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Offline F6FLT

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Did you notice the "FULL BREAKING OF WORLD FINANCES"?   ::)

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Offline FatBird

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You have been saying that since Last Fall!!
You DON'T have any credibility left!


Offline lancaIV

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Referring their numbers the greatest per capita looser is the Portuguese ( m//f/t)  habitant with each 40.604 €" negative saldo" !
                                                       Portugal:      PIB +/- 18400 € ( 2017)

                                                       Italy:                  74000 € losses / 27800 € PIB 2017

                                  Household average net-income 2017 : PT 20519 €  ITA : 26064 €
                 Since 2008 from Portugal migrated several hundreds of thousands peoples                   

                                        (  GDP value not in this study calculated)

                  national  ? % household saving quote per annum and capita ? recuperation factor in years

Each average portuguese household has  +/- 100000 ( one hundred thousand ) € in economic productivity lost !

So we can see and hear : no great protests related economy parameter changes  !                                   

                              No national " Portugal-Exit !" from EURO demand !
        The Portuguese population accept -10% "synthetic net value" productivity lost per year  !

As German,  officially " synthetic Euro-net-gain winner ",  my point-of-view is relative,
being actually resident in Portugal.

        In the G7-economies -10% losts per year up to 2029 : ohhhh,  the media would bark !                                                                                  Here usual  !
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Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

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Offline conradelektro

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Ok, NKE and all the other clever ones, who know that the financial meltdown will happen in three months (or this year). Let's say it will happen.

What are you doing right now to prepare for that event? Are you only bullshitting in this forum, or are you actually making preparations?

What is your advice? What are your actions (besides words)?

Do you actually change your life because of the coming meltdown? Have you already done something (besides words) in order to prepare for the meltdown?

Greetings, Conrad

Offline hartiberlin

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    • free energy research
Please no forbidden Nazi Symbols and Satanistic symbol over here in this forum. I don´t want to get
problems with the German Authorities..Many thanks for your understanding.
Unfortunately since Merkel invited all the 3rd world to over here, and the Hutoon and Kaufmann planseems to be executed by the Elites, we have no more free speech in Germany anymore
and we will have a hard time...
Regards, Stefan.

Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

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Offline FatBird

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There is something WRONG with this guy.
His 3 month warning last Nov, 2018 has EXPIRED!!!

Does he need some psychiatric help?  LOL

Offline lancaIV

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Dr. No(vak),  der gewoehnliche Mensch als "Nebenerwerbsbauer" baut nicht Huehner und Kaninchen an.
Der Mensch zuechtet diese  !
So "schlaue Buecher" fuer Supermarkt-Outsider weisen fuer eine 4-koepfige Families auf 375 qm Anbauflaeche hin,  hier aber - natuerlich- "Gruenzeug inkl.  Kraeuter" ,intensiver Anbau ,damit gemeint.

Fuer einen Obstgarten reicht es somit kaum.

3750 qm ergibt pro Person der extensive Landbedarf,  inklusive Milchviehweideland.
( 1 ha per Kuh,1800 Lt. Milch/p.a. ~ 5 Pers. Milch/-Produktversorgung p.a. ).

Obst, Gemuese, Getreide, Milchprodukte.

Aquaponds,-ponics : Fisch,Algen-Nahrung     1/4 acre ~ 1012 sqm

+ Waldanteil : Brennstoff,Baumaterial

Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

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Offline conradelektro

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My advice (whether there is a financial meltdown or not):

- do not live in a city (I am living in a city, because it is more convenient for old people, please forgive me, I am too old to worry)

- do not go into debt (I know, it is difficult to own a house or an apartment without a loan, go for a smaller place)

- try to own the house or apartment where you live (your monthly costs will be lower if you have no rent to pay, of course you should not have a loan)

- keep some supplies at home (30 litres of bottled water, cereals, noodles, rice, a few cans of food which you can put on noodles or rice)

- be sure the place where you live can be heated with a wood stove (at least one room, electricity will be off in case of trouble)

- buy a good first aid kit and stock the medicine you need (for several months)

- put all important papers and documents in a little suitcase which you can grab in an instant if you have to run

- do not panic and be careful whom you believe

What you could do, in case you like that:

- if you are not poor, have a little place in a remote area, mainly for a good holiday

- have a weapon at home (if only a good club or steel rod, or pepper spray)

- if you like gardening, have a garden (I am too lazy)

- if you are not poor, have some gold in a bank in a far away country

- invest in good real estate, not in stock or certificates

- have a set of good tools at home (you might want to do repairs yourself)

In case really bad things happen, you will most likely die, unless you are lucky (no matter how you prepare). And if order breaks down, there is always the chance that you join the bad guys in oder to be a perpetrator instead of a victim.

