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Title: Self Powered Generators & Motors - Part 5
Post by: seraphis on October 05, 2018, 08:47:12 PM
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The use of this invention in a large scale can effectively
eliminate the use of fuel and stop pollution, in this small
scale design, appliances and small tools was able to run

Detailed Description
[0001] The invention of this generator consists of 12volts
car generator, a 12 volts mowing tractor battery, and a 12
volts DC electric motor. On the board is attached an On/Off
switch, a car cigarette lighter, and a power inverter to
provide 120 V AC current to run appliances or powered

[0002] When the On/Off switch is turned on the 12 volts
DC motor, witch is attached directly to the generator, will
run the generator to generate electricity. The generator
supplies the power to charge the battery, run the motor, and
supply the power for the power inverter.

[0003] The power provided for the 12 volts DC electric
motor, is wired to a negative and positive battery terminal.
Between the positive battery terminal and the motor is an
On/Off switch. The generator is wired to the negative and
positive battery terminal to maintain a fully charged battery,
and the generator also has another negative and positive
connection, which runs to the cigarette lighter, that supplies
power to the inverter.

1. A method of eliminating the use of fuel on electric cars.
2. A method of eliminating the use of fuel on portable generators.
3. A method of generating constant power by it own electricity.