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Author Topic: Sun-Earth Potential  (Read 43270 times)

Offline supersam

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Re: Sun-Earth Potential
« Reply #60 on: February 02, 2008, 10:40:45 PM »

you should see a several hundred thousand pound, dome being lifted to the top of a containment building with one pound per sqare inch.  now that is sweet.


Offline Schpankme

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Re: Sun-Earth Potential
« Reply #61 on: February 03, 2008, 12:21:42 AM »
From the picture, the EARTH looks to be functioning as a Wick.

"Fluid (energy) is conducted from a zone of higher (+) fluid (energy) matric potential to a zone of lower (−) fluid (energy) matric potential utilizing a tubarc porous structure."

- Schpankme

Offline Cap-Z-ro

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Re: Sun-Earth Potential
« Reply #62 on: February 03, 2008, 01:51:05 AM »

Reportedly the secretive H.A.A.R.P. power grid in Alaska is capable of directing powerful beams over a wide or narrow spread area - maybe those were old promo images presented at a black opps budget meeting :)


Offline sparks

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Re: Sun-Earth Potential
« Reply #63 on: February 03, 2008, 09:11:08 PM »
  What the picture doesn't show are the Birkeland plasma currents sneaking up the tail of the magnetosphere and whipping it around millions of miles in space.  Could Coronal heating be due to these currents which are coming from outside the solar system?  The sun just an electro-magnetic vortex construct in this sea of plasmic electrical energy,  feeding off the Corona not creating it.  If this is the case then perhaps these Birkeland currents are not all DC but have a repetitive amplitude frequency component..  This frequency could give rise to Earth's 8hz Schumann Cavity resonance.  Life in the cavity beating to the throb of an extrasolar energy propogator.   ???  Didn't Tesla say he received messages from outside our planet?  Maybe they came in on the 8hz waves that define the Earth's electrical equilibrium state.  Perhaps our radio telescopes should be scanning the 8hz band for scalar wave energy travelling inside plasmic flows at superluminal speeds.  All of a sudden those lightyears away planets aren't so far away.
« Last Edit: February 03, 2008, 11:32:15 PM by sparks »

Offline clearchrome

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Re: Sun-Earth Potential
« Reply #64 on: November 24, 2018, 05:24:08 AM »
I am thinking that the 'four leaf clover' symbol might be a resonant chamber with four lobes each with a hole in the end, where sound waves from a tuning fork could be introduced...

If an Egyptian 'singing bowl' was made of the same material as the resonant chamber and shaped correctly, surely it would resonate sympathetically to the frequency produced inside the chamber. The purpose of the resonant chamber would therefore be to 'construct' a higher frequency, via heterodyning, which could not normally be produced in an open vessel like a bowl, using multiple tuning forks placed at the mouth of each 'lobe'...

Since the bowl would then resonate sympathetically at this new higher frequency anything placed in it would be subjected to the effect of it, without the handicap of being in a resonant chamber where it could not easily be observed (no glass for windows in the resonant chamber) or touched...

Note as stated in my previous post, the tuning forks could have had an Ankh shaped part attached to the end opposite the tines, which would allow the fork to vibrate 3 times longer than normal.. from the short source document I found:

"Some years ago an American friend picked the lock of a door leading to an Egyptian museum store-room measuring approx 8 feet x ten feet. Inside she found "hundreds" of what she described as "tuning forks". These ranged in size from approx 8 inches to approx 8 or 9 feet overall length, and resembled catapults, but with a taut wire stretched between the tines of the "fork". She insists, incidentally, that these were definitely not non-ferrous, but "steel". These objects resembled a letter "U" with a handle (a bit like a pitchfork) and, when the wire was plucked, they vibrated for a prolonged period. It occurs to me to wonder if these devices might have had hardened tool-bits attached to the bottom of their handles and if they might have been used for cutting or engraving stone, once they had been set vibrating."

I guess there could be multiple 'pickups' for this device, one resonant chamber, as many bowls as needed... a distributed system...

I can envisage several uses for such a resonant broadcasting device, nothing to stop it having many different uses controlled by the frequencies used and the contents of the bowl, again not sure if these are all feasible but how about: decomposition of substances (ground rocks) into their constituent elementary substances, boiling fluids, catalysing chemical reactions, plating or electrolysis... applications in levitation or acoustic superconducting also come to mind...

It also begs the question, as mentioned in the above quote, what if the resonant devices were in the shape of something other than a bowl, such as the rods the god statues have in their hands... maybe they had power chisels as suggested or even I would go one step further and say crystal lasers!

Crikey... lasers, what on earth use could they have for them, well certainly not CD players... and no pesky PowerPoint 'Visions & Values' slideshows for Pharaohs... Oh well, how's about as precision rulers for use over short and large distances... what on earth would they need them for... and they could cut their watermelon with lasers.. . no need for washing up any messy animal bone knives...

So perhaps marking, cutting and moving those stone blocks for the pyramids was not too hard after all!

Note just because the Egyptians recorded this does not mean they originated it, it could have easily been handed down by verbal tradition from an advanced culture in pre-history. It is not necessary for them to have used or understood it but merely to have had stories of it passed to them, indeed their own later pyramid building efforts suggest that they did not understand it. However it might have formed an important part of their Pharaohs 'initiation' ceremony so they dutifully document it, like much else, without realising what it really represented. Or on the other hand Thoth who gave them their science could have instructed this panel to be made, and then he left it as an additional clue to humanity along with the Pyramid and the Emerald Tablets... that things had once been less primitive, or indeed he may have hoped that the diagram would lead to the technology being redeveloped later, saving many years of re-inventing the wheel (we wish).

Well a wacky theory anyway, not sure I understand the concept of sympathetic resonance enough to know whether what I envisage is possible...

So I have asked hans 'The Master of Vibration' to comment on this... after all it could just be hypothetical BS on my part... but it does kind'a make a fun story! Well you just know they had to advertise them too... could you imagine  >:(

Acerzw  :) ;) >:( :( :o ::) :P

p.s. a link to the page which has the tuning fork document quoted from above as well as some other interesting but slightly more dubious pyramid related stuff:

I found an interesting link between the forks and signing stones