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Author Topic: Funnel Vision at University of Exeter book sized solar cell could power a house  (Read 1115 times)

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 I made the following post on 31-01-2018, -
""for more efficient Solar-Panel-Arrays, what about using large reflective cones ( instead of lenses, referring to a similar idea ) to collect and channel a lot of sunlight down into the center of the cone where highly concentrated PN junctions would be""

I wonder if there's any similarity / beneficial gray area of definition between an electric-field funneling an electric-charge down to junctions, and, a reflective-cone funneling sunlight down into junctions

I don't know if I'm correct  that when light bounces of a reflective surface, it is not the original photons that are bouncing of, but rather photons emitted from the material of which the reflective surface is made,  if that is correct ,  that would not help my highlighting of my post in january this year .
  -  Unless,  a similar thing happens with electric charge, which seems unlikely,  since the electric-charge is bouncing of an electric-field,  something I know nothing about .
( I assume people often had my idea before me, very often )


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it's costly (efficiency wise) to just to convert solar dc to 120v/60hrz ac, the bragging about its output at that size seems unrealistic, the promise of an ultra compact, uber efficient, solar panel system, as much as I love the idea, seems a little out of the way right now, regular solar power system s are expensive, a company that can make a 1 sq foot panel that can replace four 5' x 6' panels already expensive individually......they would charge AIDS medication prices....3-5 times the cost or more, then what's the point right now ???

assuming this is true (emphasis on assuming) let them make it, but we shouldn't get excited too soon, it defeats the purpose of cheap energy which is why we are all here to begin with...

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0bserving the  natural/artificial solar photo-voltaic and phono- voltaic mems-cell development worldwide we can define an x3 improvement  related conventional cells as interestant but long away from the published
10 va ac/sqcm by Oskar Fellows and higher per sq-cm values by Joseph C. Yater !
Actually more interesting for the industrial mass production progress is the low cost solar grade silicium production process by the Cambridge University : from 200 Thaler to 8 US Thaler/Kg
        (Silber)THALER written - spoken in anglo-dialectic  : Silver - $- " Dollar" ( Silver-Standart ERA)

And low silicium per va-output : from ancient 15 Grams to 5 Grams and last record :Astrowatt with 0,22 Gram (0.00022 Kg) per va-output.

1984 Alwin Marks published  the tandem - cell idea ' Lumilight' , each cell with estimated 75% conversion factor, overlapped ergo 56,25% : 750 VAp/sqm with 1984-price estimation(production costs!)  of 1 US$\sqm
 With  material and machine prices deflation,but salaries inflation ,this 1984-price in 2018 : 4$/sqm                      400 US cents / 750 VAp  means less than " 1 cent/(WATT)VOLT-AMPERE-peak "
                      End-user selling price ?

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IT looks fishy