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Title: Free energy is so simple you would disbelieve it.
Post by: stevensrd1 on January 16, 2019, 06:09:06 AM
Free energy is so simple you would disbelieve it. Allow me to explain. Its all about the ram pumps, if you dont know what they are then do a search on youtube or google. This was known about back in the day but somehow was forgotten, wonder how that happened. Anyway a ram pump works like this. Water from a reservoir flowing down hill a little ways then goes to a ram pump. The ram pump uses that little water pressure from the down hill flow and then pushes water up hill to a great distance far higher then your reservoir. And it does it all mechanically with no needed power source of any kind since a ram pump is powered by gravity itself. Now you can take many ram pumps that get their water from one reservoir and have them working all at once pushing water up hill, this way you get a lot of water going up hill fast. Then you allow that water to fall down hill through electric turbines that generate electricity just like how hydroelectricity is made. And you direct that water that is now falling down hill back into the same reservoir that you used to get the water from in the first place. That keeps it full of water, and you have free electricity generated in the process of it all. So yeah totally free electricity can easily be made. And this was known about long ago, just some how mysteriously forgotten, misplaced, and turned into hydroelectric dams of today that supply the power most pay for. Just the real truth here people, believe it or not as they say.
Title: Re: Free energy is so simple you would disbelieve it.
Post by: F6FLT on January 16, 2019, 09:40:42 AM
The flow you can raise is always less than the flow that provides the energy, so the system cannot be looped.

It's like a transformer, just because you have a small voltage in primary and a large one in secondary doesn't mean you can supply the former with the latter. Always the same confusion between potential (voltage or water level) and energy!

Same non-sense posted in 5 threads!  ::)
Title: Re: Free energy is so simple you would disbelieve it.
Post by: stevensrd1 on January 16, 2019, 11:35:55 AM
Did you read the info through. Your speaking as if we only use one single ram pump. You can use as many ram pumps as you want, they can all still be connected or getting their water from the same lower reservoir. That allows you to get as much water to the top as quick as you want. Imagine it like this if i have one bucket and dump one bucket into a pool thats not much water. But if I dump 10 buckets all at once then I have a lot of water in the pool and have it in the pool all at once. By using more ram pumps you can have as much water as you want reaching the top at any point in time, and if its still not enough water just use more ram pumps. Thats the secret right there.
Title: Re: Free energy is so simple you would disbelieve it.
Post by: stevensrd1 on January 16, 2019, 12:22:07 PM
The reason this works is because of gravity, its pull is not depleted or its pulling power lowered by how many objects it pulling downward on. Think of it like this, if I use a battery to light a light bulb, it drains the battery a bit. Now if I use that same battery to light 2 light bulbs the battery drains quicker and as it does eventually less energy will be reaching the light bulbs as more light bulbs used will drain the battery more and more. But with ram pumps their power source being gravity does not drain nor does it lower in force downward regardless how many things gravity pulls down upon. If I use one ram pump I get a set amount of water to a set height at a set time. Lets say that amount is a cup full of water every 5 seconds. Thats not much but if I add another ram pump carrying the water even from the very same reservoir up to that same height I now have 2 cups of water arriving at the top every 5 seconds. And I can add another and another and countless more ram pumps so I can get any amount of water up hill to a set height ever 5 seconds and all at once, in this example. Thats the secret right there because by using more ram pumps they dont pump slower or cause any drain on their power source which is gravity, so they all always pump at a constant speed. Common sense would tell you if you have a set amount of water reaching some height at some set time and I double that I have twice as much water. This can be doubled endlessly by using more ram pumps. So you can get as much water as you want reaching a set height at a set time by using more ram pumps. And again thats the secret right there to it all.
Title: Re: Free energy is so simple you would disbelieve it.
Post by: citfta on January 16, 2019, 12:51:41 PM
The following is from a web site about ram pumps.

A ram pump uses the downhill flow of water to pump a portion of it uphill. You can pump up to 25 percent of your supply water, depending on the drop and the lift. Ram pumps will work on sites with 3 to 50 feet (0.9–15 m) of head (vertical drop) and can deliver to elevated sites far from the pump and source.

The formula for calculating the amount of water a ram pump can pump.
Water Delivered = Available Water x Source Fall x 0.5 ÷ Delivery Height           

We can see from the formula and information that 75% of the water goes on past the ram pump.  It has to in order for the pump to work.  We also can see that the amount of water a ram pump can pump depends on the source fall or head pressure getting to the pump.  So you can't put more of them in series because the lower ones won't have any head pressure.  And putting several of them in parallel will only work if you have a very large volume of water flowing downhill.  But even then each pump is only going to pump at most 25% of the water that is getting to that pump.  So you can't make a looping system where you keep pumping the same water back to the top.

