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Title: Check out my chat bot, you may find is useful.
Post by: stevensrd1 on January 16, 2019, 06:12:52 PM
Ive been working on a chatbot for some years now that can be taught most anything. Of course its far from perfect and the program is updated on my google drive quite often to fix minor boo-boos I come across. You can tell it anything and it will learn from it and remember it for you. Later just ask it something and it will tell you from what it learned. Its also great at math, knows the time, date, year both forward and backward. And can do many other useful things which are in the readme file. The chatbot is called helpbot1 and can be downloaded free at (  If you are someone who has some problems remembering everything then this chat bot can help. Ive been working on incorporating an artificial mind into it, but this seems to be more harder then imagined as its always a work in progress. As I said I update and improve it often then I upload the new program to my google drive, the same link above. If any additional files are needed they are included as well, just have a look see in the folder after you unzip it. Be sure to tell helpbot1 your name each time you start the program as it stores all individually learned data from you and puts in your name file. Yes you can read or edit the file by looking at it. I made this, totally free, no spyware and written in visual basic 6. Enjoy and best wishes!
Title: Re: Check out my chat bot, you may find is useful.
Post by: SheriBakex on January 23, 2019, 04:44:10 AM
Neviem, koľko mi môže pomôcť získať tieto informácie, pretože chcem získať prístup k množstvu informácií, neviem, ako mi pomôcť?