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Author Topic: RUSSIAN Alexey Chekurkov MAGNET HIGH VOLTAGE ANTIGRAVITY spinner  (Read 24963 times)

Offline Acca

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« on: November 02, 2018, 11:58:33 AM »
Here is an interesting subject as it brings in T.T. Brown effect and the J. Seral spinning magnetic disk as a combination of both.

There is some thing to this as the number of hits to the Youtube channel is very high..


  p.s..Since the CC is enabled on his videos you might get a close English translation.

The technology channel from the garage is engaged in non-traditional experiments that go beyond standard science. Esoteric alternative energy is antigravity testing and attempts to recreate lost technologies not only of antiquity but also of modernity. requisites. PayPal Payoneer

from :

  by Gambeir; 10-06-2018 at 10:51 PM. From
“I have to watch the video's but what we have I've broken in to primary concepts and all of which may be operating at the same time in a round about way. So very broadly then;
 First, we have the idea that the device is a kind of asymmetrical capacitor. Call this the Quartz balloon theory. In it the HF AC is feeding charges to the DC plates while opposing a flipping polarity in the DC plates. A possible association to this idea is that the magnets are creating a vortex to counterspace and grounding out; leading to a direct asymmetrical capacitor or a kind of electric balloon. These ideas don't really describe what is happening.
 Second, we have a gravitational theory which is based around the the paper of Jerry Bayles and the thoughts of James Cox. This is the atomic vectored centrifugal force model of Bayles combined with James Cox's idea that this vectored force has to include an AC current operating inside of a non-uniform electrical field, and while being exposed to a Coriolis force. The question is why is this complexity necessary?
 Notice that in the Otis Carr OXC-X1 the same vectored centrifugal force concept is employed in a macro scale electro-mechanical system. This is fundamentally the same concept as an atomic vectored centrifugal force, and while operating under a Coriolis Force which is simulated with gyroscopic precession. An electrical circuit every half cycle of rotation in the rotor system induces a flipping of the gyro system creating a vectored centrifugal force. This is all controllable through the multiple electrical contacts. Once you understand this idea then the OXC-X1 is revealed as a electro-mechanical gravitational flying saucer.
 The Alexey is a gravitation system described by using a Bayles/Cox combination. That explanation describes a true atomic level gravitation system. A true gravitational system is one more complex than we probably understand at this time. It undoubtedly includes all of the above and more, and because there is a complexity in operation, not all of which is known, acknowledged, and some of which is even denied, and so the tuning of the Alexey machine is supposedly problematic and there is a need to understand what factors influence the machine that we already know about.
 On one hand this makes sense. On the the other it makes no sense at all. If for example, gravity were so complex and require such tuning than how in God's green earth doth the planets and star's remain in the heaven's? So you see it isn't even logical in that sense. Logic would seem to say that there has to be a huge variable if frequency alone were the issue: Therefore this has to involve more.
 More is all of the above and then some. The evidence we do have says that those rumored systems of highly advanced machines, like the Black Triangles for example, are creating a Super High Frequency and they are doing that also by operating an AC Current in a non-uniform electrical field. This non-uniform electrical field doesn't seem to be the same as the one which is being artificially created by the DC plates in the Alexey Machine. Instead the non-uniform electrical field is surrounding space itself, and for those systems to work the frequency of the AC current has to be much closer to the frequency of the non-uniform electrical field around it, which is the counterspace itself and which is billions and billions of times faster than the speed of light.
 So now here is my conjecture; the ideas are similar but the Alexey is creating it's own local counterspace with the DC fields acting in conjunction with the rotating magnetic field and thereby it creates it's own local non-uniform electrical field: Effectively replacing counterspace in the immediate local space. Now if this is correct then there is a correlation between the DC and AC which has to be working together to create the same effects as the OTC-X1 (vectored centrifugal force) but since this is an electrical system there is a specific band length or region where the two electrical fields will work together to create this flipping in the gyroscopic spins of at an atomic level and at the right time, like say every half cycle at the atomic spin level: Understand? This flipping action takes place in the AC field. That's the field which is moving back and forth through a magnetic DC flow: The magnetic DC is the Coriolis force which induces this flip that creates the vectored centrifugal force at the atomic level: Understand? That's why the frequency of the AC has to match the DC created counterspace. So the magnets spin and the DC together determine what the AC cycle has to be for this vectored centrifugal reaction to take place. So the DC Magnetic Field is a Coriolis force field. This tells us then that counterspace is akin to this same energy field, only that field is moving at vastly higher speeds, so fast that the effects are instantaneous. This explains the near vanishing act of the Black Triangle I observed since the closer that machines frequency is to the surrounding space the greater capability it's speeds are. Now is that making sense to everyone now? Notice that your own surrounding space is a non-uniform electrical field.
 Lastly, if a local gravitational effect is the product of the Alexey machine, and I believe this is the case, then it is most probable that the machine would benefit from more mass and not less. This is precisely in line with what Mark McCandlish has said about the ARV, that the bigger and heavier they are the faster they can go, and this makes a great deal of sense if you have a mass creating it's own gravity field. I think more mass in the AC plate might be needed and might alone explain the evident difficulties.
 PS: So frequency between the electrical systems and the materials in use are all significant because the Alexey, like the Nazi Flying Saucers which went before, artificially create a local counter space to operate in: The prosecution now rests its' case.

