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Fuel Vapour System for a 5 MP lawn mower


Hi there,
I got a really big one from scrap with 5 HP, no tank and no air-filter was there, so I thought, this would be perfect for an experiment and I was so happy as it worked. Before that I had no idea what a motor does :-)

There are some pictures inside the video:

Last time I measured the engine I think it was about 70 degree, the exhaust was over 100 degree. At the moment I'm planning some more enhancemens and have to optimize the time running the engine properly and most stable. Funny thing was, the first video I show was a super crappy setup but it run's very good and had much power.

I did some modifications yesterday, it took me about 10 hours. But it was really worth it.

WTF? Yesterday I saw someone who streched his fuel simply by adding water to it. Has someone an answer if I should update my back-flash protection to something better because when you add water this will convert to hydrogen and oxygen I think?

Here's the video:


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