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Title: Ideias and Setups - balloon to near space to study atmospheric energy extration
Post by: licondam on April 18, 2019, 07:06:04 AM
HI all,

I will send a High Altitude Balloon (HAB), near Space, 30 km altitude (stratosphere) or more and I'm offer for FREE a opportunity of anyone send some experiment, instrumentation, sensors, with the balloon.
I'm from Portugal and I'm a long time free energy researcher. I study in Coimbra University I'm doing the master's degree in physics engineering and I'm part of a association (academic association) that have a a section of astronomy (SAC). We (SAC) divulge and promote science and make a lot of activities.
In the next year we will send a HAB to near space, above ozone layer, passing here temperature are -50ÂșC, low pressure, and a lot of radiation. We will take pictures and make HD movies of all the travel but we want make more. We want produce science and publish some parer. (we will collect micro meteors in a meteor shower that there will be in August of 2014 to Chemical analysis and data publication)

I'm an adept of exotic energy researcher and I'm know the potential of extracting energy from the gradient of voltage of our atmosphere.
You are an expert in this area so I'm ask for any idea or any setup or method to study the potential energy extraction of atmosphere in our High Altitude Balloon. We can make a collaboration for free with you. And you don't have pay anything to send some instrumentation to near space in our balloon.

Please if you are interested in this collaboration contact me.
Send this e-mail to anyone that can be interested.
Best regards,