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Author Topic: What is Good!?  (Read 1284 times)

Offline dklyne

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What is Good!?
« on: January 30, 2019, 04:30:32 PM »
Sorry i've been absent from these forums for so long.  A couple years ago i lost my flooring contracts with oil field and combined with illness in the family, I became unable to focus on my hydrogen and dual pole motor/gen experiments that i'd been trying to document.  About that same period my youtube clone / video sharing website themed on renewable energy - / were registration hacked and database was corrupted irreparably.
 I guess i just went through a period in which i felt as though nearly everything i was involved in suffered in some way.  Believe me i accept my own culpability and there is no doubt that i compounded my problems with my own frustration and negative pattern reinforcement.  I remained sober and responsible to some degree, but was forced to reexamine my obligations. 
 The good news is, that i feel as though i've broken through the other side and i'm still alive and excited to get back to work.  What i'm really here for is some guidance.  I've missed alot, and would love some input on what is good today in alternative energy concepts.

 This thread is intended to be a place for advice on a general basis. ie: who is doing the best open source research that we can look to for documented results in radiant / scalar energy systems or water hydrolysis, etc.  I'm really looking for anything we can point to for evidence.  I have an ulterior motive here as well.  I have just relaunched / on a new private server on a much more stable and secure platform.  I want to know what is GOOD!? If anyone wishes to contact me directly can also do so at I would really like to invite everyone to visit the new site and consider contributing in what ever way you might feel compelledl

In the future i will try and summarize the 2 main research projects that i have ongoing at this time with project threads here where i can better elaborate where i can use direction, but for now to let you know i'm sincere about my efforts in this research, i will simply point to my youtube channel as well as 2 main projects - (32 circuit - 4 dual pole motor / gen ) and (3 - 24volt h2/O2 separator cell build w/ geet generator)

Thank you for your time and attention and i hope to be in communication.  :)
Darcy Klyne