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Author Topic: DC prototype generator. Sphere generator. Low power INPUT 0.78 V. OUTPUT 2.08V  (Read 3084 times)

Offline sciencetoolbar

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Low power input DC generator. Sphere generator.

INPUT : DC voltage provided by mini solar panel aprox : 0.78 V
OUTPUT : DC voltage provided by AC to DC rectifier aprox : 2.08 V

circuit : mini solar panel - voltage variator- coil iron less 1 (cube shape - thin copper wire) - neodymium sphere 19 mm - coil iron less 2 (in the left side from a syncronous motor 230 V - microwave turntable motor) - ac to dc rectifier - led ( from a scaner lamp )

rotor friction : only bottom ( contact between glass and screw )

Ac to Dc rectifier used : inside NOKIA OLD Charger
solar panel : VIMUN SC-3012-2A, 29.44mm×11.6mm×1.1mm, 4 cells. The following specifications were listed, 2.0 Vos, 9.0 UAsc, 1.5 Vop, at 200Lux.

Details regarding the motor :

Important : DOES NOT CONTAINS reedswitch

The voltage variator and the mini solar panel  can be found inside " solar flower" already wired - mini solar panel - voltage variator - dc current output  (, the coil iron - less (the polarity does not influence the function of the motor, refering to conection voltage variator - coil )  coil is from an old ring bell - thin copper wire nothing special , neodymium magnet+ two metal casees with holes in the miidle,  sphere : 19 mm diameter, the metal cases with screw are posintioned : 1 to N magnetic pole and the second one on the S magnetic pole .

There are a total of four electrical components. A small solar panel ( VIMUN SC-3012-2A, 29.44mm×11.6mm×1.1mm, 4 cells. The following specifications were listed, 2.0 Vos, 9.0 UAsc, 1.5 Vop, at 200Lux), a 470 uF 10 V electrolytic capacitor, a coil iron less with thin copper wire and a small circuit board with a black blob on it.
Under this blob is the integrated circuit chip. It provides the correctly timed pulses to the coil and magnet combination. The integrated circuit is more or less just a low frequency oscillator which runs at approximately 1 Hz most likely driving an open drain NMOS switch ( output on pin 3 ) which periodically connects the coil to the - terminal. The circuit pulses the 18 mH coil causing the neodymium sphere magnet spining.


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Offline sciencetoolbar

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Offline F6FLT

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Well done !
Clever trick to keep only the lower contact on the glass surface, which is low friction, and make the upper one in air.