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Author Topic: The book is dedicated to self-propelled mechanical generating devices.  (Read 36097 times)

Offline rakarskiy

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Re: The book is dedicated to self-propelled mechanical generating devices.
« Reply #135 on: November 22, 2021, 09:03:38 PM »
@ Mr. Rakarskiy

First, I wish you success in your free energy explorations.

Second, it is up to you (the presenter) to prove or show experimentally
any O.U. results you might claim. 

Third, It is not up to others (i.e. bistander) to disprove O.U. claims.  It is reasonable
that the burden of proof rest upon any claimant of what is extra ordinary, to demonstrate
and CLEARLY AND PLAINLY describe their method or device,


to show measurements along with the methods of how those measurements were taken.

 best wishes

Floor, Thank you!

We are conducting research! I hope it will be useful to someone.  My goal is to create transparent technologies available for creating devices for generating energy without fuel in a closed cycle.

Unfortunately, the technology that we are "discussing" here is really very expensive, though. The main thing is that the pattern I described is logical.

All the best!

Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

Offline rakarskiy

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Re: The book is dedicated to self-propelled mechanical generating devices.
« Reply #136 on: November 25, 2021, 02:35:37 PM »
:)  ;)

I calculated the electromagnetic moment of the simplest generator and the Ampere force. Yes, indeed, the peak: electrical power is equal to mechanical power.

Something very interesting showed up, with variations in ampere-strength. Discoveries are ruled by chance!

We will consider how to make a generator in the area of research of Adams and Tewari.

Offline rakarskiy

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Re: The book is dedicated to self-propelled mechanical generating devices.
« Reply #137 on: November 26, 2021, 08:41:42 AM »
Later, the author apologized for the mistake, telling in the first video about the orientation of the magnets in the yoke. Its installation option is the same as in the first picture. This is confirmed by constant physics, according to which the higher the density of the magnetic flux (magnetic induction), the more effective the Ampere force. It remains unclear why science claims that mechanical and electrical power are equal, when in the case of the simplest electric machine at the point of maximum EMF and current in the circuit, mechanical power is twice as much as electric, in an ideal machine without cores. The condition of an ideal flow that permeates a conductor with a current, if the conductor or the field move one side to each other, only the condition of the resulting force = 1/2 Ampere of force is fulfilled.
The opening didn't work out! ;)) In any case, we are moving on to complex systems.

We need to look for a solution for the generator design that would have an efficiency coefficient greater than 1. This is what we will do on the pages of my manual. Today there is a variant of such a machine with pronounced poles, which excludes the complete closure of the magnetic flux in the magnetic circuit - the rotor-stator, painted and implemented in the theory of Robert Adams with a vivid illustration in the patent of Karl Latmmer 1983-86 (Australia). Also consider a system with an inertial drive flywheel. The flywheel has an interesting feature in the overclocked state, when the operation of the system is organized in the overclocking-eat mode. Acceleration is carried out from the point when the application of force for acceleration is minimal, and removal is carried out by braking the inertia of the flywheel, through the control of the removed power, to the point of acceleration.  It is on this principle that the installation of the autonomous generator "Earth Engine" is built by Соmpany IE, USA. And yet, at the request of readers, we will consider in more detail, and find the optimal variant of the machine described in my book "A-Generator"

Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

Re: The book is dedicated to self-propelled mechanical generating devices.
« Reply #137 on: November 26, 2021, 08:41:42 AM »
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Offline rakarskiy

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Re: The book is dedicated to self-propelled mechanical generating devices.
« Reply #138 on: November 26, 2021, 05:27:25 PM »
I recently received a letter from my long-time reader, a clear supporter of the Law of Conservation of Energy.
I think he won't be offended if I publish it!

Good time!
Have you solved this problem yet? Are there any other unresolved issues? 
You yourself have hastened to make sudden conclusions, my restless friend, and haste is a bad companion on a journey.
You have found the grain of how a wire interacts with a current in a magnetic field.  You have very little left.
Your efforts with your friend are very commendable. You just need to be able to set yourself the right tasks to conduct practical tests.
Traditionally, thrust force measurements are carried out! 
In fact, when testing a laboratory sample, this condition has just been met. The wire with the current stuck to the magnetic pole with a force corresponding to the gap between the wire and the magnetic pole, the magnetic induction of the magnet at this point and the current strength in the wire along the entire length of the attraction zone. The force of attraction was determined by the distance between the sources of the magnetic field. Have you really not heard anything about such an element of the magnetic field force as lines of force, which, as I will point out to you, are capable of contracting and stretching. In the drawings they are called isolines. Their densest manifestation will be at the pole. You should also make an imitation of a wire with a current with a gap, without shifting to the edges of the poles of the magnet. In my last post, I recommended that you use an incompressible non-magnetic material superimposed on the poles of a magnet. In the generator, this distance does not change to establish the truth, it cannot be changed in the experiment.  In addition, it is necessary to eliminate the friction force of the movable element.  I recommend making such an element with the possibility of changing the gap. The magnetic clamp must have a cross-section equal to the cross-section of the magnet, the magnetic resistance in the magnetic circuit has not been canceled.
I have given you a drawing, you have the opportunity to depict it in a more visual form using electronic means. The red color indicates only the condition of the gasket at a constant distance when measuring magnetic thrust.  It is impossible to apply the ampere force constant without taking into account many factors. I hope that you will do everything right and make sure that the Law of Conservation of Energy does not need to be ignored.

I have a clear excess of two times the mechanical power over the electrical.

A perfect calculation indicates a mismatch. I calculated the ideal generator circuit for 1 kW, if we take into account the length of the active wire and the current in the circuit with the condition that the EMF voltage drops to the mains voltage level according to the formula I = E-U / R+r, just the resulting electrical power is two times less than the mechanical power on the shaft.

I have a clear calculation for today.
The power of the electric machine is "considered" from the maximum EMF, then 440V * 4.55 A = 2002 W (2 kW), which is confirmed by the calculation through the Ampere Force and the electromagnetic moment.
The power of the load is 1 kW at 220 V, (1000/220 = 4.55 A). In
order to obtain a current in the circuit for the load at the appropriate voltage, an appropriate no-load EMF is required.

It still remains to find out the correctness of the calculation of the ampere force / electromagnetic force.

PS: my mistake was just in the incorrect application of the value of r in the formula: B=μ₀*I/2nr.  I took it for the distance to the magnetic pole - 1 mm.  It was necessary to specify the distance when the opposite magnetic inductions are equal, that's the thing. I was instructed to perform a balance, which actually determines the Law of Conservation of Energy.