorance of such both from the legal medical institution and the alternative arena.

Of course there is also some amazing things to learn about health and some of it is in the arena of legal and alternative health studies as well. Science is also making great strides on understanding the human body and health and there seems to be always more for science to discover. One area of interest to me has been about stem cells, and the newest twist of such called IPSC cells. Which is the ability of almost any cell in the human body to be turned into a stem cell. In the old days there were many issues with morality in relation to stem cells which had to be taken from aborted babies. But now day stem cells can be grown from any other cell in the body so no aborted baby tissue is needed anymore to accomplish the process of getting stem cells. Stem cells can be produced from your skin cells, fat or blood cells, or even your urine, a liquid you flush away often.

Urine therapy is a topic of alternative health that many would swear by. And Im not saying I have not been down that road a bit to investigate it. In fact Ive studied quite a bit about it. I have also found there is a lot of ignorance in this arena not only from the average joe but about the therapy itself in relation to why it offers some benefits to many people.

Overlooking the placebo effect in itself which also has a strong effect on the minds and health of people. There are possible ways urine therapy can help some in relation to sound science. But much about urine therapy is shrouded in ignorance and total BS. For example many will say you can get stem cells from urine. And you can if you culture the cells from such properly but you cant just drink urine or as many will claim, age urine and then say it magically has stem cells in it. This is total BS as the ammonia in aged urine totally destroys any live cells that were there as if the PH of it all then did not first. And that is some of the ignorance spread about which for a time even I did not fully understand. But this is still taught in ignorance by many leading others to think they can get stem cells from drinking urine. And most anyone who has ever truly been sick before will attest, you would try anything if your sick enough, even drink urine if you thought it may help ease your malady.

But there is more to the story mind you that has been left unsaid. One of the ways urine therapy may in fact help some people, assuming they dont over do it of course. Is by processes called transformation, transduction and horizontal gene transfer in relation to bacteria. If your a fan of modern science in relation to health or even an old alternative health guru then you know about how important the gut flora of someone is in relation to their health. And one of the amazing things about old urine is it attracts a lot of bacteria.

So if we have aged urine that is full of bacteria, and given urine has many chemicals and genetic factors from a person in it, then this gets passed on to the bacteria in old urine by the means of transformation, transduction and most importantly horizontal gene transfer. Which means the bacteria take in genetic material around them, they incorporate that genetic material or DNA into themselves. They process it and then start making the proteins the DNA they took in codes for. As this very same thing is what modern science uses when it uses bacteria to manufacture many different kinds of medicines which are made from bacteria. For example if your a diabetic and take insulin, well that insulin is now days made from bacteria which have been given the proper DNA code to make such.

Bacteria have this strange nack of taking in DNA from their surrounding environment and making it part of their own bodies or part of their own genetic structure. Thats how they can survive in most any environment, they evolved to be able to do this. They can change their genetic code or genome relatively easily and fairly fast within any new environment. And if foreign DNA is nearby them they will gather it like a person might gather quarters that were found all over the ground. Bacteria value DNA as something highly cherished, and they must as their very life and survival depends on it.

So when a person drinks some aged old urine, and assuming no relatively deadly bacteria have grown there, and they drink it. That introduces new bacteria into their gut. And that new bacteria which was also gathering DNA from that urine will now process it and produce new proteins that were coded or originally came from the human in the first place given its their DNA that is in their own urine. And through horizontal gene transfer a method bacteria use to exchange DNA with all the other bacteria around them, this newly created DNA code that was taken from the urine gets transferred to all other bacteria in the gut rather fast for all intents and purposes. As this is what bacteria do to survive and to help their, shall we say brothers and sisters all around them survive as well.

If you know a bit about DNA you know it can code to make most anything, from countless molecules to vitamins, to chemicals or well about anything really. And when a bacteria runs a code from some DNA the bacteria's body then produces or creates that, whatever the DNA was coded to create, get it?

Thats the strange yet amazing thing about bacteria. Where as a human cell is pretty much stuck with its DNA code for life. Bacteria can change their genetic code, and they can do it fast, and they do it all the time from taking into themselves any DNA they happen to find laying about in their environment. Bacteria are the DNA trash collectors of the micro world.

If you have ever heard of fecal microbiota transplanp also called FMT, this is a medical practice where a doctor essentially takes some poop from a healthy person and places it into the gut of an unhealthy person and then the unhealthy person gets better. That is a legal and effective way many have gotten rid of IBS and other health gut issues. Look it up you would be amazed at the cures that have came from this. But because it sounds almost as horrible as urine therapy still very few people overall have even heard of it. But this works the same way I mentioned urine therapy may work through horizontal gene swapping. As the new bacteria from the poop of one person transfers its genes to the bacteria of the unhealthy person thus making the unhealthy person to become healthier as bacteria can use DNA to produce any number of chemicals or vitamins even.

Privately and personally for some years I have been doing research into growing USC cells. This is a means of using cells that are naturally washed away in urine. Using those to grow stem cells. And yes the medical profession has did this way before me, and does it way better Im sure even.
The point is it an be done and is a valid medical procedure now days done by scientist and medical doctors. Of course my methods are purely experimental and mainly for educational reasons, tho I cant say I have not tried many things in the said arena for personal health benefits. But such is still a relatively new concept not only in the medical field but for experimenters worldwide dabbling in such. So its not like anyone knows the cure to anything by the way taking this route. I just thought it important to point such out least anyone get into this arena for educational or personal health reasons. So you know as wacky as it all sounds there are valid and real scientific ways and methods that such things can and do work or can be used to benefit health. 

Im not saying drink urine here by the way, as I doubt this really will provide much benefit but given the placebo effect is a real and valid thing, it really depends on what you believe, and how long you can keep believing it as well. But urine can be used as it contains many medicinal properties that science has even gathered and used for years, again taken from urine and that research is very public and online if you look into it.

Anyway just thought I would mention this as it may be helpful to someone, best wishes :)