 The Nazi Saucers, the ARV, and the Alexey are all similar. The Black Triangles work off the understanding of how the previous generations operated, but are an entirely new and more advanced machine, and which do not alter the surrounding space as the predecessors do, but rather interact directly with the same space/counterspace that you and I do and this is a huge difference. The surrounding space contains counter space which is an incoherent energy field that I've mistakenly called the dielectric field. Ufopolitics has tried to enlighten me but this has proved difficult.
Nevertheless there it is; counter space sitting right next to you, and that space is what James Cox called a non-uniform electrical field. Cox is talking about counter space and he also included the all important idea that this non-uniform field is moving, that it is influencing the AC field with a rotating magnetic field which he then called a Coriolis force. It's quite clear that James Cox is completely aware of how atomic vectored centrifugal force creates gravity and that's why he said what he did. Now hopefully this is somewhat clear enough to grasp how you then get back Otis Carr and the OCX-X1 because that's where all this spinning, twisting, and electrical shocks come home to roost in a more visible and physical form that end up creating a vectored centrifugal force that Jerry Bayles wrote about. So all this spinning, twisting, gyrating, is what is taking place at the atomic level resulting in the stuff we have naively called gravity. Well it is gravity except it's just that we have all been lead to believe dirt is born with it.
 The Alexey machine has a rotating magnetic plate that's conducting an electrically charged magnetic circuit in a DC field through an AC field, and because it is AC that field is moving back and forth, and the DC field is also rotating as it moves being carried along by the magnetic plates spin. Again observe the Otis Carr OTC-X1 to gain some basic ideas about what takes place at an atomic level. Clearly Carr understood this idea. Also notice that the ARV has sectioned plates set in layers. It's working essentially the same way as the Alexey but with an entirely electromagnetic plate rotation process conducted through a pie plate pattern that's fired off sequentially; one after another as it were.
 These machines are creating a sort of bubble to operate inside of, and which does change the relative relationship of energy, and because (as explained by John St. Clair) the effect of these interactions results in change in the relative speed of light inside that self created bubble. The result of which happens to be blurry images in photographs for one thing. Levitation and FTL Super Luminal travel being another. I want to point out here that it's important to not run ruff shod over this. Burred images in photographs prove what? That the immediate surrounding speed of light isn't the same as it is for everything else around in the same photograph. This is evidence strongly supportive of the idea that the speed of light has been manipulated by this process.
Now it actually makes sense if the upper and lower DC plates are moving together but maybe the upper plate doesn't even have to rotate. Maybe it could just be a floor like the crew compartment in the ARV since the magnetic field is actually creating a magnetic field across the space between the two plates, and maybe that field simply follows along without any assist same as attaching a block of steel or iron to any other magnet. It just assumes the magnetic. The ARV's crew compartment isn't providing the upper plate because it isn't necessary. More likely the base of the machine itself would serve that purpose or it has a triple plate system with the DC plates covering an AC between them.
 As Bayles states, the magnetic field also moves/projects very slowly, and then W. J. Hooper says they can detect an unknown slowly moving field with his device.
