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Windows Update may have broken my PC


I got the laptop to work again by doing the reset or whatever. Its the one that reinstalls windows 10 but keeps your files. Thanks for all the help.

So updated and restarted my laptop today and things have kinda gone down hill since then. First thing that happened when it appeared to finish I was presented with a prompt to select a keyboard. Afterwards I was presented with several options and it seemed like the update somehow corrupted my os or system32. I tried using another system since it was an option and I was presented with two Windows 10 os both version 3, I picked the second one and i was brought to my login screen with my username and icon. I could login and got the windows "we are updating" notice. Afterwards i was greeted with a c:\windows\system32\config\systemprofile\desktop is unavailable. After that I assumed I lost all my data but when I booted it into safemode I could see my shortcuts that were on my computer and I also didnt get the error. However if I created a file and tried to open it i would be greeted with an attempt was made to reference a token that doesn't exsist. Im assuming my data isnt gone its just inaccessible currently. Any ideas how to fix it currently? I noticed both on this subreddit and on twitter that im not the only one with this problem so Im sure I may just have to wait until Microsoft fixes it.


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