Greetings, Conrad

Offline lancaIV

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Is she counting with or without
                       21                                   Trillion divided by 300 Mio.  U. S. -citizens:=             

                      21000                             Billions divided by 300 Mio . U. S. -citizens=                 

                      21000000.                     Millions divided by 300 Mio.  U.S.- citizens

Where are these 70.000 US$ per U.S.-citizen extra-debt " booked" ?         

                            Inner U. S. -citizen and voter question :
             21 + 21 = 42 Trillions U. S. $ Treasury debt. ?         
           Real- accumulative-   debt-to-GDP ratio  ( GDP : gross domestic product)  ?

          From international view, global trade treatments/ contracts  related

          Is this a WTO-Rules illegal industrial complex financing debt  ?

                                      U. S.  Dollar / Euro real value ratio : 2 U.S.$  ~ 1 Euro

                                                         1 US$~ 0,5 Euro later 0,4,  0,3 ,     ....
Probably in near future we will see these currencies in worth -pari : 1:1-                         

                                     U.S. $ and Hongkong $  parity

The Atlantic Thaler greets the Pacific Thaler,
 english the german Term written  "Thaler" spoken "Dolar" and later spoken/ written "Dollar" .
[No  ::) Really not " Valleys" but by irony not absolutely wrong : Joachims-Thal(-er), silver mines exploration and material for the KarlV - "Thaler" coin ; german Tal (old : Thal) = Vale/Valley ]
« Last Edit: April 04, 2019, 08:34:22 PM by lancaIV »

Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

Offline conradelektro

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People who predict the demise of the monetary system, often do not understand how money is created and how the system works. So let me clarify.

Money is created on a computer out of nothing whenever a loan is granted. Only in the most simple cases (like a mortgage for real estate) something tangible (the real estate itself, the value of which is always also debatable) is guaranteeing the loan. But in most business loan situations only very flimsy values are guaranteeing the loan (something like the good standing of the company or overvalued assets of the company). I do not want to go any deeper, you have to educate yourself, there are hundreds of books that explain the "creation of money".

But also many writers and agitators who propose monetary reform (like "positive money" or "Vollgeld") do not see that the present monetary system can be upheld indefinitely as long as the banking sector and the politicians of the most influential countries work together. Sooner or later there will be "monetary reform" which only means to prop up the banks again and again, as long as the political system is not really changing.

To make the story short, as long as the prevailing political system (the so called free market system or neo-liberalism or capitalism) prevails, the monetary system will stay.

If you want to predict the end of "world finances" you have to predict the end of "capitalism" (better said, the prevailing political system which is based on the so called free market).

The political system, world finances and the underlying economic system come together as a bundle. They come together and they go together.

To make  the story even shorter: everything has to break down so that new things can rise. And I see no way that everything breaks down soon.

History teaches us, that no political system can hold out very long (may be 60 to 200 years), but nowadays globalisation has a long way to go by including more and more countries all over the world. And only when this expansion is over the system will crash. And this will not be soon, may be another hundred years.

So, the end is not near. Sorry! More than half of the earth can still be destroyed.

Offline lancaIV

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US saving & loans bank insolvency in the 80' and house-market crash and Dollar value decrease

End 80' : Soros, Bottom and other hedgefonds-manager and the GB-Pound -exit ( drop/ expulsion) 
                from the E. C. U. ( pre-Euro)
                 time-parallel the house-marketcrash in Spain/Portugal with -90% prices decrease.
2004-2008 the 3- lever speculation : 1 .private household debt 2 economy debt 3 estate debt
                1: 0,3:0,3:03= 37           1/37 : compared with insolvency quote ?

                                                  37 credit-units are 1- cash- unit guaranted            Many insolvent companies are here not included : "mangels Masse" no insolvency process = total lost quote          so this official 4,1% coverage ratio quote only " optical" and no real better                  Reply #2470 : investment value recovery quote ?                  1/2 million " investment" costs : selling price investment coverage ratio ?
                  How much is from these 1/2 million creditable , by strict macro-economic laws use ?         

                  A. Not selling price but production costs are credit base !


                  Margin( windfall-/ profits) and salaries are not and will be never creditable!

                  NOT EXISTENT !

                  500 T /6  x 0,8 x0,8  ~  53.400 $ sub-prime rate max.                             

                                             x0,6 ~   40.000 $ prime rate max.                 

