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Author Topic: Color's Kapanadze forum, FE builds circuits and comments  (Read 511253 times)


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Re: Color's Kapanadze forum, FE builds circuits and comments
« Reply #120 on: February 16, 2019, 04:34:35 PM »
Note that,
If you report a spy in Korea, you have a reward of hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Usually it is a North Korean spy.
You can not open a blog under your own name.
The name and user are another illegal blog.
My friends manage it.
It is unique culture of Korea.


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Re: Color's Kapanadze forum, FE builds circuits and comments
« Reply #121 on: February 16, 2019, 05:13:53 PM »
Free generator is all of mankind.
Some people are too common to monopolize.
I am bored and I am looking for a place to have fun on the internet.
If life is bored, it is not pleasant.


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Re: Color's Kapanadze forum, FE builds circuits and comments
« Reply #122 on: February 17, 2019, 10:45:05 AM »
Existing circuits are error free.

Ruslan said:

Не путайте вращение поля и создание реактора с обычным ВЧ трансформатором.

Conventional transformers do not create special resonances.
Conventional transformers do not amplify the charge pulled from the ground by the kacher.
We have to make a new transformer.
This is the part that needs to wake up the brain.

If Minwell generating 12V / 10A produces 209V / 7A through the generator, the Tesla kacher has a 1/10 role.
The remaining 9/10 is made by a yoke transformer.

What Tesla kacher has done over the past 100 years is almost certain and nothing special.
What to expect from Tesla kacher is nothing more than a mirage made by the Tesla name.
Kapanadze and Ruslan hid the real free generator principle by mentioning the Tesla name.

Make a new yoke transformer!

This is the only answer!


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Re: Color's Kapanadze forum, FE builds circuits and comments
« Reply #123 on: February 18, 2019, 04:37:15 AM »
If you want to discuss kapanadze generators, start over here again.

[1482] 1483 1484 1485 1486 1487 ... 1516

February 17, 2016, 03:55:25 AM ≫
People don't get just how devious Tariel is,he says things untrue because he knows that people will focus on them,there red herrings.I can't get a certain this or that,people grab and run with it.Tariel and SM inventor of the tpu think the same,fake out people looking to replicate there devices.
The kapanadze device has nothing to do with Tesla,he says it does so people will focus on Tesla.Hoppy's approach is  correct, if a device is a possible fake ,can I show it could be,you don't want to spend time investigating a fraud believing its real thats madness.However  you have to be very careful that you don't declare a device as fake, but it really maybe real.The picture very much sums up how complicated figuring out Tariels device is,without a core concept.From a logical stand point the blue coil is simply that a long coil wound in different directions,an air core,a current must flow between the ground and the end of the coil,to a load(heater).At least 9 amps must flow to light the heater,the coil has very little inductance,winding it in different directions  causes the effective inductance to be less than a simply wound coil.The other end of the coil connects to the 3 phase transformer with a resistance of 78 ohms,from a logical standpoint it must therefor be a fake,since its impossible that it could work.To make Hoppys theory correct you would have a small wire shorting the transformer connection where the blue wire connects.A wire goes to this connection hidden,in back of the transformer this wire then connects to the bundle of wires,this then goes to the back connecting to the long out side cable,and the mysteries
solved.You can see that this is a very hard problem,this is why the giant brains,more or less gave up.Keep in mine I believe its real and uses principles very different from how I was taught in college very hard to
figured out, both the tpu ,not all are real,and kapanadze's devices operate in similar ways.

February 17, 2016, 01:30:35 PM ≫

This is also true for the drawing below (Patent US6104107).

The secondary L2 of the high voltage transformer (Alternating Density Generator) does not form a closed electric circuit, hence it can't generate a magnetic field, hence there should be no counter EMF in that transformer. Nevertheless an oscilloscope connected to coil L3 measures clearly some sinusoidal voltage, meaning, the coil L4 must generate a magnetic field somehow. Impossible?

Not according to my experiments. Although a capacitor in parallel to L4 is necessary in order to work at the low frequency of 50 Hz (not 1 KHz to some hundred KHz as mentioned in the patent). The capacitor and L4 must form a resonant LC circuit at the frequency of the AC source (this corresponds to the 3-phase parallel LC circuit in Stepanov's carpentry setup).

Here connection Bx6 would be the point where Kapanadze put the clamp meter between in order to measure the (impossible) ground current. So far my meter shows nothing, but then, where is the energy coming from that generates the magnetic field through L4 (also open)? Obviously not from the AC source because the open L2 can't generate any counter EMF.

