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Newton's Magnets

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           one single person

answered the question I posed / the entire purpose for which I started this topic.

@ All readers

Here is the basis of the topic of discussion

Equal and opposite forces.

It requires the same energy expenditure to pull two magnets in attraction apart,
as those magnets delivered during their attraction to each other.

Because Newtons laws are valid, and also because of the  two pole nature of permanent magnets...........

we can change the positions of two magnets, which are in close proximity to one another,
without doing work against the magnetic forces between those  magnets.  To see an example of this illustrated,

               open the PDF attached below. 
                  NewtonsMagnets pn 3.PDF

  To see it done in a video

Watch this video @ https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x59r978
                 or this video
                           @ https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6gzr2q

Through out this entire topic, I did not get

                   even a single user to acknowledge
               let alone give an answer to this question.

Does the magnet interaction illustrated in the NewtonsMagnets.PDF, to the best
of your ability to determine, demonstrate a near to neutralization of magnetic
forces along a specific direction of motion.

                         You know what ?
                     That's F  ing pathetic.

Instead the topic ran far and wide. hmm..
          No more...

Correction / edit...   one person


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