 John St. Clair say's in his patents that his creations are altering the speed of light in a local environment. Obviously he has to explain this in Einsteinian terminology or the patents would never have been granted. Alexey's machine is creating a change in the local environment by changing the velocity of counter space which acts on all of us, and which we think is gravity, and it does that by making a kind of electromagnetic bubble about itself where the speed of this counter space is now controllable. It is a gravitational machine but it's an artificial gravity machine and as soon as the artificial space it's created collapses the machine drops back to earth. Nevertheless, that collapse isn't immediate, which seems mysterious but that's why this machine sits there without power until the field it's created collapses.
I'd suggest start by looking over at this machine designed by Otis Carr.
 Schematics & Information on the OTC-X1 | Clandestine Disclosure
 The reason you want to look at this is to see what takes place at the atomic level. This way you have an idea what creates a vectored centrifugal force at the atomic level. You don't have go deep. You just need to see the machine as a macro scale atom with it's field of spinning electrons, because that's the model I'm sure Otis used and which makes complete sense.
 The key to understanding the machine is that the so-called Ultrons (gyro's) are made to abruptly alter their spin which produces a centrifugal force. How they do that, all the other complexities of what's involved in making it happen, how to direct the energy and so forth are all helpful. I've not studied it in detail myself either having not previously comprehended what made it tick, and so like many others it looked like some contraption which I've seen contrived by others, but I did know some of the history behind the machine and I have listened to Ralph Ring so I know this machine has some very solid work behind it.
 Now the Otis Carr OCX-X1 is basically an analog centrifugal force inertial drive system which is modeled on atomic spin state gravitational theory. It is an all mechanical system for the most part. It is designed to act in the local environment just like an airplane, or car, or the space shuttle and it is designed to mimic the same sort of propulsion force as described by Jerry Bayles paper on vectored atomic centrifugal force.
 The Alexey is a combination analog and solid state gravitation machine. It's different because (I think) it is altering an area of space around the machine and this is unlike the OCX-X1. It is still using the same general idea described by Jerry Bayles to produce a motive force or gravity field, but how it does this is not direct as it is with the Otis Carr OCX-X1.
 The Alexey is making/creating an artificial environment for itself in the same air space we are in, but which is significantly different. It is, in effect, creating an area of altered space time which then significantly changes what the machine is capable of doing and may be doing: At least according to Einsteinian Physics.
 I'm saying this partly because of the known effects of so called UFO's, which include lost time, slowed time, teleportation and others as predicted by alterations in space time, but space is not what Einstein thought. Rather space is what Tesla thought, but it is still a space which can be monkeyed with, and essentially this is what I think the Alexey machine does do. I think this for a number of reasons. I'm not positive of it but I suspect it is creating an kind of artificial space around itself.
 To understand Tesla's idea of what space really is you should read Stevens on the Aether Theory. Only a page or so.
 The reason you need to read Steven's explanation is so that you can then understand that the Alexey probably cannot create a frequency high enough to interact directly with space time, or our own natural space, and so it creates an artificial space of it's own, or a bubble if you will that allows it operate as a kind of proxy to a higher frequency gravity inducing energy field. This bubble of altered reality is most probably the cause of the associated anomalies encountered around UFO's.
 We can be pretty sure this is likely as machines such as the Black Triangles are using a fully digital sort of gravity creation process that creates a super high frequency which allows for a direct connection to the same energy field which creates gravity as we know it.
