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Title: Separation and destruction
Post by: ayeaye on January 18, 2019, 04:25:53 PM
Yes one thing is, Einstein looks at his "frames of reference" like completely separated from each other, they all have like different space and different time. This is one example of ignoring connections, in space and time.

David Bohm on the other hand saw everything connected, like all comes forth from quantum entanglement.

Ignore connections, and you cannot explain why a photon goes through two slots at the same time. The key i think is, that photon is not a "local spot", it is a structure in more space than a point, that is interconnected. Thus it can be in two locations that are near each other in space, at the same time, including maybe in two different "frames of reference".

It's not that relativity is wrong, relativity is a hermetic principle, it is a universal law. It is the right way to see things as relative, but it is not right, to see them separated.

Like orgone is self-organizing, in theory. This is impossible without connections. Ignore connections, and such concepts become theoretically impossible. Thus they say everything moves towards entropy, which is chaos, that is total destruction.