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Author Topic: Do The Fields Exist  (Read 2533 times)

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Do The Fields Exist
« on: April 08, 2019, 11:24:52 PM »
Do Magnetic, or Electric, or Electromagnetic fields,  actually exist .

The following thread on another site reminded me of what I often wonder, do fields interact .

NOTE -  I was sure that recently, or in the last 6 months,   I had seen an article about an experiment using very powerful lasers that showed that when the paths of 2 lasers met, that the path of one or both lasers was deflected .  I can not find that experiment now .
          - I assume there are also  'Electromagnetic-Lasers', whose beam behaves like an electromagnet,  that would be better than the experiment below, for the electromagnetic-field at least .

A Simple Experiment
The diagrams below show a simple experiment, which I have no way of doing .
( NOTE - I forgot to add a diagram for Electric-Fields / Electrets )
    -  Two  permanent-magnets ( or electromagnets in the other diagram ) ARE OUT OF LINE OF SIGHT OF EACH OTHER,  the line of sight between them is blocked by a block that completely blocks their fields,  however,  above the block,  their fields can meet .
     ( 1 ) - For Magnetic-Fields,  could you cause one magnet to move by moving the other magnet in this set-up ?
     ( 2 ) - For Electric-Fields, could you cause one electret to move by moving the other electret in this set-up ?
     ( 3 ) - And stupidly I will also ask,  for Electromagnetic-Fields, could you cause one electromagnet to move by moving the other electromagnet in this set-up ?

    If the answer to ( 1 ) or ( 2 ) or ( 3 ) is  'no interaction',  then could it be that what we interpret as fields,  may actually be something like QUANTUM-ENTANGLEMENT,  some sort of unknown connection between two objects or sub-atomic-particles having similar properties,  maybe their interactions are warps in space-time or gravity or something .

Deflecting Radio Transmission
- Can radio signals / transmission be blocked just by using a radio-beam to deflect another radio-beam before it is received by the receiver,  as in the diagrams attached below,  when everything is out of line of sight of each other ( of course in practice this would be stupid, since a lot would still get through  ) .

Note - The block, blocking 100% of the fields in the diagrams below, could maybe be made out of a weak magnet, or out of many small weak magnets .
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