First, the video which shows Alexander Ivanovich's levitation demonstration is naturally interesting; more information on this so called geopathogenic miner/harmonizer is needed. Alexey obviously thinks there is reason to believe levitation is possible. If so, it is likely to be associated with an ingested substance, it is likely to be associated with aging, and it is likely to exist on both accounts.
 Second, spacecase0 brings up the valid important understanding for recognizing fundamental differences between the quote: "2 things we see as voltage, one is electrostatic, and the other is induced by a moving magnetic field."
 Thirdly, aljhoa correctly directs our attention to super-fluidity and the statement by TheoriaApophasis (Ken Wheeler). Which like all of Ken's stuff is filled with humor.
 Quantum science seems to be a misunderstanding of the energy field which Ken is talking about. Our own Star is standing in a pond flapping its arms. Light and energies associated by that flapping are the result of perturbations to the energy field our Star is standing in and nothing more.
 This substance, which has been called the Aether and counterspace, is a Super Luminal energy field which is billions and billions of times faster than light, it exhibits a Super-fluid capability and penetrates all matter without resistance for the greater part. For the most part, only the matter it passes through does itself react to the passing of this energy field, and only those parts of matter which react to the field create a perturbation in that energy field. Light is a product of this energy field passing through the Star. Gravity is a product of this energy passing through matter.
 Quantum science is a misunderstanding of this energy field. Particles don't exist, they don't pop in to and out of existence, rather what has been mistaken for particles are snapshots, glimpses of this energy field passing at the fantastical speeds it does through our own matter, and we are evidently gathering this idea that "stuff" is created by our thoughts out of a quantum field of energies and so if we can figure it out we can think in to existence anything, but there are no particles popping in and out of reality as some think there are. There is only this other realm which is creating the reactive forces that give life, gravity, and light to humanity. This all reminds me of Einstein's ideas which have now so screwed natural logic that the most absurd ideas are thought possible or even real.
 It's no wonder Telsa called him an idiot. Let me give an example. Suppose you wanted or needed to get from say Seattle to Tokyo in 5 minutes or less. Now which would do; would you go about trying to create a worm hole or would you instead build a machine that could do the job? My guess is you'd do the most practical, which is to build the machine to do the job, and this illustrates how sickeningly mind controlled we all are. I know, I'm not any different from anyone else in this area.
 Now what do we have for evidence which supports the two? We have evidence for machines is what we have. Not worm holes but machines which can now cross the galaxy. Space is nothingness as Tesla said it was. Nothingness doesn't cause the Star to glow. Energy passing though nothingness interacting with matter does. I repeat; this energy is moving at fantastical speeds: It seems to be a fluid because of this, it seems to be a solid because of this, it's been mistaken for both. Isn't it a wonder why a Tetrahedron shaped Star Destoryer is featured in Star Wars going and coming out of hyper-space? What is hyper space then if not counter space? Don't ya see now that jumping to hyperspace means jumping on to the counter spacial energy field. This is where the technology behind the Black Triangles is designed lead and to latch on to, it's designed to create Super High Frequencies, and to then broadcast that frequency to the matter which makes up the Star Ship and so that the entire outer hull does itself vibrate in the same frequency band of counter space. Now there's no way we are remotely close to what is possible even with these ships, but compared to my 1941 dodge pick up it's a big step up and outwards.
 If space is nothingness then counter space is everything which makes nothingness react as if it was not dead matter which includes us.
 This would seem to suggest that seemingly wacky ideas like flying levitating humans are not beyond the realm of sane thinking. “

