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Author Topic: How to monetize your Surftime on and other sites December 2018  (Read 567 times)

Offline hartiberlin

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WELCOME TO Monetisation via using the BitTube Chrome extension.
( Firefox and mobile browsers coming soon )

Introducing the BitTube AirTime browser extension: from the team that brought you the video platform, comes the next evolution in ad-free Internet monetization!

The AirTime extension explained

BitTube’s monetization model is called AirTime. It is an ad-free solution paying users and publishers based on the time spent watching content. This system is currently live on the video platform.

This extension enables AirTime to run anywhere on the web. It pays TUBEs to users and publishers (websites, social accounts, merchants etc.) based on the time spent on any web page. It includes (among other things) an integrated wallet, ad blocker and referral system.

The extension has special support for popular platforms, allowing users to monetize their own social accounts such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. It embeds instant donation buttons on these platforms to tip users with a single click. The system generates wallets for every new publisher automatically, and informs them about their earnings from AirTime and donations. Additionally, webmasters will be able to monetize their own website, using a special module that tracks their guests’ AirTime (who themselves do not have the extension). Finally, you can buy TUBEs via PayPal directly at market price, having no dependence on exchanges to buy into the ecosystem!

The goal of BitTube is mainstream mass adoption through simplicity, accessibility and an easy user experience. TUBE is the lifeblood of the ecosystem and for any currency, distribution is vital. Usage means value. The strategy with the extension is spreading TUBEs in as many (unwitting) hands as possible to reach millions of people. This will introduce more and more users to the BitTube ecosystem as a whole.

BitTube Browser Extension
BitTube browser extension implements a monetisation model called AirTime℠ into the browsing activity. It rewards website owners and visitors with cryptocurrency called TUBE. Additionally, its functions can be used for donations and transfer of value.
After enabling the extension users can see their overall spent time on the Internet. Depending on how much time they spend on a particular website the underlying system monetises the webpages or the user account in cases the visited website is a social network.
The extension’s adblocker removes website banners and tracking activity.

Rewards your time spent on the Internet.
Receive TUBE payments.
Donate to websites and social media accounts.
Link with your social accounts and website.
Send TUBE cryptocurrency to other BitTube users.
Create and manage BitTube wallets.
Buy TUBE coins with a Debit/Credit card or PayPal.
Analyze statistics about your browsing history.
Check all of your transaction history.
Block ads, banners, popups and large media files.
Advanced adblock filters and rules.
Secured by 2-Factor Authentication.
Earn TUBEs by sharing a personal referral link.


AirTime model: A network system that rewards Internet users with cryptocurrency called TUBE for their time spent on the Internet.

AirTime: The total amount of time spent on the Internet with the browser extension enabled.

BitTube wallet: Storage for TUBE cryptocurrency.

Wallet address: A unique address that identifies where it sits on the blockchain. It’s the location at which the coin’s ownership data is stored and where any changes are registered when a transaction is sent or received. It is also known as Public Key.

Private Key: A string of numbers and letters that are used to access your wallet. While your wallet is represented by a public key, the private key is the password you should protect, as it acts as your digital signature.

View only wallet: Only TUBE balance can be seen or it can be used to receive payments. Sending funds is disabled.

View Key: A string of numbers and letters that are used to access your view only wallet.

Confirmation: When a BitTube transaction takes place, the blockchain confirms the transaction’s validity.
The confirmation is done by the network every 120 seconds. The transaction is confirmed after at least 10 confirmations.

BitTube browser extension is developed by BitTube.

Get 5 TUBE for registration
Earn 5 TUBE per person from your referral link
You need to link your phone number or mobile number to it to verify to be a human and not a bot.
( VOIP numbers not allowed)

Download the extension & register now at:

Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

Offline hartiberlin

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Tube Coins are traded so far on at:

and on:
you can also buy there some Tubes or sell there your Tubes into other Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or other Alt-Coins.

