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Newton's Magnets

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Equal and opposite forces.

It requires the same energy expenditure to pull two magnets in attraction apart,
as those magnets delivered during their attraction to each other.

Because Newtons laws are valid, and also because of the  two pole nature of permanent magnets...........

we can change the positions of two magnets, which are in close proximity to one another,
without doing work against the magnetic forces between those  magnets.  To see an example of this
illustrated,  open the PDF attached below.

We can get energy from magnets, cyclically and repeatedly.

We accomplish this by limiting motions to specific vectors  (right angle and or near right angle vectors),
by neutralization of (balancing of) attracting and repelling forces along specific vectors, and preventing
motions along specific other vectors.

To see this done watch this video, Titled "amazeing"



I see no evidence of what is claimed in what is shown.

Floor you do some really great work with  all of your tests and setups and attempts.
 I have used black silicon seal to hold magnets tight. It takes 10 or so hrs.
to setup hard. I expose it to air for several minutes to get it started. Then a sharp knife
will cut and separate them for reuse.

Its very cold here in the north east so I get more done inside than in summer.

Keep it up.


@Norman 6538

Hope you and yours are well.
        Stay warm


Because Newton's laws are valid.

Illustrated below in the attached pdf file.

One of the outer magnets is attracted by the inner magnet.
The other, outer magnet is repelled by the inner magnet.

Mechanical linkage, via the rack and pinon gear systems, makes it possible to
push or pull the outer magnet toward or away from the inner magnet, WITH OUT

This is because one magnet's attraction toward the inner magnet is equal to the other magnet's repulsion by the inner magnet.

Magnetic force decreases with distance.  That force drops off with distance, whether that force is an attraction or a repulsion.
Their rate of change is practically the same in both instances.

           best wishes



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