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Title: Use the relative rotation and a pressure
Post by: activ25 on March 04, 2019, 08:22:08 AM
More like that.

Like that I don't have any torque on the support.

A1 is fixed on the ground
A2 and A3 are the axes for the cylinders, they rotate at w around A1
The cylinders don't rotate around their axis (A2 or A3) before start, so they rotate at -w*cos(45°) on the support (I didn't draw the support)
The rope will pass from the container1 to the container2 and decreases the pressure in the container1 and increses the pressure in the container2: I win an energy
No torque on the support
I can use a gas for example but anyelse pressure can be used: magnetic, electromagnetic, electrostatic, hydraulic, etc.