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Flynn / Lafonte slider - 800% OU possible

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The Flynn permanent magnet concept will multiply the flux by 4
and combining this with The Butch Lafonte slider where a magnet
easily slides over a small gap between 2 metals the efffective
flux gain should be 8.

See the attached drawing for more details.

This 3d drawing might  be too much to grasp all at once so I will
explain what Butch Lafonte presented way back. He said place
a magnet on  wheels on  vertical metal like a refrigerator and you
will see how easily it rolls down the metal. Then do the same thing
on two plates with a gap between them.. What you can do is
remove the magnetic field from the leaving plate and combining that
with Flynn which multiplies flux 4 times when a second magnet is
added between 2 metal plates.

Hopefully in the next 2 weeks I can embody this.



After all these years Butch Lafonte STILL does not understand the concepts of magnetism.

Hi Norman.

I think it is a good idea to merge the Flynn parallel path and the LaFonte slider concept, this way the mechanical input to the Flynn setup could be reduced if I understand you correctly.

I wonder if you came across some thoughts from Paul Noel back in 2006 on how to improve the Flynn parallel path? His thoughts appeared in the peswiki pages of that time, now it all is gone but the internet wayback machine is our friend: 

So the idea is to use small control magnets (that need small input power to move) to influence the flux path of stronger magnets in the Flynn setup, and you can use 2nd and a 3rd such setup to gain more and more magnetic force in return for a small input. The limit is core saturation you need to avoid in each such stage. 

Thanks and looking forward to your results if I may see them.


--- Quote from: Turbo on December 30, 2018, 07:09:23 AM ---BS

After all these years Butch Lafonte STILL does not understand the concepts of magnetism.

--- End quote ---

That  is true and also of many other inventors but I really learned a lot from all he did.
I did make a slider setup that is OU but due to switching losses it would not self run.
I always wanted him to see that but never could get a valid email address/reply.

I also learned that several mechanisms need to be involved to make it work.
My pendulum that goes past its dropped point is also an example of using
gravity inertia and magnetism to make it work. Disturb any of those factors
even a little and it fails or gets stuck.

Over unity exists. I have seen it several times but the switching losses are too high
to make it self running.


Here is a 2 dimentional drawing that may help understand the basic movement.



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