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The book is dedicated to self-propelled mechanical generating devices.

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There are already so many in the world, materials about devices, without a combustible energy of a closed type.

My little book with an interesting look at the essence of the things of this topic. It turns out that nothing contradicts traditional physics. In the book, I consider the mechanical devices of this direction, analyze the reality of their work with production and excess energy. I just want to note that the flywheel is an accumulator of kinetic energy, in constant mode it will not work, because it is molded into the structure according to the formula: engine + flywheel + generator. It is like moving a capacitor between a battery and a light bulb and waiting for the capacitor to give out too much. Take a sober look at the principles of operation of the Adams and Bedini devices, namely electromechanical devices. There's just a gift for the builder of a fuel-free device. I describe my vision of Andrei Slobodyan’s devices and where his system intersects with Adams principle. Analysis of Tesla's electric generators for gas turbines and two-phase ones. I suggest that you need to change and get a reduction in input torque to zero, and how will the induction algorithm. How to create efficient engines for self-propelled power generation systems. How to integrate everything on one axis. The book is attached to the calculation system (in Excel), where you can calculate the optimal operating parameters of the flywheel, the engine to it and power can be removed from the generator. How to remove this power, my thoughts in the book. Terms of use of the transmission with the calculations of dependencies.
I wish you all energy independence
Sincerely, Serge Rakarskiy.


Very old movie. Author site with the project is closed.



Very conventional motor. No secret, not even that of making easy money with people's credulity.


--- Quote from: F6FLT on January 23, 2019, 11:31:04 AM ---Very conventional motor. No secret, not even that of making easy money with people's credulity.

--- End quote ---

After the first acquaintance, I also decided that the most common, but in the analysis turned out to be, quite an original and unusual design solution.
In my material, I propose, besides the possible variants of this configuration, two original designs. And I do it for the English-speaking space, only because of those who have already submitted an application with a desire to participate in this project. I always warn everyone not to be sure that I will not get it, I discourage many people not to get it, that I’ve smelled something that is useless for a client.


A material has been proposed that reveals the half-century secret of the device, which is the simplest generator without fuel. For the first time information about such a device appeared in the United States "about the emergency lighting system." A device by two US Army soldiers was smuggled into the United States. It was a simple device that did not need wind, fuel, or another source. He had a simple collector switch, while the device uninterruptedly ensured the burning of several light bulbs. Thus began the era of Free Energy devices, engine type - 2 in 1 generator (ROTOVERT). The studies of Ron Cole, the projects of Robert Adams, Bill Muller, John Bedini, Joe Flynn and others are based on the effect that was laid in this simple device from Germany.
Devices can achieve an efficiency of more than 1000%.
All this is based on the classical principles of physical processes. Calculated according to classic formulas. Classical physics does not deny such devices; they are denied by the “traditional goal-oriented education” and world-famous people, whose strength is based on control over the production of energy and its sale. The device produces a constant current, and the greater the current in the consumer circuit, the greater the revolutions of the magnetic rotor. Reaction is not a brake, but only acceleration. As Robert Adams said, even a schoolchild can assemble this device (conventionally, of course, paying attention to the simplicity of the method, no one has yet canceled the technology for manufacturing elements for rotating products). The device in its final form replaces or supplements: wind turbines, solar batteries, battery-oriented or working with an inverter at a fixed (conditional) load. The possibilities of the wire section as no one has canceled. The material is an analytical and creative work, for many years trying to unravel the mystery of the motor Adams Bedini. Mueller's system did not understand the logic as a generator. As a result of the development of its own, UNI generator idea, a scheme was built, and it became obvious to me that the rest of the machines operate on the principle of open access. We always invent what has already been invented and hidden. The material reveals the possible and logical engine of the Andrei Slobodian system generator. Difficulty switching options. But only one is logical. Do not create illusions in power, size does matter.
    At the moment, only the Russian-language edition is available. A version in English is being prepared, which I plan to release soon. You will be surprised. The genius and simplicity of the solution.

In the first book, the price is reduced


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