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Do protozoa live inside plants?

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Do protozoa live inside plants?


This is some video of plant water I grow plants in. Oddly I think these creatures either float in the air or they come from plants themselves. Here is why. I will take water, be it from bottled or from tap water with chlorine in it. I then cut a piece of bamboo plant from another plant near the top of the plant. I wash the plant well with chlorinated water. I then place it in the water mentioned above. I wait a few days and look at the water under my scope and these critters are everywhere in the water. Remember I did this with pure bottled water and tap water that is chlorinated so neither should have these critters in it. And I have checked the water before hand and seen no critters in it. But they still get in the water somehow. So either they are something that naturally lives inside of plants, or the plants turn into these things or they are floating/blowing around in the air all about us and that's how they get in the water. As how else would they keep getting in the water in these experiments. And I found the same result trying many types of plants grown in water. Also I can put something like a cotton ball at the top of the water bottle the plant is in to stop dust from getting in it, but they still get in the water, or come from the plant. Weird stuff right. As we must be breathing these critters in all the time if they are in the air all around us.

Hello spacecowboy,
interesting observation.. It was way back in 1975 I guess, that I was doing extensive research of Wilhelm Reichs  work in the Bavarian State Bibliothek in Munich where there were microffilms about almost all of his work including handwritten notes he made and there I found his research on Bions.For the chronology of his work see here:http://wilhelmreich.gr/en/orgonomy/historic-material/chronology-of-wilhelm-reichs-scientific-discoveries/
and on Bions see here:

Reich was burning grass and hay with a 1000 deg hot flame for hours, then sealed the ash ( in a destilled water solution ) in glas-vessels which were closed by molten glass. After a few weeks life appeared in the sealed glass in form of pulsation structures. He even sent samples  of these glass-vessel to a university in Nice to proof his findings.
hope it helps you to understand more about this phaenomenon.
Also way back in 1970 there was a physician Dr. Weber in Germany  who with the help of an electronic engineer who set up the first dark field microsope ( optical,  Olympus) with magnification 200, discovered protozoe in human blood only present if the person had cancer. This developed into a serious situation for this man since certain insitutions tried to destroy his reputation after he went public....but this is another story I wont go into further

Further information: http://www.wilhelmreichbiologist.org/resources.html
and here the archive of the orgone-institute : http://wilhelmreichtrust.org/archives.html

Thanks for the reply, very interesting stuff no doubt :)


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