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Ambient cycle

2nd "law" violations > Heat to electric energy conversion

Ambient cycle

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Heat pump : average C.O.P. 3
+ www.smithenviro.com/energy/articmaster.html
+ http://cbs13.com/local/local_story_347191740.html
= C.O.P. 6 ??'

Panel heat pump : average C.O.P. 4,5
+ above supply

= C.O.P. 10 ??

Panel heat pump + Li Yng Tyan multiple motor lever concept :

= C.O.P. 50 ??

McMurtry friction heater + Li Yng Tyan MMLC :

= C.O.P. ? 100 ??

Closing the cycle : the space/area - partially  envelloped with the
Dr. Helmut Reichelt thermovoltaic-room temperature-cell.
(= inverse use of the   www.moletherm.com  cell function)

p.s.: more info about panel heat pumps:
       Jacques Bernier,many different thermo-dynamic inventions
       f.e. Trademark:"AXERGIE",sold to a portuguese company.
       This is a commercial available product !

       Rene Valkenburg ,panel heat pump,DE3444610

       about the MMLC:
       Li Yng Tyan,Taiwan US5463914,DE4402337

       McMurtry,hydraulic friction heater,WO1987007000

Hi lanca,
I was kind of thinking the same thing. Heat pumps in general use have a cop of between 2 and 6 . So it seems logical to use them as a basis to remove heat from the air ground or water, and convert it into electricity. This is the most abundant source of energy on the planet, and when used gets converted straight back to heat. Talk about good for the environment! Theres so many different heat pumps and so many generators that use heat in one form or another. So why not tweek the whole thing to creat a highly efficient self running combined heat pump and electricity generator.

I'm definately with you on this one. I've drawn a basic diagram of the most simple self running generator using refrgerent heated by the atmosphere then compressed into vapour which is then used to drive a generator and continue the whole process. No overunity, just recycling heat.


I know there's a few large scale similar generators in the works, but is there any reason that every household could not have had something like this 50 years ago?


Nice animation,ARTIST !
I recommend the Cosby invention as heat engine cause
these proclamations :
only 80 degrees Fahrenheit temperature difference need
and now,after more than 40 years of R&D,he speaks of
100% conversion efficiency,what has to be approved !

The conversion mechanical to electric force :
    SUXE.co.uk (overunity.com-member)
or  Geminielectricmotor.com

If they will be too exspensive :
using their principle,but free and legal:

Kango IIDA  Motor/Generator
JP10341560       !!! filling date :1987 !!!
WO2004057740 (here the inventor wrote about a closed-loop !)

            de Lanca

Does any one have any information about Axergie sistems?
Any contact?
If not any other contact for the same type of material, Thermodinamic colectors.


--- Quote from: celso on February 28, 2007, 12:09:43 PM ---Does any one have any information about Axergie sistems?
Any contact?
If not any other contact for the same type of material, Thermodinamic colectors.

--- End quote ---

is this ?

<<Exergia's New Energy Shop
Sophisticated demonstration models of alternative energy technologies for universities, schools and interested individuals: Stirling Engines and steam engines, fuel cells, photovoltaic objects, toys and more! Discover extraordinary ideas in energy related devices: Educational devices inspired by old and new concepts to demonstrate the physical principles of conventional and alternative energy conversion.
New Products>>
the link is http://www.newenergyshop.com/


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