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« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2018, 02:46:49 PM »
Chekurkov's experiments are obviously interesting. But as written in several comments about the video at , there is suspicion of fraud. So before any theoretical investigation, a good practice is to verify the facts. Unfortunately I don't find schematics to duplicate his experiments. Did someone find them and can point a link?

The article "Atomic Centrifugal Force by Vectored and Synchronized Electromagnetic and Acoustic Waves" by Jerry E. Bayles is based on a misinterpretation of a field. A field is only a set of values associated with points in space. Replacing actions at a distance from a source with local properties in particular locations simplifies calculations. Except EM waves, a "moving" field is only a view of the mind without reality: nothing really moves, there are only changes in the field strength that make it appear as a movement. For example, field values decrease in one place and increase in another, giving us the impression that the field is "moving". It is the same as a "moving" light spot projected on a wall. There are only photons whose arrival point is changed along the wall but the photon comes from the projector, they do not move along the wall, nothing moves along the wall.
To know that avoids serious errors of reasoning, such as the idea that energy from a field would move with it. It is only removed from one place and put to another one from the source. Of course, I am talking about a non-radiating field, such as the field of a permanent magnet or the field of a coil at low-frequency so that the radiated field is negligible (EM waves are in contrary real autonomous field carrying energy).

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« Reply #2 on: November 03, 2018, 03:28:07 PM »

Offline Acca

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« Reply #3 on: November 03, 2018, 06:33:05 PM »
I am building this model as if it is possible,  the effect was banned in research after 1952, no money was given by the national science foundation for research.  Sorry no money for this.. Seems that there is an effort to prevent this effect to be accepted by science, and only as fake impossible technology... This is not a real effect? the Seral magnetic spin..


Offline penno64

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« Reply #4 on: November 03, 2018, 06:56:41 PM »
rotating magnets
fixed magnets

Romerouk ?


Offline Acca

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« Reply #5 on: November 03, 2018, 10:13:59 PM »
 Here is the connection to the Seral Effect Generator and to the same effect discovered by Alexey.. and his lifter..

Godin and Roschin built a third of the Seral device and the results shown it lost one third of it's weight with application of high voltage.. and it generated 7 Kw of power in a thermal load at 550 rpm..
TRANSLATION: "Russian physicist and scientists Sergei Godin & Vladimier Roschin have observed that when the rotor turned clockwise it's weight reduced, and when spinned the other way it had a gain in weight. Such effects can only be obtained when a device can affect the gravitation and inertia of the body. Experiments continue."

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Offline Acca

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« Reply #7 on: November 08, 2018, 06:52:15 PM »
Did anybody read the links to this "electrogravity" effect that was published in 2000  by the Russians that spinning magnets in their device based on John Seral was real. ?.....?..and their device lost a third of it's weigh by the application of electrostatic field...??? and produced 7 kilowatts of free energy...?...?.

So it looks like there is no interest in this device because Wesley says it's a fraud....

Suggest that Wesley should reconsider that, as his data is not complete to to make that observation..

As opinions are based on data and motives,  and secret national technology sometimes defines as to what data people have to make that statement if anti- electro- gravitic technology is even researched at an " open " level..



Alex just cracked that " Electro-anti-gravity "  through his own garage tinkering and showing that it is possible ..

So his views are now in more than a million views combined.. So the unwashed masses of humans are curious..

I take that as shocking...

Offline Acca

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« Reply #8 on: November 09, 2018, 02:01:12 PM »
Alex diagram

Offline Acca

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« Reply #9 on: November 09, 2018, 11:03:05 PM »
This is from the Wayback site..It's been removed by the spooks.. all down load links are gone.. now just a


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« Reply #10 on: November 21, 2018, 10:59:58 PM »
The mass doesn't exist, it is an electromagnetic attraction followed by a repulsion, the sum is not 0, the frequency is high. Matter acts like a rotor (only the rotor). Difficult to build a device because you need something that can create a wave, but the matter creates the wave and the wave is always under external influences, others rotors, so the matter is always in phase with the external signals. The best could be to build the wave without the matter or force the matter to be in phase like we want.