What's missing here? Is it perhaps the simple frequency doubler circuit like seen in the Stepanov's cardboard box setup in order to get a special resonance?

Just something to think about ...

February 17, 2016, 05:50:04 PM »
What is electric (ground) current? In order to measure an electric (ground) current by means of a clamp meter the electrons in the wire must generate a magnetic field around that wire. Otherwise the meter will show nothing.

So how to accomplish this without a closed electric circuit? This is the main question here!

In Stepanov case (image to the right) the only way to fake that ground current (here the battery is the conductive body) would be to tamper with the inverter - namely creating a short between the 12-V-in and the 220-V-out side within the inverter in order to have a closed circuit.

But then the question comes up: Why should Stepanov showing a fake ground current without good cause? Why unnecessarily faking a ground current? He could claim more energy out than in easily without showing that ground current.

This question stays unanswered.

By the way: What things could happen if we connect two different coils of a 3-phase transformer to two different frequencies, like 50 Hz and 100 Hz, phase-locked to each other? Anyone tried? :)


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Re: Color's Kapanadze forum, FE builds circuits and comments
« Reply #124 on: February 18, 2019, 04:40:30 AM »
Any circuit schematic or a working one? The latter could be more difficult to obtain, I think. :P

A good start point would be to apply the »rule out« method. Any component ruled out can't be any longer a wrong component.

Inspecting the aquarium II device in detail, what do we see? There are few wires coming out of the hidden part. I would call it »neatly arranged«. Six wires are going to two switches and to the connector for the startup battery. We do not care about that wires. Two wires are going to the spark plugs. We do not care about them either, because that sparking is just for the amusement of the audience.

We do care about six wires going to the 3-phase transformer and one coaxial cable going to a hollow plastic tube. The coils on that plastic tube do - you guessed it - NOTHING! No chance that this blue and that enameled wire could ever amplify any electric current. This is totally nonsense.

The output consists of two blue wires. One should be connected to ground, the braid of the coaxial cable is (most likely) also ground. So, what's left? We have to connect the second blue output wire to the center core of the coax, since the coils of the 3-phase transformer can't withstand 9 amps (2000 watts load divided by 220 volts), unless ...

The choices here are either the high current comes out of the device's hidden part via the coaxial cable, or the 3-phase transformer generates that current somehow right in front of the audience (which is amused by the sparking).

Would we are better off if we could see the hidden components? If we could see one more (3-phase) transformer or a capacitor it would change nothing, because we would not know what currents are circulating in the windings.

Therefore more theory is needed. Below there is an illuminating newspaper clipping, »Static on Moving Object Forms Magnetic Field«. So as we do have static in form of high voltage (pulses) in an open transformer circuit, we could form a magnetic field from static by moving that static. How to move that static without moving the transformer? Apply a magnetic field to that static field so the static forms an additional magnetic field which should result in an exceptional strong magnetic field. That magnetic field then interacts with the crystal radio LC circuit (hidden part of the aquarium II device, in plain view on the floor of Stepanov's workshop).

A crystal radio works because the antenna is always statically charged with a bit of voltage (from the environment), then this static is subject to the very weak magnetic field of the radio waves coming from a remote radio station. Now we connect the antenna to something that produces a high level of static AND a high level of a magnetic field. What should happen?

If nothing happens, then something has to be wrong. Hence, the part list:

1) One choke (single- or 3-phase)
2) One 3-phase transformer (in special arrangement)
3) One diode bridge (for the frequency doubler)
4) One power resistor (runs hot)
5) Some capacitors to get the resonance

If we need more parts, the setup can't be right.

Some similarities to the yoke device are by sheer chance, I suppose. Pulsed high voltage is mixed with a magnetic field powering a LC circuit.

Interesting coincidence by the way: Remember, Kapanadze's green 3-phase transformer is connected 5/7 5/7 5/7 to input, 3/4 3/4 3/4 is connected in parallel without load and thus to nothing, 1/2 (88 Ohms) 1/2 (80 Ohms) is connected in parallel (through a fancy coil) without load and thus to nothing. 1/2 (78 Ohms) is connected to a blue wire (1) and open (2). Hence, there are three inputs, but only one static (open) high voltage output.

