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Author Topic: Multifunction 3d printer  (Read 1219 times)

Offline franco malgarini

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Offline lancaIV

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Re: Multifunction 3d printer
« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2018, 11:47:26 AM »
Hello Franco,probably you heared or reed about WASP, an italian 3d house printing group.Cheapest known production costs
And probably about the newest 3d production freedome degree : solid printing drones,

.Contour Crafting 3d house printer with 1 head  production velocity: 184 sqm per day,
.And here : Polycare  PolymerSand as material.----------------My vision  and wish,  polymergreenhouse, a mixture from their : as
translucent dome and :So what we need is an translucent material 3d space printer-------------------------------------  question: in arid zone instead polymer saltfiber as greenhouse construction material?! North Africa to total greenhouse zone?
From thick walls buildings  to thiny shell/ foil/film construction with self-regulating ambient temperature coating  ,  promoted and demonstrated for more than 4 decades by the italian engineering architect Dante Bini Binishell (first skin/shell) with  inflatable thermo-/cryo bubble foil (second skin/shell ) for hot summer or cold winter ?
Ecological fingerprint related: how much does your house weight? - means, that since 1927 we know that for each capita in the industrial world for home construction there is the material weight  need about 3000 Kg /1600 sqft (~ 149 sqm) divided by 8 inhabitants= 375 Kg.Why "8 inhabitants": Federation of American Scientist : starter family 32-38 square meter and expanded family 72-78 sqm,  ergo a 1600 sqft house a " two expanded families home" representsThe "dymaxion building" production costs 2018 with Computer-Integrated-Machinery,  also called AI-Technology,
less than 10.000 (ten thousand)  US$, calculating with 1 US$/Kg Aluminium costs( 7,5 KVAh e-consume per Kg Alu= 1/2 electricity consume production process and 2,5 US$cents/KVAh electricity costs) for 149 sqm living area = 10.000 US$/149sqm~ 67,1 US$ per sqm floor area construction or for those thinking in squarefoot : 6,25 US$/sqft. Not more but also not less than their production costs target per sqm building construction : US$ per capita is worldwide the housemarket value- max.Less than this value-max.:   taking in view the scientifical per capita number about " less than 8sqm" living area,  promoted as microcompacthouse by the Technische Universitaet Muenchen for steady living 
and remembering Faith Popcorns brainresearch "Report" from the beginning 90', theme "cocoon/-ing" here a construction cocoon-Analogon :
um pouco Le Corbusier includo,  the Plattform/ skelett
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