Offline Acca

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« Reply #11 on: November 23, 2018, 10:54:41 AM »
 Zoltan has published this in 2003 on electro-statics and now it's in a pdf document.. Alexi has all four components in his lifter and electrostatics is just one aspect here to make this lifter work..
Inconsistencies in EM Theory - the Kelvin Polarization Force Density Contradiction
 by Zoltan Losonc_
v. 1.2 (29.10.2018)
Calculations of resultant electrostatic force on a charged spherical or cylindrical capacitor with two sectors
of different dielectrics, based on the classical formulas of electrostatic pressure, Kelvin polarization force
density, and Maxwell stress tensor predict a reactionless force that violates Newton's 3rd law. Measurements
didn't confirm the existence of such a reactionless thrust, thus there is an apparent inconsistency in the
 classical EM theory that leads to wrong results.[/font]
The practical concept of reaction-less force and Newton’s 3rd law
Before starting the description we should clarify briefly the issue, what does the violation of Newton’s 3rd law mean, and define the concept of reaction-less force. According to our everyday experiences, forces are exerted upon a body either by physical matter through direct mechanical contact, or by force fields that are originating also from physical matter. Thus the force-field acts as a mediator medium between the two bodies made of physical matter and it develops an action and reaction in distance, but the forces seem to be the same as if the bodies would act upon each other through direct mechanical contact.
Newton’s 3rd law declares that if a physical body acts upon a second physical body with force a F then the second body will also act upon the first body with a force of same magnitude but opposite direction –F. That means, if there is an active force tending to accelerate a body then there must also exist another reaction force of same magnitude and opposite direction acting on a second body, and there cannot exist an active force without a reaction force.
If there would be such force then we could call it a reaction-less force, since it does not require any reaction force, or the presence of a second body (to react) in order to be active and accelerate a physical body. According to this interpretation if we measure a unidirectional electrostatic force (developed by the E-field) upon a thruster, we can call it reaction-less since it does not develop any reaction force upon physical matter and it does not require the existence of a second physical body in order to be active and be able to accelerate the thruster. This active force is originating from the electric force field and thus we might expect that consequently the reaction force should be transferred to the physical matter that creates this field (to electric charges, and from them to the atoms of a body); the law of action-reaction between physical bodies should still remain valid. However, in the case of E-field thrusters the sources of the accelerating E-field are the same charges that are present on the surface of the electrodes and the reaction force would act on these charges counteracting the active accelerating force. Thus no resultant thrust would exist on a thruster without the presence of external force fields and physical bodies. If we still prove that a resultant unidirectional thrust can exist upon a thruster that does not originates from external medium then it is justified to call it reaction-less since from a physical and practical point of view the reaction force does not manifest in the perceived rough physical dimension.
The force fields are special manifestations, energetic states of the background ether, and they are part of the ‘ether sea’ in which all matter flows. Thus they can lean upon this subtle fluid substance that represents a reaction background to interact with physical matter. Now we could say that we have found the reaction background and the law of action-reaction is still valid, since the force-field (i.e. the ether) bears the reaction force that should have the same magnitude as the action force upon the thruster. However, the substance of the reaction background (the ether) belongs to a more subtle dimension, and it is not a rough physical matter that would have the same characteristics as the well known physical matter. Therefore from practical point of view we can still call the discussed thrust ‘reaction-less’ within the rough physical dimension (or frame of reference) to differentiate it from the usual forces that always invoke a reaction force upon physical bodies.

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« Reply #12 on: September 17, 2019, 11:00:43 AM »
Hi Any updates on this?

Offline justawatt

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« Reply #13 on: October 15, 2021, 12:43:08 PM »

Please follow his channel for Alexey ufo update

Below is the circuit diagram for gravitometer which comes the author itself

Offline onepower

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« Reply #14 on: October 15, 2021, 10:12:09 PM »
I think this is fake for several obvious reasons...

1)they always use a camera angle which obscures what's happening.
 It looks like a branch is being moved over the device in one video but if you watch the branch tip it doesn't actually move over it.
If they really wanted to prove there was no fishing line attached from above then why not move to the side and move the branch
or there hand completely over the device proving there is no line?. So it's more about what they didn't do than what they did.

2)The craft moves exactly as if clear fishing line was attached from above. It bounces up and down in the wind and has no left
to right movement as if it was hung from above. They could have easily moved the wires below off center or left to right proving
it was not hung from above but they didn't. As well in the video off to the left we can see what looks like a 3" pole, not a tree but
a pole in the video, lol. The craft not being able to be moved off center all but proves it's a fake in my opinion. Hell they could
have walked around like a child with a balloon but they couldn't and the device never moves off center. 

3)They claim it is high voltage including the standoffs on the sides as shown in the diagrams. In the video they touch these
standoffs and move the craft a little with there bare hands. If it was actually high voltage they would have gotten a jolt so
again it's clearly another amateur hour Russian fake.

4)Look at the person supposedly demonstrating his scientific discovery to the world. He looks like he was just rummaging
through a dumpster and has the presentation skills of a 3 year old. Would you present a real technology like this?, lol.
It's obviously another Russian scam in my opinion.