Does this remind us of something? What about the second Stepanov transformer? Clearly two coils are open so they do nothing like 1/2 1/2. That Stepanov transformer has no pins 3/4 3/4 3/4, so it's not applicable. But then the right hand coil of that Stepanov transformer is connected to some wires - exactly like Kapanadze's little green transformer. Strange thing, isn't it?

I almost forgot: ... unless that transformer generates a strong magnetic field that attracts (sucks) electrons directly into the resonant load circuit, not into the flimsy transformer itself.

Nothing to comment about the strange similarities between the Kapanadze aquarium II transformer and the Stepanov transformer?

Now I have to look for a suitable 3-phase transformer to experiment with in order to post a suitable resonant circuit. In the meantime the search for hidden wires goes on.

Where do you think is the hidden 'x' wire in case of aquarium I presentation (see below)? The ground cable (same as green box cable?) goes straight to the faucet (no bearded man with long sleeves between) and none of the bystanders complains about the possibility of a hidden wire somewhere.

Anyway I think we have already seen all components but we are to stupid to connect the dots.

All we need is a magic transformer, maybe we can find one.
February 14, 2012, 07:18:35 PM »
Quote from: John M on February 14, 2012, 03:03:21 PM

Cosmos - I will looking forward to your input as well as T1000 and others. Don't worry about this technology being used by Terrorists, etc. This is really nothing compared to the hidden technology the US and other countries have. We can't be afraid to move ahead.
I Have friends in military and in Government - and i can say to you that no US army and any other have such technology to stop this!
What they have? Microwave weapons, Ultrasound and e.t.c. this is nothing...

They don't have such magnetic field technology and never had.
yes they know about this technology in theory, that way they afraid from this more than you imagine - in every country is US army base stations, even in Latvia.

Before you talk something bring facts and not illusions and dreams. Be real!

Yes they want such a technology, that way there is free speech, because, this maybe a secret info, but all social media, youtube and free energy forums all about - to bring involved us to help in not straight way. More people involved to this, more possibilities to crack this technology up!
if schematics will be released - they very fast get this! and not for security, but for control humanity. (yes for security too, but the main reason is for control) this is all about, to control money and peoples.

This technology need to be first in our hands widely than army or government.
How to do this? by letting crack this up individually by little help if you once get this magnetic field - you will be amazed and I'm sure that you will not post schematics! there are out many in Russian forums who already have it done and they already leave forums - just i stay as curator.
February 23, 2016, 04:25:23 PM »
cosmoLV: » ... if you once get this magnetic field - you will be amazed and I'm sure that you will not post schematics!«

The major problem with this thread (and also others) is that almost no one looks back and reads what is written 10 or more pages ago, because he thinks, if the latest page does not provide complete information how to construct a free energy device, then the previous pages will have even less information on it. Therefore the thread goes continuously in circles.

Here back in 2011 Guntis explains the basic principle in one sentence.

Originally Posted by scratchrobot  View Post
I know you will release soon, you are good person, i know 

You say we need power from outside, maybe you mean attract ions from air and conducting them to ground?

For coil to create ozone you use wire with special insulation?
The metal you use in coil is aluminum foil?

ions are attracted by ionisation.

this HV field are magnetised with vibrations and we get wery poverfull magnetic field "and this field are this outside power"

i use aluminum alloy

The theory: A transformer has to have at least two primary coils and one secondary coil. The first primary coil generates high voltage pulses in the secondary coil, whereas the second primary coil generates an additional magnetic field. One primary coil works at twice the frequency of the other. Therefore neither a flyback from a TV nor a transformer from a microwave oven is suitable for that.

Now I'm anxious when the time of amazement will come to me.


It is refreshing to read the old article ..... Like a faint fragrance ....
I am curious about the person who writes such scams.



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Re: Color's Kapanadze forum, FE builds circuits and comments
« Reply #125 on: February 18, 2019, 04:42:09 AM »

My interests are focused on any member who is writing and acting on several masks.
The data of the past 8 years is so abundant that I am worried about what to start with ....

