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Author Topic: Wesley's Kapanadze and other FE discussion forum [with free speech]  (Read 15394 times)


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Re: Wesley's Kapanadze and other FE discussion forum [with free speech]
« Reply #30 on: March 26, 2019, 10:31:08 AM »
WHEN we would be able to do that

to put knowledge from this site into reality ?
Nice realization. It is a pleasure to see young people who start without complexes and succeed.
Conventional techniques are feasible. "Overunity" techniques are not (yet?) because until now, there is no reproducible proof of concept while there are thousands of claims on this subject. Draw the conclusions: both alleged overunity systems and their promoters must be sorted out and unnecessary ones eliminated.


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Re: Wesley's Kapanadze and other FE discussion forum [with free speech]
« Reply #31 on: March 29, 2019, 02:12:58 PM »
This post uses quote of F6FLT but it is not directed to F6FLT.
It is directed to you the public. To better understand me and my motivation.

What not everyone understands is that what some people say in public can be criticized in public. Respect for people does not imply respect for their beliefs or for everything they tell us. If that were the case, no one could say anything anymore, because there will always be somewhere someone who have a different opinion and might feel shocked.

Then a forum, by definition, is a place for discussion. If people refuse to discuss, or apply excessive and indiscriminate censorship, they have nothing to do on a forum. Whether they blog or stay on youtube by inhibiting comments.

I'm American respecting American values!!
The problem is not in Freedom of Speech and Expression.

Both SolarLab and F6FLT made their point clear:
They they informed the crowd  about their rejection of everything  I published.
And that is fair, to me.
But repeating  that rejection for half of a year every time I post something is called  constant attack or vendetta.
(a prolonged bitter quarrel with or campaign against me.)

-if some  guys know that I have no money  for them why they publicly yell repeating their disappointment every time they see me ?
If they don't like me why is that important to the crowd around?

The answer is simple:
-  someone (mentally stable) must be paid, or he must hate so much to push public opinion against me.
And there is no other  explanation, it doesn't exist ( if you know about any other explanation than take stand )
So let's say  that there can be one individual who  acts this way.
But when we have  two of  them presenting themselves with knowledge and  nice English, that  somehow that looks interesting?

I may be for you not delivering anything worth your attention.
I might be worth nothing to some of you,
I my be deluded or any other way handicap.

BUT REPEATEDLY EVERY DAY TELLING ME, OFFENSIVELY THAT I'm  handicap  - that alone is bad and is not human!!!!!!!
That is why F6FLT and SolarLab are  under moderation.

They been ask to  post in other parts of forum, But instead they opened topic mimicking Wesley's topic:
to attract  the audience and publish  with  intention
to inflict , pain, damage, or other hostile action on me in retribution for something done or not done.

And topic was created  and  placed by F6FLT,  in scam section of forum with my name on it.
Scam can only  exist if there is any profit or benefit, and I have none.
But they can benefit from that in both monetary and having satisfaction.
And that matches  basic formulation  of definition of foreign agent
or hostile foreign servant who would not stop if not terminated.

It is very much unfortunate but Russia
is often associated with this kind of activity. 

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Re: Wesley's Kapanadze and other FE discussion forum [with free speech]
« Reply #32 on: April 12, 2019, 04:35:23 PM »


Solar Update: 

Ruslan device theory/development Update:

Test Set => much more successful than envisioned [including Test Set Ver. 2]; "Maker (kids)" making great progress, several devices and configurations tested OK (docs in the works) - closely "matching" postulated theory; still on course for June/July pub. Very busy...

Have a wonderful weekend!



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Re: Wesley's Kapanadze and other FE discussion forum [with free speech]
« Reply #33 on: February 08, 2023, 09:12:49 AM »

This device generates 2kW. It is very light.
There are no big heavy coils. So what gives this energy?
There is a power amplifier inside. This is how Kapanadze describes it, but what is it? What could it be ? Everyone is looking for a coil there! because he's seen them in other movies, but they won't be coils! so what ?
I have been looking for FE for 8 years. I came to the conclusion that it must be something light that can carry a lot of power. Only one thing meets these conditions.
Vacuum lamp. Why ? Because the power is available in 1-3 sec. since switching on. This is how much is needed to start the lamp in cold cathode mode. In addition, this mode of operation does not cause excessive heat, so everything is correct.
Is it possible? Yes, because in the cold cathode llama mode there is a known effect which is superunity.


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Re: Wesley's Kapanadze and other FE discussion forum [with free speech]
« Reply #34 on: February 08, 2023, 09:51:01 AM »
Your explanation sounds a bit 'pie in the sky' so Prove it !
Isn't it more likely to be energy from the 'immediate' environment as 'Nick Z' talks about