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Free Energy is IMPOSSIBLE without this, why everyone fails!

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I want to re-stress...

I have been waiting for people to correctly make the coil and try and feel energy from it...

Or people to place their hand infront of the screen with an image like the one below for a few minutes.

So far no one has, despite an attempt at the coil that still needs work, despite that taking near zero effort to feel energy from an image.

Maybe folks are just being kind. My wife and I both tried the first image and thought we could feel something. Then we tried the blank spot on the  monitor next to the image and felt the same thing. I just tried this new image and can feel nothing off of it. Maybe find some folks who don't know you locally and try them ?? You would have instant feedback. People who know you will tend to tell you what you want to hear just so that you will not feel bad.

                             Free Energy is impossible without this ,why everyone fails !
Dear writer ,"everyone" means -reziprok- you too !But "everyone" means me too,an accusation - whose I recuse !"Everyone" means that you - following your thesis- know all about each one of us and you judge us about failling !
Let me do a question,Worldtutor or World-Dekan,do you mean with "free energy" the actio- energy use under strict Gibbs-Theorem conditioning( reactio= giving back= law of conservation of energy)   

or "energia por gratia" ,without compensation= against the natural " tit for tat"= 1/1 compensation !?

or that we do not need "outer-energy",because our internal "energy-body-source" is enough for a men-long life
Ever recycle-able : energy to matter and matter to energy

                                                Thermodynamic determs using
           matter ( other expressions: materia/ Materie/Material/Ding) is compressed energy                                                         energy(other expression:Think,Gedanken/Intellekt) is expanded matter

                      PSYCHISCHE  INFORMATION          abstract: konkret.        PHYSISCHE FORMATION                       Mental energy.                                                                      Compressed energy

                  Minkowski " Raum-Zeit " Relativitaets- Kinematik ( versus Salvadore Dali "Zeit"-Expression )
           New Physics  New Economy  New Society  New World
            SpaceTime= BrainTime  Time: which velocity ?  Average velocity astro-phsical ~ brain

actually our world becomes digitalized-  to "energy-4d computerized controlled numbers " and transverted brain=astro physically velocity fast to brain-world-print machines. ( TV-movie-serie: "numbers")

I hope for you that "my brainworld" is similar as your "brain-world": cause I work based by written laws and orders and this his related the Catholic program "dein /unser (Gedanken) Reich komme"  and Immanuel Kants (Kaliningrad,Koenigsberg)
 "10 Gebote/Kategorien/Mandates/Mandamentos/Log" imperativ/vocativ
                            GOTT, Nietzsche recusing, is not dead and makes counter-part
                            to Einsteins ART and SRT : ARP and SRP is GOTT(es Reich)Werk                 
                 ( JHS vulgo Jesuits : opus-from opera and deii- Genitiv from deius)             
      Doktor Albert Einstein Mentor, Tutor and RT-Physics-"father": Prof. Herman Minkowski
Did someone compared the Religion=evolution teacher Jesus (Deo) criste 2d "Monogram " with the Minkowsi
                                                                                                                         " RaumZeit-Kegel"
The human brain from us individuals is actually the fastest computer ,related and compared to  industrial production,
Computing = a designed expression from cum to com and putere = physical working in nano( down to pico-)Timespace-Dimensionality
The human body "only" his "architecto/polier/palir = from neuro (inner world) to physical (outing) executor
                                                       Intim-Sphaere = Intim-Weltbild     
                                   Heilig/holly(saint) or Satanic/Diabolic sometimes bivalent or neuter/neutral

                                                  Spacetime velocity laws and orders
Who knows about taxation laws knows about our world economy future :The economy tax for comparison has two points: the active and the passive tax zenit/nadir line/flat likean Hertzian wave

When the market passive tax is 2,5% (20 years saving)then the market active -tax is actually 27,77%(consume) using the parity-law by the Philosoph/ atomic bomb program scientist Carl August von Weizsaeckerbetter known as " Eherne Zinsgesetz " and constitution-laws conform

      27,77% is the controlled price estimation tax quote for free trade i-/mobile life-essential object comparison,global : house /mobile-/mobiliar- quantity and quality defined values
            Passiva and activa capital and tax parity            Wrong and failling economies learn the consequences
            positive and zero to negative tax
            Positive,zero and negative capital   
            Estate bankrupcy after hyper-inflationary credit- printing


--- Quote from: on July 31, 2018, 01:08:58 AM ---Mr. Aether Sir, you would probably get a much better reaction/s if you provide circuit diagrams and if you have, a list of the specific parts and components as well as the configuration, people will be much more receptive towards your outside of the box ideas :)

don't take personally

--- End quote ---

Ok, sure.

I just felt that I should prove the validity of my work first.

Also it is worth noting this technology can be used with sound as used in ancient times as with Keely and Leedskalnin.

Or like a number of Free Energy devices, Hamel, Searl (coils were only for pickup) and various permanent magnet motors.

The point is that I can show you principles and techniques you can use that will work at any level, you can embed things different ways, with different materials, many principles that can be embedded into 1 dimension of space can be embedded in the dimension of time instead.   You can conduct aetheric energies through dielectrics, fiber optics, conductors, ferromagnetic, light/dark/colour etc...

In much the same way, an accurate diagram will typically be effective.

Also, because some of the things I have to share might seem a unlikely sounding, if people can feel it, then I can share a discovery that sound implausible, that should be ok, let me give you an example of an improbable sounding discovery.

