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Author Topic: RUSSIAN Alexey Chekurkov MAGNET HIGH VOLTAGE ANTIGRAVITY spinner  (Read 24967 times)

Offline Ufopolitics

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« Reply #15 on: October 16, 2021, 07:37:23 PM »

I watched the video, thanks, very interesting!!
I have posted it at EF where there is a Thread about building this setup.

IMHO, I believe it is real, I have checked every angle of video(s)...and where "something" (whatever) is hanging from a fishing NEVER, EVER, behaves like this thing does!!
What I believe is that Alexey really "hit a sweet spot" (between frequency from Tesla Coil, and Sound Frequency from piezo electric, exact high voltages involved, exact RPM's from the two motor at play, plus many other parameters involved here)  to achieve weight loss and vertical take off...or antigravity...the thing is, that since he is working with very rudimentary equipment...he didn't measure all parameters as it is due in science...and now, he is lost...of data to recreate it, that simple.

There are too many parameters in play here that must be read and recorded while adjusting them and achieving the effect. And even after reaching that point, there must be also further adjustments to control height up and down...or be able to twist or reverse the effect...not just "turning OFF all power" and droping it to the floor, which is exactly what Alexey has done.

He just keep saying "it is very hard to adjust in order to reach that effect"...

There was a thrid guy on video who tested this rig and was able to demonstrate an 80% weight loss...but He passed away from a heart attack while working on a shame!!...His name is on the video...his wife posted his passing.

Anyways...I do not think You must look like Kim Kardashian, or dress like Neo from the MATRIX, LOL... in order for people to believe in what you are presenting...

Just my opinion people...