Akula says that the device of Ruslan that appears to produce 4kW at output  should have minimum 12kW  circulating in  Russlan's  device   to enable   processing 4kw atr output.
And Akula critics is pointing  at Russlan device  as  unreal (  no  presence of significantly  thick wires  utilized by Ruslan.)
Akula :Thin wires  must get  damaged.
And by that  Akulas conclusion is that Russlan device can not work at that load level.
I do not agree with this statement  of Akula .-  in the typical aerial power distribution we are dealing with  High voltages
The higher is the voltage the lower  is the current flowing  in the wire.
That saved money   on lowered cost of  power transmission cabling. 
So for example:
power line in your area carries megawatts, and wires are very thin. ( vyt at 12V DC of your Battery car charger you  have significantly  thicker wires.
The eqation from Ohms Law  Power(W)= Voltage potential (V)   x  Current( A)
By that with the same power distribution requirement  to the load , the wire can be of the size of your single hair flex if the voltage is significantly  high. 

If on the top of it you increase  frequency of that AC  waveform
than , the higher the frequency, the thinner the wire is required due to the skin effect.

Akula says that Ruslan is -  not a fake ... but he also says  that Ruslan device can not work at this level of power.
So it is like  he does not deny that Russlan device is real but he says  that it can not work supporting his statement with
"to thin wires"
For me it is typical French comedy:
-"Vasily, do you see what is written on the sheet of paper in front of your nose?
-Yes. it says on it the word 'impossible' [/size]
-So now, Bob .............. please prove to me that it is impossible?
-OK Prove it to you ........ I see what I see, but it's impossible to see it
-Vasily please open your eyes ... thank you ........... and now you see it?
- Yes I see it  but  it is clear that  it  can not be seen  ... wait..... yes[/size] ... Well .It clearly says to me, "impossible."
-Okay, I understand it now.  You Vasily actually are saying   :that this what is possible for Ruslan impossible for you ....
-Yes somehow  something like that

Wesley's comment :I can say that Akula clever talker .............
Akula without problems- answered the question of Ilia Tesla  with another  question >>
so now, Akula listens to answers rather than just  trying answer  any questions .--that is a typical Russian way of avoid answers.
Akula has repeatedly indicated its collaboration ( association)with number  of laboratories and scientific teams  conforming   and analyzing  his device
Any  doubt or questions is turn down by  Akula
" I know it better , and you do not.   Labs that have  high grade   lab equipment  you guys have no access to have already check it out".

But Akula he never mentioned, the name of  any laboratory and any scientist
Wesley to Akula:
Akula where are the names ... at least one of them?
Roman Karnouhov I support you, I was took my effort , to believe that your product looks real.
If you do not want any more doubt of  any  other people is is the best for you to prove it to me ..  If I conform  that your device is real -  the world is more likely to give you a confirmation as well.

the right  diagram is just crystal radio.
There is no free lunch.
Transmitter  of AM radio station sends the power received by the receiver from diagram 2.
the only difference is that this  Free Energy is free for you as someone have had already paid for it.

Good idea. Let's say each of us would be in the size of an ant, then a few milliamps provided by a crystal radio could power a complete ant household. So what's the problem? We have just to make a bigger crystal radio, so it fits our size. :P

Wow ~ ^,.^



If you do not acknowledge me giving you information or criticizing the info I give with so flippant an attitude as you have shown, you may very well be intellectually dishonest that I don't want to give you anything, for I know something is very wrong with your approach and you may be using all that I present but only secretly, seeing you are so chummy with well funded clandestine organizations under nondisclosure, and I have no need of that either.
Either way, you need further education about harmonics, world grids, mayan bi symmetry, tzolkine,
I ching, esoterics, scalar, tesla howitzers, unified field, longitudinal energy, radiant energy or overunity, no matter how much equipment you have nor how many people you seminar with.

I do not really know what should I  answer to this.
I by myself.
I'm not interested with Free Energy.
I'm interested deeply with mechanism that is behind devices of Free Energy.

Overunity (OU) does not exist. However term is no longer used as OU but as OU  describing energy transfer that  to the naked eye looks like OU.
In reality   it is unknown to that  very eye, at that very moment what this energy  come from.
I Wesley use  "OU" word to describe in general form of expression subjects related to that Eye  effect of energy consumption  manifestation when there  is no battery not power supply  connected to the device.

Free Energy exists. It is energy that is free of tax. such as  solar energy, water flow energy and so on.
Device of Tariel Kapanadze was legitimate and works  to the naked eye without battery or any other  source of energy .
In reality   laws of thermodynamics specify  very much that even that device must work of the energy that is consuming.
So for me it is important to find what this energy comes from .
Lithuania Experiment with Arunas is  legitimate event.
However mechanism of energy extraction  is  based on different phenomena that Tariel Kapanadze  device.
Will that assumption change?
Possibly  yes.
We have changed our models so many times and world  goes on.
I'm interested deeply with mechanism that is behind devices of Free Energy.

