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Author Topic: Self Powered Generators & Motors-Part 7  (Read 2234 times)

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Self Powered Generators & Motors-Part 7
« on: October 07, 2018, 10:48:58 PM »
Publication Number


This invented apparatus, and process of "Magnetic Induction" combines a plurality of electrical motors, flywheel
kinetic energy, and a geometrical arrangement of permanent magnets in interaction, such as to recover and harvest
a percentage, of the wasted rotational energy generated by powering a motor with a shaft.
The invention is a geometric arrangement, where one system of north-pole facing permanent magnet system, rotates
about a shaft axis, separated by a fixed air gap distance, from a second, south-pole facing, permanent magnet system.
When the apparatus, and the first "north-pole" permanent magnet magnetic system, is motor powered into rotation,
relative to a second unpowered "south-pole" permanent magnet system; "Magnetic Induction" occurs in the
second adjacent unpowered south-pole permanent magnet system, which rotates in the opposite direction,
to the initial rotation that caused or induced the rotation.

Field Of The Invention
[0003] The present invention generally relates to devices and methods employing motors/generators/alternators, flywheel
kinetic energy, permanent magnets, and rotary magnetic fields, for the purposes of providing a driving force, and
for enhancing power from a motor, used for generating direct current(DC)electrical power, alternating current(AC) electrical power,
recharging of rechargeable batteries, and acts as a mechanical mover doing work, which includes: turning a rotor, gear,
pulley, tire rim, fan, or drive wheel, pumps, propellers, motors, propel vehicles, and various mechanical and
electro mechanically devices, not mentioned herein……..........

[0029] The invention herein makes the claims for a richer understanding of ferromagnetic physics, and incorporates a
unique "Magnetic Induction" process, and method for measuring the magnetic interaction force between permanent
magnets bodies, acting on rotating permanent magnet bodies, and a new method for calculating the value of "Magnetic
Charge", "Magnetic Permeability" and "Relative Permeability" on the surface, and in the surrounding medium space, of
permanent magnet bodies in interaction with other permanent magnet bodies.
[0030] The invention described therein employs a magnetic induction process, flywheel kinetic energy, permanent magnet
flywheel rotors,and a plurality of electric motors/generators/alternators, for the general purpose of generating DC/AC
electrical power, and/or acts as a mechanical mover, which includes stationary mechanical work, and the propelling of
vehicles/aircraft/marine, a form of dynamic mechanical work.
[0031] The invention, "Magnetic Flywheel Induction Engine-Motor-Generator", is architected in a limited scope
"System Design", when combing a "Charge Controller" in conjunction with a "Rechargeable Battery" source, connected
to the output of the "Magnetic Flywheel Induction Engine-Motor-Generator".
[0032] Given, the system is powered by a "Rechargeable Battery" source, the "system" reacts "self-sustaining" by
connecting the electrical output, from one or more of the "DC/AC Electrical Motors/Generators/Alternators", to a
"Charge Controller", or directly to the "Rechargeable Battery" source.
[0033] The above "self-sustaining" design is very similar the electrical battery charging system in an automobile/car;
where the car's alternator, is connected to the turning engine, and the battery. And as long as the car's engine is turning, the
alternator is generating electricity, and recharges the battery.
[0034] The invention further claims that "self-sustaining" is accomplished, when "input" power into the "ChargeController"
or the "Rechargeable Battery", is from the "output" power of one or more, of the "DC/AC Electrical Motors/Generators/Alternator/s",
of the "Magnetic Flywheel Induction Engine-Motor-Generator".
[0035] The"self-sustaining" is further accomplished, when the "output" power from the "Charge Controller" or the
"Rechargeable Battery" source, is fed back as "input" via the "Motor Controller" and/or "DriveMotors", of the "Magnetic
Flywheel Induction Engine-Motor-Generator".
[0036] The remaining "DC/AC Electrical Motors/Generators/Alternator/s", output power of the "Magnetic Flywheel
Induction Engine-Motor-Generator", allows the apparatus to function as a "power-plant" and generator, which is "self sustaining"
while it produces AC/DC electrical power………......