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Title: abiotic or biotic oil
Post by: lancaIV on July 30, 2018, 09:59:34 PM
The new billions of tons "diamants = graphit= carbon" finding opens the new search and answer research
About the source "fossil": biotic / organical or a-biotic/an-organical
 about Ferrit to Carbon transmutation ,under high pressure,
about ferrit-magnetism and non magnetism of carbon but graphene-magnetism

 about the potential for inexhaustable carbon-sources (recycling !)for the next thousands of years for artificial fuel and gas production,known as synfuels
and as alternative for metalls : full carbon machines instead iron or aluminium and graphene conductors instead copper and aluminiumand cheap HighTemperatureSuperconductor

Deepness of the source is with deep rock smelting technology not more an hindernis/barrier,down to 20 and more kilometers sub-surface mining exploration on earth and later on luna and mars.Plasma smelting and electro-magnetic pulse reaches over 50000 °C equivalent pressure,Wolfram smelting temperature +/-5000 °Cusing standard technology like hyper-sonic and thermobaric devices .