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I had this idea for a while now and was thinking about a very accurate lie detector app.

It relies on a few key elements:

1)There are 4 main personality types.
Average, Reserved, Role models and self-centered.
2)A Russian programmer developed facial recognition software that can determine personality type with over 90% accuracy.
3)Thermal sensors to map changes in body temperature and voice stress analysis.
4)Artificial intelligence which can learn.

The group we are concerned with fall into the self-centered category and they are the least likely to care or show any real empathy towards others thus the most likely to lie. So we could determine who falls within this group then use other attributes to refine the accuracy.

I became interested in this because I have very good observation skills and noticed some people with certain attributes were much more likely to be dishonest. This relates directly to the facial recognition software I mentioned and I also came to similar conclusions. If were actually looking it isn't that hard to nail down which personality type a person falls into. Over time I found the biggest problem was my own poor judgement in giving some kinds of people the benefit of doubt when I already knew the outcome. I stopped doing that and now interacting with them is more research than anything.

Imagine that... looking at a person, listening to them and knowing with a high degree of accuracy whether they can be trusted or not?. I already profile people in my own mind with very good accuracy however an AI app could revolutionize society. Imagine if before a politician could run for office they would be required to answer a few questions. What about people in business, the courts, law enforcement or medicine?. I believe this software would have a profound effect on society and people would have a choice whether they want to interact with a person who has know personality disorders and is dishonest or not... I think not.

It is also comical that the people most likely to throw up there arms and say this is a violation of their privacy are in fact the people most likely to manipulate and lie. As a way of victimizing the victim which is a classic narcissistic abusive personality disorder or group number four. I would love to see the look on their face, sorry loser this conversation is over because my smartphone just told me your lying and cannot be trusted.

Definition of Dishonesty
1 : lack of honesty or integrity : disposition to defraud or deceive.
2 : a dishonest act : fraud.

I think an accurate smartphone based lie detector would be a game changer. We would simply point it at the people in question, let them talk and then say... I have just proven you are full of shit and a liar, do you really want to keep talking and make yourself look stupid or continue?.

I think this scares the hell out of many people because they seem to have created a society which has normalized lying, cheating and manipulating the facts to serve their interests. I think most people wouldn't touch this topic with a ten foot pole because they know what would happen if this technology ever became reality. The bullshit would end overnight and everyone would be forced to act like responsible adults or be held accountable, a real game changer in my opinion.


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