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Title: Correlation: Rota, Stubblefield, Keely, Tesla, Moray, Hubbard, Hendershot, Coler
Post by: aether22 on August 14, 2018, 01:08:04 AM

Louis Rota
Daniel McFarland Cook
Tesla Switch
Searl, Probably also apply to Hamel
Swiss ML (Paul Bauman)
Ed Grey
Steven Marks
Lakovsky's MWO
Stiffler TMB (fat blue arc 1/4 in arc at milivolts and near microamps)
C. Earl Ammann
Levitating welded stepped Pyramid
Vanishing paperclip with steel loop antenna fed High Frequency (also some other reports of invisibility involving iron and copper in series I have come across)
Howard Menger & Hinthorne
An alternative method that produces similar effects exists and was used by Tesla, Markovitch, Brittan, Keely and some others

Probably applies to a lot more!

John Hutchison's work also hits on this by another means.

If you want to know what this correlation is, that most unsuccessful experiments don't use, read the recent posts on the Aetheric-TransformerInductor thread.
Title: Re: Correlation: Rota, Stubblefield, Keely, Tesla, Moray, Hubbard, Hendershot, Coler
Post by: aether22 on August 15, 2018, 03:20:25 AM
Let me give a description that works for both Stubblefield and Louis Rota (see:

They both made a ground component that use multiple different metals in identical (equal) manner and conducted the energy from these metals for use...

The energy grew over time (that is a universal message from ground experiments actually).

This resulted in a current that was not regular electricity...

That would light an arc lamp with a strange white glow.

While Rota used many different metals in parallel bound laminates...
And Stubblefield used a coil...

But the shape is clearly not important, Stubblefield used many turns where Louis Rota use one straight length primarily.

Keely used 3 metals and forgoes apparent use of any ground, many others used metals but ignored the ground component, so it is not they KEY.
What is clearly KEY is the combination of metals used in parallel, look at Moray, with one diagram showing he used 2 large bars of silver and lead, having no earthly purpose but to add to the energies of these metals!

Tesla made a Tri-metal generator...

I have counted 8 different claims of invisibility, that use a combo of metals, all copper and Iron!

This is a powerful principle, it is perhaps the main key to Free Energy and alt sci, where it is missing another means of achieving high bandwidth seems to be present!