People who are not interested in free generators come to this cafe and people who are interested in free generators are higher-level jokes than intimidating trolls ......  8)
I pray that you are not slave to Wesley.

Then you have to explain how all these atoms that are compressed together to form objects have their electrons all spinning around with orbitals touching other orbitals and we never see objects just fall apart because of electrons crashing into each other. How can  billions and zillions and quintillions of electrons spin around without ramming into each other? So you see the electron flow model is just chock full of holes and areas of reflection that really ask that we all look the other way with regard to these questions. "That's the way it is" is a major basis for understanding electricity in our present days.
The slowest lightning speed is about 400 km.



OK you guys. Let me just put in an new angle.

If I talk about potential ways to make a device work towards OU, I am not saying at the same time that I believe TK is legitimate. I will never say anything good about anyone flaunting an OU device or a supposed OU device in our faces and in the worlds face while the world is in such dire straights. So whatever I say here from now on is to advance OU, and not the likes of TK or any other Show-and-don't -teller.

So let me open up an idea THAT MAY BE RELEVANT TO THE 2004 TK device. But first you need some background.

As far as all my bench works go with both DC and AC pulsing, the main object of all these techniques is to create a strong polarity change in one coil medium that can impart those changes to a second coil medium with or without a core. As far as what I see on the bench and what is taught in our schools about AC, I know now that we are totally off the mark. AC cannot be a true alternating current if it is to also follow the "electron flow" model of electricity. You cannot have both because of one dead give-away. The AC neutral is always grounded hence it can NEVER be hot. The hot side is HOT, OK, but the neutral is exactly that NEUTRAL. There is never any hot signal leaving from the neutral side to enter the coil(s). Anyone can try and dispute this but if you are honest in your unbiased observations, you will also see this to be true.

DC and AC are really not the same thing at all. AC is not a dual DC even if it is full bridge rectified, just try both methods and try to produce the same sinewaves and you will see there is no way possible (except at high frequencies).

Let's take DC first. I need someone to prove to me that a car battery is 12 volts in that the negative terminal is at zero volts and the positive terminal is at 12 volts as we see today the car battery voltage. So prove to me that the battery is truly 0 and 12 volts and not -6 to +6 volts that would both show a 12 volt potential difference. Prove to me with your volt meter or your scope. If using the scope set it to both DC then AC coupling and convince me which is the valid scope waveform. Why is the DC reading supposed to be considered the valid method?

DC pulse is a simple peak, peak, peak where when the pulse is off, there is nothing to hold it from oscillating. This is useful in some ways but counter productive in other ways because the copper atoms are left to themselves to realign before the next pulse. Nothing can rebias the copper wire before the next pulse.

Now let's look a AC. Explain to me how AC can alternate while there is a ground wire on the neutral side. In the common AC discussion the hot AC signal alternates from the HOT side to the Neutral side and back and forth. So tell me how a hot wire can exist on the same line that is grounded. In general experienced EEers will not even want to take on such a discussion because if their brains are screwed on the same way as anyone else, they will quickly realize this to be the case.

AC pulse is however a very strong gradual rise or better worded "controlled rise" and "controlled fall" where the copper atoms are always under a rise or fall stress leaving no moment for the copper atoms to rebias by any other means. AC is a perpetual controlled peak and rebias but there is never any "electron flow" hence there is not any need for electrons since their reason for existing is to "flow" in a wire. If you remove their reason for existing in this effect, you just killed the electron flow model in one swoop which should have been evident to everyone with a brain way back when Tesla first invented AC. Please try to counter this statement as I would be very curious to know. hahaha

OK, AC then is what? If electrons do not flow, what the hell is going on in our wires? Well to answer this question you have to look at the evidence in front of us. We know the copper wire is made up of copper (and other noble metals) ions or atoms. We are told that all atoms have "electrons spinning" around a center nucleus but we also know that the science behind explaining where these mysterious electrons get their energy to spin around a nucleus is not explained to any fluent degree. Also, those same electrons, since they are on the outer shell of the nucleus, are the only thing humans have every touched so when you grab any object, you are grabbing a bunch of electrons with "floating" nuclei in them. Then you have to explain how all these atoms that are compressed together to form objects have their electrons all spinning around with orbitals touching other orbitals and we never see objects just fall apart because of electrons crashing into each other. How can  billions and zillions and quintillions of electrons spin around without ramming into each other? So you see the electron flow model is just chock full of holes and areas of reflection that really ask that we all look the other way with regard to these questions. "That's the way it is" is a major basis for understanding electricity in our present days.