                  How old in years are these machines , 100% book- value amortized ?

             It is a lever-game : macro-economical this MonteCarlo-roulette was known as " golden bankrule"-treat                                             ( poor and rich)  clients-hedging included

            The problem is : 1/0,3 =3,3333 is the finance maximum ( Keynes ' deficit spending': 1 cash/ 2,33 credit))           
            by law
           We will not have a crash but a nominal 3,33/37 ratio bulb- economy implosion = - 90 % price drop
           in all credit- dependent branches

            Good news for anti- communists: also in China and Russia     
            Good news for anti- capitalists : also in the G7           
           "Die Gedanken sind frei,  wer kann sie erraten,  sie fliegen vorbei.. "
           house construction/ car construction/ salary construction market
           From existentiell to kulturell to luxus back to kulturell and finally existentiell : for poor and rich common
          Wasp, Italy their Slogan : Zero Kilometer + E. U. - program : in situ  + look global and work local

          No more much import, no more much export
         globe scan/ digitize to C.A.D.  C.A.D. to C.N.C. and 3d reprint local
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Offline FatBird

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You have been saying that since Last Fall!!
You DON'T have any credibility left!


Offline rakarskiy

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    • Personal Systems Free Energy (UA)
According to the statement of Charls Evans, head of the FED Bank branch in Chicago, it is possible to keep the current interest rates at the same level until the end of 2020.

This means that the deterioration of the economic situation in the US can be expected only in the next presidential term.

So it gives everyone time to prepare for the crisis.

"Oil in the strategic reserves of the United States is spoiled by poisonous hydrogen sulfide, representatives of the American oil and gas giant Exxon Mobil told Bloomberg. In a batch of raw materials from a strategic reserve bought last summer, the content of toxic gas was 250 times higher than the technical standards and seven times the level deadly for humans.
It turned out that earlier the same thing happened with Royal Dutch Shell, Macquarie Group and PetroChina. In response to claims from Shell and Macquarie, the Department of Energy announced that the oil industry workers themselves polluted the fuel during transportation.
Washington pinned great hopes on black gold reserves, more precisely, on their sale. Since May 1, the US Department of Energy plans to ship six million barrels to avoid a sharp increase in quotations after the abolition of exemptions for countries that buy oil in Iran.
According to the Refinitiv Eikon tanker tracking service, in March, Iranian shipments exceeded 1.7 million barrels per day. Simultaneous disappearance from the market of such a volume of black gold will certainly lead to a jump in prices, and Donald Trump, as you know, promised to prevent this.
However, the incident with Exxon Mobil can dramatically cool the enthusiasm of American reserve oil buyers. So Washington will either have to abandon its intention to “reduce Iranian oil exports to zero,” or accept the price increase.
But the sale of oil from the strategic reserve should have been a key source of funding for many government programs. In favor of the federal budget were going to sell five million barrels this year and another 221 million - from 2020 to 2027.
Now these plans need to be revised, since the demand is likely to be below supply. In any case, the income that the Ministry of Energy was counting on will no longer be.
"The Congressional Budget Office is likely to sharply lower the price benchmarks for future oil sales from reserves, given the problems with the quality of raw materials," said Kevin Buck, managing director of ClearView Energy Partners research company."

I think the tension will only grow, what kind of stability can we talk about.

Offline lancaIV

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"DEUTSCHE.... " Bank

" BRITISH... "  Steel :           LIQUIDATION !

" US..... "  ::) i. L.

The great Dinos are dying. !
 It makes part from the modern Evolution  !

From 1x 5000 and more employees to 100 x 50 employees and less company splitting,  less risk and with lean management structure.

Banking sector official preview in E. U. : 90% less finance companies and work places.
With 5500 companies the Union is really over-banked. !
         For each E. U. - member one Estate- Bank is enough.

                                                           Humbot home-banking           
                 In the 80' the future preview : Colani "NORIS-Bank" design : the employee-free bank- service           
                                              Only backstage- IT- programmer need.

Germany and elsewhere : 2/3 diminuishing from car traffic means 2/3 less steel production
Less low cost flying means also less planes and less steel capacity.

Less Im-/Export less Container-/Shipping capacity.

 TESLA MOTORS : from 380 US$ all-time high down-melting to " 10 US$ per share" by JP Morgan preview
     A really fast " ending story about trial,  success and error " about stock- picking to penny-stock.


Offline FatBird

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LAST NOVEMBER you began saying we only had 3 months left.

You have LOST your credibility!