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Title: FE-Generator ! Surpressed again?
Post by: pese on December 17, 2006, 08:58:35 PM

Hungarian Development , was to see and proof for everyone last sommer 2006

Title: Re: FE-Generator ! Surpressed again?
Post by: lltfdaniel1 on December 18, 2006, 12:27:02 AM
It is sick that it get's suppressed.
Title: Re: FE-Generator ! Surpressed again?
Post by: ashtweth_nihilisti on December 29, 2006, 04:14:21 AM
Funds Rasied
"They have been able to raise close to $100 million to start building these units

You wont get it out there unless you have a Research and development centre built to spacifically EDUCATE and manufacture this type of technology,

The organisation has to be run by open sourced engineers,  NP in the public eye to create conditions that are immune from the current economic and political naure involved with this tech.

thats why i started my NP, and thats where we will win, Help and sign the petitions!
Title: Re: FE-Generator ! Surpressed again?
Post by: NerzhDishual on December 29, 2006, 11:53:52 PM

Hi quick-witted overunity chaps!

FE Supressed or 'premature' claims?

Have you listened to the interview of prof Szabo (the father of this EBM (Energy By Motion) technology) with Sterling D. Allan?

You can, for example, find it on :  ( (=/= 20 Megs)

As I can catch it, it is very discouraging.
Actually Prof. Szabo seems only to have a slightly overunity small machine (about 120%) which have been tested by scientists. According to standard calculations when (if?) this device is upgraded it is able to self run and to produce extra power.

I must confess that I'm lost with this EBM stuff.
Is the Prof. Szabo Website not showing huge machines???

Ref : (

Title: Re: FE-Generator ! Surpressed again?
Post by: raburgeson on December 30, 2006, 04:42:48 PM
Scaling things of the surroundings the unit complete, pictured looks to be about the size of a four cylinder automobile engine. That's not really a large machine, at least I don't classify it as large.
Title: Collection Bedini to Tesla GERMAN , also DE Patents in english
Post by: pese on January 10, 2007, 11:03:22 PM
If this Invention is NOT "welcome",
possibly the information from peswiki
are dissinformations (!/?)