Take a length of wire and alternately tap each end (must be the very tip) of the negative pole of a battery (actually you could also tap it on a magnet pole, or, lost of things) but by tapping one end twice as many times as the other, this helps create a layering of induced flows,  say 4 taps on one end, 2 on the other repeated for a few minutes.  This wire will have an established aether flow, but I have not yet tested to see if this will remain in an electrical circuit, but I assume it will.

Another similar thing, and this works applied tot he human body too, if you sweep a magnet or other field along a wire or arm/body and ou sweep both directions but more times in one direction (alternating frequently) you also create a flow.

The reasons for these things being in both directions is that the collisions creates energy buy a net direction creates flow, this removes problems of just doing one direction.

Another similar thing is if you have a loop or cylinder, maybe a metal band bent into a circle, if you take a single magnet like Hamel had, and point it inwards with the north pole in, and sweep it around the circle and remove it, this will retain a memory of that magnetic field (even if it is a diamagnetic loop) and this will create an enhanced aetheric vortex.   Actually, this can also be layers with north and south pointing in, but more times north.

These are all examples of things once set in motion remaining that way, a form of memory.

Another things is that numbers come into this, and one very simple one is 4 can form into a vortex, and taping something esp. circular 4 (or 12 or 32) times can create an aether vortex, this would also go for 4 electrical impulses etc...

Another is doing what Hendershot did, take a piece of wire (maybe one conditioned as above, or by putting U shaped bits of wire which creates impulses in each direction along the wire) and connect it between different parts of a circuit, and not just the parts that can make conductive contact, when you do this you create a lasting interconnection between parts, so if you have a point of flux from say an electromagnet, that could connect into some wires and potentially induce Free Energy if it materializes.

Ok, so I have those ones out of the way...
Well, almost, another point is that a wire that is cut with 2 blades is different to a wire cut with a single blade (Guillotine, which can be replicated with scissors and a flat metal object) which is different to a wire broken which is different to a wire cut at an angle...
A wire cut with 2 blades imparts the energy of the 2 blades on the wire, but it is not effective, one blade is better, and angles cut with a single blade is best as straight cuts reflect aetheric energy but angled cuts support flow, and broken wire is better than cutting with 2 blades but not as good as cutting on an angle especially with a single blade.  And that is just how you cut the wires makes a difference!

Do you see why this shit doesn't get replicated right?  Do you see how finicky it can be? Re-read the issues I had with feeling energy from blind tests, a lot can interfere.

If you keep all turns and twists RH (meaning the same as a wood screw, like this =\\\\\\\\\\= ) you will do better than mixing left and right handed, as when these energies are both present it shuts down flow of helical energies as they flow opposite directions and collide and helical energies are the electrical energies, which is relivant in Free Energy.

So the thing is none of that is visible!  These are hidden techniques that you cannot glean from looking at a design.

Ok, moving on...

So, the next secret I have given you, but it is so massive I must repeat it, make a wire grid based on that grid I posted, one square grid should be very slightly smaller, the lines that connect the 2 grids should go from the larger square CCW to the smaller square ideally.  Any energy going on in this is amplified aetherically.     Just make this and put as many energies in there.  I also cannot overstate the importance of having as many energies going on, RF at multiple frequencies, Neo magnets, HV, ions, sound, motor, light, you want energy to be resonating, tank circuit with high circulating power, excellent, resonant cavity...  use it!   The more energy processing, this is how the aether gets mixed in, and it lowered the amount of power needed to kick things into action.

Another principle is to make a loop or coil with a resistor in it, next to the resistor place various things, this is an interesting effect, one thing that works well that I tried last might is a mobius strip just made of paper.  Any shape capable of tessellating 2D space put neat this resistor will create a bunch of energy, a phi spiral, I have tried crop circle designs, and Sri Yantra, the flower of life.   This is a very weird effect, basically energy moves fast though the loop (which could be a multiturn coil) but energy is emitted through the resistor, but this energy is structured by what is near it.  Normally I don't feel every much from any of the things mentioned but near a resistor coil loop, the energy in the lop is boosted, if this means it is a type of energy I am normally insensitive to, honestly I don't know, mostly I think it emits energy these forms absorb and cycles it around increasing the energy in them, one of the best shapes is just 2 circles put together, in a drawing a faded lines functions similar to how a resistor works.

Incidentally you can just fade a black line from say the flower of line or Sri Yantra, you don't strictly need the loop.
This is powerful and so simple, it works for everyone and just seems too simple, really.  But I also know others who had independently discovered the same effect!

The bottom image also uses a powerful principle that could be made of wire, a resistor (for the faded bit of the circle).
It is a very good choice to try and feed energy from.


--- Quote from: iflewmyown on July 31, 2018, 02:44:19 AM ---Maybe folks are just being kind. My wife and I both tried the first image and thought we could feel something. Then we tried the blank spot on the  monitor next to the image and felt the same thing. I just tried this new image and can feel nothing off of it. Maybe find some folks who don't know you locally and try them ?? You would have instant feedback. People who know you will tend to tell you what you want to hear just so that you will not feel bad.

--- End quote ---

So, feeling energy really anywhere when this energy is active is very possible, this is why I am careful of projections.
Secondly people who are strangers have felt energy from hidden devices with no introduction, indeed no one was expecting anyone to feel anything.

Also I have had hundreds of people feel energy from this and most are not people, I know very few people and if anything it's the other way, at least it is if I include my family as only my mother has ever felt anything, and very infrequently.

Try the bottom design in the image I just posted.

Also, people here don't seem that polite :)


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