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Author Topic: Proving The Existence Of The Aether Soup  (Read 1762 times)

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Proving The Existence Of The Aether Soup
« on: November 03, 2018, 10:23:37 PM »
Proving The Existence  Of The Aether Soup

Modern-science has( I think ) believed in the existence of the aether-soup for a long time, possibly made of the particles of which protons and neutrons are made of - quarks ? etc , that these particles float in the vacuum, and are like a grid, and are what magnetic ( and electric ? ) fields are made of .

An easy experiment to prove it at home.
  Levitate a  Hollow-Electrically-Conductive-Cylinder,  only using  Permanent-Magnets,  no electrically-powered-levitation because maybe it could be claimed as a cause of rotation .
  - Obviously there would have to be some  Permanent-Magnets somewhere on or inside the  Cylinder to achieve the levitation .
  - Also, inside the Cylinder there should be a battery to provide the current flowing along the Cylinder.
      Then levitate the Cylinder,  and activate the DC-current to flow along the Cylinder,  once it spins in one direction, activate the DC-current to flow along the opposite direction of the Cylinder ,  if the Cylinder changes direction of rotation,  it should be a good confirmation of the Aether Soup .
      (  Obviously since there is current flowing along the Cylinder, then that is an  electromagnet and could be used for the levitation instead of having  Permanent-Magnets somewhere on or inside the  Cylinder,  I don't know how to get past that,  other than doing the experiment in space  )