And ram pumps have not been forgotten.  There are webs sites where you can buy them today.

Title: Re: Free energy is so simple you would disbelieve it.
Post by: stevensrd1 on January 16, 2019, 02:08:20 PM
The gravity pull downward does not weaken just because more ram pumps are used. If I have 5 ram pumps side by side pumping water up hill all connected to one bottom reservoir they all will work the same regardless if it were one ram pump or 100. The only difference is with one ram pump I get a little water pumped up hill, and with 100 ram pumps I get 99% more water pumped up hill, all at the same speed and time. So I can end up with any amount of water needed up hill by using more ram pumps. Sure the reservoir will drain quicker by using more ram pumps but it also will be filling back up quicker because the water pumped up hill will be be directed through the electric hydro generators and then allowed to fall back into the same bottom reservoir. It does not matter if water is falling down into the bottom reservoir from some higher point or not for the ram pumps to work. You could take a pool of water 50 feet in the air and let the water fall through a hose going to the ram pump and that would make the ram pump work and it would still pump water back up to the same height or higher. Perhaps you have heard incorrectly about that as you dont need water to be flowing from the bottom reservoir to some lower point past the ram pump for the ram pump to work nor do you need water falling into the bottom reservoir from somewhere higher for the ram pump to work.  If I take a 100 gallon oil drum full of water that is sitting on a ramp and drill 5 equal sized and spaced holes in it all on a horizontal plane and measure the water speed coming out of the holes it will be the same speed of water flow coming out of each hole. If I then plug up 4 of the holes, the one hole open will still be flowing out at the same speed and vice versa. Gravity always pulls downward equally. More holes in the drum equally spaced and on a horizontal plane on the drum does not make the speed any less on any of the holes. This applies the same to ram pumps.  As long as we have a large bottom reservoir and allow enough of drop down hill for the water to flow through going to the ram pumps we can reach any height we need water pumped up to and we can reach any amount of water volume at once being pumped up hill to some set height. And if we need more water going up hill we can use more ram pumps side by side on a horizontal plane connected to the same reservoir. The only real water loss here is what is lost from the ram pump itself as it sprays it out the side of the pump. If I have not mentioned that water can be recovered as well by using the power from the top hydro generators to pump that smaller bit of lost water from the ram pumps side back up hill as well using an electric pump. And you would still have plenty of power left over to use elsewhere. I sometimes think some people just dont want to hear the truth or understand it even if it is explained a zillion ways. Regardless of any losses you can think of, we can recover them all by using the power generated by the top hydro generators, and have power left over for other work. And we must also not forget the added water to the system by mother nature as well called rain. I think I will leave this one alone as I have said far enough already for whoever needs to understand it to make many different kinds of working systems to suit their individual needs. People who seek the truth sometimes find it, and those who dont want to know it will always find some excuse or someone else to tell them it cant be done and why it cant, thus preventing them from even trying which they did not want to do in the first place usually. Best wishes all enough said!
Title: Re: Free energy is so simple you would disbelieve it.
Post by: lancaIV on January 16, 2019, 04:11:31 PM
I like " Free Energy" also like " Free Mind"  !

Each "Free Energy" activist but should know and understand :

a. fix and variable generator outputb. fix and variable load/ consume demand

Battery : C, DOD

Con-/inverter: Watt nominal/ peak

Load-kind : Wattpeak, Wattnominal

DC,AC-grid cable lenght : resistance and losts per mtr.

Load device efficiency and improvement

Recharger : efficiency , battery/ capacitor load-time

24/365, month, week, day, hour time schedule : free energy / storage energy delivery / consume
24 hours - conventional behaviour plan :
Single,couple,small family, .......

 bathroom, kitchen,......

    breakfirst                             lunch             5° clock pm   " por Ti !"-time ::)              dinner

Title: Re: Free energy is so simple you would disbelieve it.
Post by: vasik041 on January 16, 2019, 08:10:33 PM
The gravity pull downward does not weaken just because more ram pumps are used.
Gravity not a problem here, you will run out of water.
Title: Re: Free energy is so simple you would disbelieve it.
Post by: forest on January 16, 2019, 08:28:55 PM
The real free energy is just the amount of water at gravity potential then you convert it into kinetic energy and then electricity. But that way we all know - it's base for all hydro power plants.
The real free energy Tesla investigated is the energy of pressure stored in the lake in high mountain without any dam.....and he found a way to use it.
Now I'm sure you see that it's just the analogy and "the lake" is something else and much more basic
Title: Re: Free energy is so simple you would disbelieve it.
Post by: Belfior on January 16, 2019, 11:17:12 PM
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