Soon also you can buy Tube Coins directly via PayPal on the Airtime extension and then will be able to donate some tubes to your fellow researchers over here,
if they put in their profiles their wallet addresses...
So you can also donate some Tubes, which you already earned via your Surf Time to other overunity users for posting good content here...
It is a win-win situation. You only exchange your surftime for Tubes and can also donate some of them to your favourite researchers here...

If you want to donate directly to for supporting us here, please use this wallet adress:


Many thanks in advance for this to help keep the website up.
Best regards, Stefan. ( Admin)

Offline hartiberlin

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Okay, the first stats are in from yeasterdays surfing on the net...

Well in this moment the airtime extension only counts about 2 hours maximum normal surftime.

In 2019 in the first quarter they will have a staking option, where you can hold and stake Tube coins and this
way you will get paid much more airtime, depending how many Tube coins you will stake in your account.

So yeasterday my counted Surfing time was 67 minutes and I got as a reward 8,84 Tubes so far...
See attached picture.

Also I still have to see, which is the current timezone it counts for, so when the counter for the day begins and ends
as I surfed yeasterday about 10 hours all in all...

But anyway, making money by just surfing is not too bad this way...
and if you have a website with lots of visitors you will also be paid for your guests airtimes...
( but this will come soon, it is not yet activated..)

Okay, and somebody donated to me 50 Tubes. Many thanks for this. As this is an annonymous coin I can not see, who donated it.
Anyway, many thanks for this.

And there were already a few Tubes in the Wallet from some referals...

I will keep you updated via this thread to news about it.

I hope you all had a nice Christmas time and already happy new year 2019.

Regards, Stefan. ( Admin)

Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

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Offline hartiberlin

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Okay, now the Airtime plugin paid out their first round after it has been activated around Christmas...As I normally use Firefox I don´t use it yet as much as I want...But here is the first payout from them into my wallet.
Also I quit uploading my new videos to Youtube, but will from now on only upload allthe new full movies to my Bittube channel at:
I already have uploaded there 3 new videos, just have a look there
and please Like and Subscribe there.I also will only upload to Youtube only short Trailer videos,to get the watchers from Youtube to Bit.Tube.
ALSO YOU WILL GET PAID NY JUST WATCHING ON BITTUBE !!Just only register freely on Bit.Tube, so you will get your free wallet and collecting moneyby just watching Videos on Bit.Tube.Be aware, that the account settings are not the same for the Airtime plugin on Chrome and the Bit.Tube accountsettings, as these are 2 different databases, so you can not yet use the same username and password !So you need to register seperately at both services...
But you can even earn money by watching Youtune Videos now with the new Chrome Airtime Plugin.Get it here:!2JP4SLWLH

You have to do phone verification with a normal landline or mobile phone number, but no VOIP number.That is to catch bots, that try to steal the be sure to do the phone verification...otherwise you will not get paid..
Okay, so 2019 is the year of the mass crypto currency adaption.Stay tuned for more news about that , it will really be a massive hit versus the banksters...and the fiat money system.Prepare now and get into crypto...( No financial advise, but just my personal opinion...)
Regards, Stefan. ( Admin)

Offline hartiberlin

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    • free energy research
P.S. In this moment you will only get paid for around 2 hours of Airtime usage per day. This will soon change, when Bittube will introduce their new Fork and will introduce also the new social platform, which is some kind of an integrated Youtube-Facebook-Twitter-Instagram clone, all powered by the Airtime model and paid out in Tubes.
Then you also need to Stake (hold) some Tube coins in your wallet to get more Airtime per day and this will also help to rise the value of the coin. so that it will get much more worth...

Imagine going from now 3 US cents to over 1 US$ ! 

Well this is still early time, so get in now , so you don´t miss the boat like it was 5 years ago with BitCoin...Hope this helps...
(again no financial  advise, just my own views..)

Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

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