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Free Energy is IMPOSSIBLE without this, why everyone fails!

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Free Energy (whatever name you ant to give it) is NOT possible with conventional electromagnetism.

This should be apparent from how many thing have been tried here!!!

Free Energy comes from engineering the aether, but hey, you might not believe me.
So, I want to prove it to you!

You see, roughly 90% of people can feel aetheric energy!
And if you start including really simple aetheric principles into your circuits, success becomes possible and actually inevitable eventually!

The aether is no longer a mystery, I can explain to you how to involve it in circuits!
I have focused on studying the aether itself and I have not done anything that could have produced Free Energy, but that can be your achievement!

Every device that has gone properly (or infinity) OU uses the aether, and the issue is that even really subtle details can matter!
The way wires are connected for instance!

What I want to do is to teach you guys to feel the energy, and show you how to amplify the aetheric functioning in a device till it reaches a state that it can develop proper overunity!

I will make a bet with you, if 10 people here (not all new sockpuppet accounts) follow my instructions and none feel a damn thing, I'll send $100 to each of you!    But I would have to be very very unlucky to get no one who is sensitive to energy when most people can feel energy, albeit I will need photos to show you tried.

If you guys begin to use this energy, with sensitivity, in experiments, this forum will be infinity more successful at chasing aetheric energy.
It took me 17 years before I felt energy from an experiment, and it has been another 7 really learning about how to engineer the aether.

It would seem a waste not to share this with other seekers.

My experience is mysteriously no one gives a damn about the secrets of the universe, well, please prove me wrong guys!
I have already demonstrated miracles with this energy!

Good. Now you Think about somethig , what is really powering generators. IT is ether


--- Quote from: forest on July 24, 2018, 11:13:00 AM ---Good. Now you Think about somethig , what is really powering generators. IT is ether

--- End quote ---
When I studied electrical machines it was Faraday's laws pertaining to induced mmf. Ether had nothing to do with it!


--- Quote from: forest on July 24, 2018, 11:13:00 AM ---Good. Now you Think about somethig , what is really powering generators. IT is ether

--- End quote ---

Ultimately EVERYTHING is ether/aether.

But for the fact that we tend to have names for regular forms that are easily recognized as material, we call it electrons, matter, water, light etc...

Now, yes regular electric current does involve a little bit of less materialized "ether", and some sources are more abundant that others, electrical power from the earth has a lot, electric power from a battery can be ok, generators can be very good.  And electric power from the mains is mostly stripped of this aetheric energy.

The aetheric component can leak out the ends of a wire, it can be radiated out.  Indeed the more beneficial type is generally killed by the flow of electrons, this is what Tesla found and stopped the current super fast, thing is there is a better way, just apply the negative poles (no positive) of electro-aetheric sources to a circuit and you will replenish this form of energy, this is what I am confident Grey meant by "split the positive" but I will avid going too deep into the theory just yet, the basic take away is use 2 batteries and connect just the negative of one to a circuit powered by the other, the bigger the battery the better, this will make the circuit operate different, see what an easy simple test that is!  Just that is enough to really help!

The other way is to use a single battery but to split the wire from the positive so the aetheric energy from that end is diverted, this works because aetheric energy flows in a fluid dynamic manner, you can divert the positive energy.  Aetheric circuits do better when not connected to mains is the other point to make.


--- Quote from: aussiebattler on July 24, 2018, 11:28:33 AM ---When I studied electrical machines it was Faraday's laws pertaining to induced mmf. Ether had nothing to do with it!

--- End quote ---

Agreed Battler, Aether has nothing to do with the basic function of generators or really any conventional electrical device, even when there is an aetheric component present, it is not used for anything and it is too small most of the time to be of use.
However if you feed the output of a generator into a motor in a closed loop, sometimes it can become enough and such systems can trip into self powering mode, this has been demonstrated by a surprisingly large number of people, it requires pretty decent aetheric component and the establishment of aetheric flux linkage between the devices.

It is necessary that the devices are well isolated from any ground or mains power, and still it helps if the circuit is designed to allow for overunity operation, what I mean is to gain OU often you must de-link things, for instance imagine you have a device that needed input power, but it boosted the output power through a load, you connect it between a battery, but any degree to which it helps just drains the battery faster, yes there is still an energy gain, but that energy gain drains the battery faster by increasing the voltage across the load which increases the current across the load.   So to get Overunity you have to design a part of the circuit that could gain power without any reflection, this is pretty basic, but it is needed to make the best use of any incidental OU, there are plenty of strightforward ways of doing this.


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