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Author Topic: very important to all  (Read 226 times)

Offline selveti

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very important to all
« on: February 02, 2019, 08:19:28 PM »
hi to every one i am from yougoslavia macedonia but i live in Switzerland long time i am reading here posts but its time
to answer you and ask you something very important!!! read this it is very important to everyone that is wasting time with wrong informations
and sometimes fake infos

i am in this projects for a long time with years ...i spend days and nights i even bought alot of tools alot of materials to work with it  because i enjoy doing things... but i never found 1 real answear from anybody on internet simple question now to all of those are trying to be so smart!!
and i am sure nobody can answer this accept kapanadze knows this and don smith and maby someone else because this question is the main key to overunety!!!  (HOW DO YOU CONVERT HIGH VOLTAGE HIGH FREQUENCY TO 120V 60HZ!) dear friends if someone answers to you this question with the correct diagram!!!! not with some fake answers or amateur diagrams or mixed diagrams like mos people post here and they havent self figer it out.... my answer to some idiots here is stop posting bullshit here but post here what is really helpful or better post the succeseful diagram here..
the only diagram that i was succeseful to replicate is from gerard morin transformer loop ... about the others i am still in the process and this is not something easy cause if it was easy the device will already be in public  in alot of country but this has to do also with supression it has to do with your life...... in switzerland if you replicate this you will end up in jail in eastern europe if you replicate kapanadze its highly danger to be killed cause i come from yougoslavia i know how things are runing there i speak the tesla language and ofcourse if i discover anything i can never tell that to someone because its over. dear friends there something you have to know

i never found anything that works according to some idiots diagrams .. its not that i dont believe.... .... but the only device that i believe it works
is 1 kapanadze i mean original kapanadze not fake ones and stepanov has better output and gerard morin transformers looping ...and this last one
i have replicated it works ok as it is described gerard morin my question is to some idiots here for how long you gone post every day different diagrams
of kapanadze... everyday i read posts here one says i think here has cap i think here is ground i think this i think that bla bla bla bullshit,  stop dreaming .....if you have replicated something from kapagen with succes than post it if you are serious and if you can!!,,,, dont confuse alot of people here with different fake infos .... i also followed wesley .... my opinion about wesley i think hes trying to   hide the real deal or he is just wasting your times with different infos .... i saw alot of videos from him, non of them confirm 10%  good result, wake up people study by your self .... do you think that if someone will replicate kapagen successful with post here the diagram!!!!! no way .... i dont think so but less you can do is post something that will be close to that.... and something helpful and do some more tests i see alot of people here are just reading and they post opinions without testing and building the devices my friend.... with fantasy words i can blow your mind.... but thats not gone help you, people need prove or something helpful... thats all my friends i wish to everyone success about everything. thank you

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very important to all
« on: February 02, 2019, 08:19:28 PM »