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Title: Video tapeing your world saving invention
Post by: Alfang on December 18, 2006, 04:54:32 AM
I have seen a lot of video the last few weeks of people with inventions that will save the world or whatever.
You ever notice that some brilliant inventor of Hydrogen conversion, Gravity wheel or whatever it may be, can't operate a simple video camera?
When the day comes that I have something revolutionary to share with the world, I'm gonna read the owners manuel on the video camera and submit a video at least as good as the invention that I wish to present.
In todays world, If you cant present us with good CLEAR pictures and video, forget it. find a new career...............
And another thing......I wanna see hydrogen overunity period, forget running the damn car engine. lets see step one first. You scammers are skipping many steps by powering a car with overunity hydrogen.  baby steps gotta proove one thing at a time......
I hope I'm wrong....make it work if you can.