The worst part of all this is that under this new Spin Conveyance model I will be publishing soon, all of these effects can be PERFECTLY explained while preserving the same method we use today to measure our devices. Only the construct will change. But in a nutshell, if AC is not "electron flow", because all the evidence proves the contrary, then what is it. What's left if the outer atoms shell is to be considered nothing more then a wide variety of bonding mediums, the only thing that's left is the nucleus itself. This is where we have been robbed of the intellectual ability to consider the nucleus as the main causal medium of electric signal throughput. So the answer from there is so simple. All the nuclei have to do is respond directly to outer stimuli or direct applied stimuli. If the nucleus was able to perform what I call the 6S's as being Stay, Show, Sway, Swing, Spin and Shoot and by doing so it can convey these same "physical nucleic motions" to their neighboring atoms, then we have the perfect platform to explain all our effects on our benches which I call Spin Conveyance.

Stay - Leave a coil alone and the nuclei will simply Stay or hold their Latent position. Some will turn and point down to the center of the Earth at their latent position.

Show - Bring a strong magnet and hold it in one place near the coil and the nuclei will show one quick waveform blip then fall to zero hence the blip is the nuclei turning from the latent position to now Show position that points to the magnet source.

Sway - When a magnet wheel passes by a coil, the nuclei will leave the latent position to point to the oncoming magnet, follow it passing in front of it and point to it leaving the coil so its a motion of left/right left/right. This shows movement from the latent position, going left, passing through the latent position again, then going right. So Sway occurs when the nuclei goes from any two left/right positions by passing though the latent position. THIS IS ALSO AC as a GRADUAL back and forth Swaying of the nuclei. 

Swing - From the latent position the nuclei goes either left or right then comes back to the latent position. This is DC and the waveform of DC pulses we see shows exactly that. Quick rise then a tapering off and even a negative rebound.

Spin - When you can Swing an atoms nuclei fast enough for it to pass the peak top point and continue in the same direction with perfectly timed pulses, you reach nucleic Spin. Since not all atoms have the physically ideal inter atomic placement inside the copper wire matrix, not all copper atoms can spin. hence those that do are few and we see this with good voltage but crappy amperage.

Shoot - Hit the two terminals of a car battery together and what happens. Sparks start to fly out of the wires. That's Shoot which is not something we run after every day.

When I say Spin, it can also be any of the six above attributes.

The 6S's do more then what is described in this simplified rendition but it is enough to get the idea that if our atomic nuclei was considered to be smarter then we think them to be today, then we just found all the reasons for all our effects, including action at a distance where the nuclei have the ability to sense energy sources from a distance hence not requiring any magical fields to impart their fingers on a wire to "do something magical" to make electron flow in a conductor.

We can then understand that voltage is a function of the degree of spin from the latent position and amperage is simply the number of copper atoms involved in the wire that are spinning. So for the first time ever, you have real physical reasons for our volts/amps effects. You no longer need to believe in these magical electrons and fields. Field collapse at pulse off becomes coil rebias when under DC. AC does not produce the field collapse while running because all it rises and falls are controlled.

AC Hot then becomes nucleic Sway where there is no need to have any electron flow since all that is happening in the wire is the nuclei themselves are Swaying to the applied AC hot. This explains perfectly how AC works in our wires and also explains that only one hot wire is all you really need to do this while the neutral wire is there as an anchoring post. Again very simplified for this post.

So DC is quick rise in the same way and this is why DC is additive. Try and put two AC lines together that are out of phase as all you get is a major havoc since the nuclei are turning left when another is turning right and this creates a major collision inside the wires.

But AC is so great because it controls all the angular movements of the nuclei while DC just spits up and then releases as an uncontrolled rise and rebias making it hard to concentrate a targeted effect.

Of course again the above is a simplified rendition just to give you guys some background to what's coming next.

Sooooooooooooooooooooooo. Is it possible to marry the best attributes of both AC and DC into one method? DC would provide a constant "additive" upswing while AC would provide the controlled rise to keep all of the copper atoms in action. DC is a hit once a hope method while AC is a totally controlled method. But AC can only be applied to a single coil on a transformer where the coil undergoes a controlled rise and fall hence there is no room to play around like with DC. But in both cases, one cannot produce anything analog to the rotation of a magnetic rotor inside of a stator. This we have been  unable to produce since a rotor is a real physical movement that is making the nuclei of each copper atom to physically sway, while AC in a primary has no movement and the sway is always applied at the same vectorals hence the copper atoms cannot follow a physical movement. Same problem applies to DC pulsing as well. In all primary to core to secondary relations, everything has to be accomplished while all are stationary, and this is costing us dearly in our output performance.
So here is the question. hahahaha Always a question hey.

Is it possible to take one AC line and pass it through a type of full bridge rectifier where you can then output TWO DISTINCT outputs that are 180 degrees out of phase? If this is possible, then you can make transformers with two primaries, one left primary, center secondary, one right primary where each primary now gets its own AC peak pulsed that is 180 degrees out of phase and the secondary will now have the impulses coming from two changing vectors. If this can work and increase the intensity of the Sway of copper nuclei, we just made a new toy for working towards OU devices.

Do I need to expand further. Guys in the know will read between the lines.  hehehe



 Someone insists on the US Army and the strange debate rotates the brain of innocent lambs.

March 22, 2016, 11:20:25 AM »
Quote from: pix on March 21, 2016, 10:42:31 PM
By who???
Could you be more specific?

First, by people who fall eagerly for Kapanadze's eye candys again and again. >:(

Second, by people who write up to four posts in a consecutive row (although this forum has an edit function) in order to stretch the length of this thread unnecessarily and hence make it more difficult to find anything written just a few days ago.

So as it seems I have to quote myself form the long ago buried PAGE 977:

He makes the same mistake as Kapanadze did with his phony spark setup: If the energy output consumed by the lamps is ever in relation to the spark then the lamps have to flicker because the spark flickers. If the lamps are glowing steady then the current that goes through the lamps cannot be related to the spark in any way. Simple as that.

And this still means there is no spark gap that contributes anything to the energy output of the Kapanadze device, especially a spark gap that does not fire at all.

Actually I'm more and more attracted by the idea to open a new thread about a summarization what we know (for sure) regarding the Kapanadze and Stepanov devices, so there is no need to go in circles time and time again.

Quote from: pix on March 21, 2016, 10:51:41 PM
Please stop with this negentropy 4th dimension stuff.

Why should he? If someone here comes too close to Kapanadze's principle of work then why not bury it quickly by means of the 4th dimension? ;D ::)
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Re: Color's Kapanadze forum, FE builds circuits and comments
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Re: Selfrunning Free Energy devices up to 5 KW from Tariel Kapanadze
« Reply #22662 on: November 05, 2016, 07:30:07 PM »
Quote from: leo48 on October 29, 2016, 11:59:50 AM
The important thing is that it works

Yes. But the important thing is not only THAT it works but also WHERE it works.

Free Energy Device D-1943 Final Test

If this is not a scam then maybe they successfully replicated the Kapanadze device with the assistance of some forums, and now they presenting it as a development of their own (from the year 1943 via time machine). Somehow it looks suspicious anyway. Could be, a working device intentionally has to look that way (like spoof), so government (and men in black) will not pay that much attention.

Quote from: a.king21 on September 30, 2012, 01:39:28 PM
Quote from: Zeitmaschine on September 29, 2012, 01:40:16 PM
Another capacitor? That's awesome! Then obviously all what is needed to get a running electric Free Energy device is a couple of capacitors and a couple of coils/transformers driven by AC voltage. The AC voltage can be ordinary 220V/50Hz as proven by Kapanadze and his blue inverter.

So then, why can't anyone get this to work?? >:( ???


Maybe people have...................then they just quietly disappear from the forum..............

Of course..............could be..............

Here is something to think about deeply:


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Re: Color's Kapanadze forum, FE builds circuits and comments
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Re: Selfrunning Free Energy devices up to 5 KW from Tariel Kapanadze
« Reply #22663 on: November 07, 2016, 11:16:17 AM »

Why would you believe the patent is even real,Kapanadze is faking you out.
He made a fool out of westley when he visited him in Georgia,westley is a smart guy but too rigid in hes views
and  far too conventional,
plus seems to have a hero worship thing for Tesla.Far too many fake devices showing up
if they really knew how to make a device,they could make a much smaller device and advanced.It is possible to show a
device could be real,produce a small device,rather than show that there device produces 5kw or more,thats to appeal to the greed of an investor.
Kapanadze will never produce a real patent,as he figures that people would simply
use the patent to build there own device and cut him out.Also the device must be simple to build
where most people could with the right information replicate it,so he can't patent it or sell the device,
too many thieves or opportunists.


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Re: Color's Kapanadze forum, FE builds circuits and comments
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Also   first warning to user  with nickname : color.
Please behave  from now according to  EU and USA social standards

Do you like the EU and USA and the free generator?

I am interested in various masks you are not interested in free generators.

I understood that you were telling me that Kapanadze was a drunkard.

Is there wine that you drink and wine that Kapanadze drinks?

The generator of kapanadze is not directly connected to Tesla kacher and ground.
The picture known as the kapanadze patent is just a picture.
The Ruslan generators are also connected to ground and Tesla secondary coils.
Do not grieve that you do not understand the confusion caused by the two.


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Re: Color's Kapanadze forum, FE builds circuits and comments
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Инверсия анодного тока. В ранних тетродах 1920-х годов динатронный эффект доходил до того, что анодный ток менял направление: количество вторичных электронов, выбитых из анода и притянутых экранирующей сеткой, превосходило число электронов, испущенных катодом и долетевших до анода. С точки зрения внешнего наблюдателя, вооружённого миллиамперметром, анод превращался во второй катод. Прибор в цепи анода фиксировал ток электронов, втекающих в анод, прибор в цепи экрана фиксировал ток, превышающий ток эмиссии катода.[8] Покрытие анодов оксидами, повышающими работу выхода, устранило инверсию анодного тока, но не могло устранить участок отрицательного сопротивления.

위 동영상 실험들은 Kapanadze, Akula, Ruslan의 자유발전기 원리를 이해하지 못한다.
트랜스포머를 이용하는 것은 맞지만 방식이 다르다.
Akula, Ruslan의 자유발전기기는
요크 변압기 1차 코일은 22~28권선,
2차 코일은 22~28 권선,
인덕터 코일 3~4권선.
요크 변압기에 이것 외 그 어떠한 코일도 없다.

The above video experiments do not understand the free generator principles of Kapanadze, Akula, and Ruslan.
It is right to use a transformer, but the method is different.
Akula, Ruslan's free power generator
The primary coil of the yoke transformer is 22 ~ 28 windings,
The secondary coil consists of 22 to 28 windings,
Inductor coil 3-4 windings.
There are no other coils on this other than the yoke transformer.


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Re: Color's Kapanadze forum, FE builds circuits and comments
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나는 네가 요크 변압기를 검정 테이프로 감춘 이유가 궁금하다.
공개를 요구한다.
I wonder why you covered the yoke transformer with black tape.
It requires disclosure.


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Re: Color's Kapanadze forum, FE builds circuits and comments
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I am not a Japanese.
Historically, Japan and Korea are enemies.
It is the same now.
We judge.
If the United States is attacked for the first time, it is caused by Japan.
This is a scenario many experts expect.

Korea likes and fears America.
Statue of Liberty and Jesus and Wall Street.
A long time ago my master said to me:
"Everyone dies when old"


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Re: Color's Kapanadze forum, FE builds circuits and comments
« Reply #132 on: February 18, 2019, 10:39:54 AM »
댓글이 왜 안달리지? 오 이제달리네
와~!!! 여기서 한국인 볼줄은 몰랐는데 엄청반갑다!!!!
그런데 여기댓글다는거 운영자 허락있어야 달려? 바로안달리네?ㅋㅋㅋ
Hey Color Nice to meet you :)


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Re: Color's Kapanadze forum, FE builds circuits and comments
« Reply #133 on: February 18, 2019, 12:54:24 PM »
Special effects technology was inferior at the time.

The angle of collision of the plane was out of order.
Place the camera in the appropriate location before the incident occurs,
Of course, they edited the video taken before the incident and gave it to the station.
The plane that collided with the Pentagon is even worse.
Is it a missile?

And I do not have a yoke transformer to reveal to you.
The only excuse is that the camera is broken.
And it is inconvenient to have evidence.
So now my memory is the only evidence.
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Re: Color's Kapanadze forum, FE builds circuits and comments
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There are millions of people in Korea still without a cell phone.
They are ordinary people living less than a dollar a day.
There are many reasons why they do not have a cell phone, but the placenta is not owned by expensive cell phone bills.

Korea's household wireless telecom spending is $ 116 a month, making it one of the top OECD countries.