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Author Topic: Aetheric transformer/inductor  (Read 25929 times)

Offline aether22

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Aetheric transformer/inductor
« on: July 24, 2018, 03:06:04 AM »
This can be made quickly, and I believe it could lead to Free Energy, more-over it can lead to appreciation of aetheric energy, energy
 than can be felt.

Take a core, thinner/longer is better (but not necessary), it can be made of cut lengths of steel wire or welding rod as Bedini does for
 best results ...   Cut wire lengths bundled together add an energy component.

Wind a coil on this, this inner coil could be any regular coil, ideally a simple right handed knot, the first knot you tie when tying your
 shoes should be done just right handed -\-, this allows aetheric energy to circulate in this coil.  A simple twist like this is enough to
 keep the aether circulating within this loop endlessly.

Then add an insulator over the top of this coil...  So far with the exception of a twist, this is a regular coil...

Then comes the novel part, with another wire wind a first coil of say 50 turns on one half of the coil, and another of say 32 turns on
 the other side, while some numbers will be better than others, you want to have more turns on one side than the other, these coils create an uneven bucking magnetic pole in the center.

Ideally this second outer coil should cover the entirety of the inner coil, also this semi-cancelling coil can be further wound in a
 scramble wound fashion.

This outer coil can be can be energized as the primary of a transformer.  Or it a cap can be put across the ends and it can merely
enhance the energy on the inner coil, because that is what this coil does, it creates a sort of aetheric pressure on the inner coil!

You can make a simple demo of this (if you have wire) an a little over a minute, and if you energize the outer wire, the odds are high
 you will feel energy coming from the ends of the wire of the inner coil!

Some numbers are highly superior for the number of turns, especially of the outer coil...

Ask for higher numbers if interested...

There is a further advance possible, the inner coil could be 2 coils, each wound on half the length, then winding over the other, this
 creates a further amplification effect!

Such a coil will have activity, not electrical, but activity none the less even without being energized, and this energy is tangible.

Additional tips, connect just the negative of an unused battery to a powered electrical circuit, this is "splitting the positive" as you
 only connect the negative.

In addition, attached is a pattern that if put around a component, say a coil, or magnet, but feel free to experiment, will help that
 thing build up energy, you can re-create this pattern (which is 2 square grids crossed and interconnected) with wires/rods, or just
 print up this image (weaker) or lay wires over the lines in the printed image, but out a circle so you can put it around a component.

I have made this VERY easy to try, I PROMISE that if a number try this (and it really takes very little effort, you can do all of this in
 under 5 minutes) some will feel the energy, as many as 90% of people can feel this type of energy!
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Offline aether22

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Re: Aetheric transformer/inductor
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2018, 09:31:08 AM »
A diagram on making the coil was requested...

Small error :The example of how it looks in the final 2 steps for the alternate omits the yellow wire.

Offline PolaczekCebulaczek

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Re: Aetheric transformer/inductor
« Reply #2 on: July 24, 2018, 10:30:41 AM »
Thank you, i will try to replicate this and post results, I like simple devices :)

The output is not normal electricity? but still "something" that i can feel?

and one more thing, the coils on the right side of the picture represent alternate version ? and more "efficient" ?

Offline aether22

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Re: Aetheric transformer/inductor
« Reply #3 on: July 24, 2018, 12:15:16 PM »
It is a bit more bother to make the alt version, and it is worth noting that is you follow the instructions on the left side you can use
 the coils in a ready made device, just add the bucking coil on top.

Also the device might be able with decent construction and testing and a few more tips and tricks be able to be turned into a Free
 Energy OU device, but really at this point I am just trying to explain the concept which is mostly "wind x turns one way, reverse
 direction and wind more turns the other way on top of a coil, energize or at least place a cap".

Really there are a lot of ways this could be used, the switch could be pulsed or just left.  If there is already an EMF you could just put
 a cap...

As for the energy out, yes, this is maybe not even by best attempt at making something to be felt, but it is an attempt at making a
 simple component that can be used to retrofit almost any design with electromagnets provided there is room left for the extra turns.

Once you make it I can coach you of how to go about trying to feel the energy that should be issuing through the inner coil.
In the case of the alt version (which is less flexible, and partly inspired by the cook coil) you could short one of the inner coils.

Also as you only need to feel one end of wire, you could tie one end into a bow as shown, this sucks aetheric energy, similar to how
 Dan A. Davidson explained about converging lines...

Also, on the feeling energy front, some can feel energy even from images on a screen (like 60% instead of 90%+ ), so I will attach
 an image for that, if you place your hand on the below image (the one with the circle) and pull you hand from the screen out about
 2 feet and back in for 2 minutes, and then try and feel it however you like, there is a chance you will feel it.

Note: This specific image works better upright.

Offline seychelles

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Re: Aetheric transformer/inductor
« Reply #4 on: July 24, 2018, 12:23:45 PM »

Offline aether22

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Re: Aetheric transformer/inductor
« Reply #5 on: July 24, 2018, 12:40:25 PM »
Seychelles, did you make that image?  Because if not I can't help but think whoever did is an A-hole who is working against
Free Energy, that much blank image just stretches the size of the forum page to make posts really hard to read, can you please fix it,
 trim it down, thx.

Ok, sorry, I am PROBABLY just being paranoid and it is someone's native resolution and they didn't know how or didn't bother to crop it.

note: I have now added linebreaks in all my above messages so they aren't stretched so you have to scroll left and right, it had made them almost unreadable.

Offline PolaczekCebulaczek

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Re: Aetheric transformer/inductor
« Reply #6 on: July 24, 2018, 01:54:55 PM »
aether22 what input you recommend? AC? pulsed DC?  low frequency? car battery or HV?

Offline aether22

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Re: Aetheric transformer/inductor
« Reply #7 on: July 24, 2018, 02:15:22 PM »
aether22 what input you recommend? AC? pulsed DC?  low frequency? car battery or HV?

I would go with anything but the AC, but even the AC would work, but better if not from the mains really.
High frequency high voltage, as long as it is not too high for the impedance of it might be a good call.
Car battery would be fine, HV is discharges could be interesting...

Really any and all, I just have a distaste for the mains, mains powered things can work, but it is harder to stop them from trying to
"elevate" the whole mains, and mains power is pretty de-energized.  caps or an isolation transformer can help, heck, even a simple
twist can help, this couples the right handed spiraling energy so it remains within the circuit, let me show you in the attached

Oh, and technically no electrical input is needed to feel the aetheric energy, just the coil with the outer coil shorted, but it will be better with electrical power applied.  I also re-iterate, if you add the negative pole of an otherwise unconnected battery (car battery is ideal), you will improve performance.

Offline forest

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Re: Aetheric transformer/inductor
« Reply #8 on: July 24, 2018, 07:50:21 PM »
Very nice very nice. ;D  now you only have to consider it is the magnetic field around us which is the aether ,well to simplify (it is an organized flow od aether)

Offline aether22

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Re: Aetheric transformer/inductor
« Reply #9 on: July 25, 2018, 01:21:40 AM »
Very nice very nice. ;D  now you only have to consider it is the magnetic field around us which is the aether ,well to simplify (it is an
 organized flow od aether)

EVERYTHING is made of aether.  So everything that flows is a flow of aether.
But, these forms of aether are already named, so it is pointless to really say that they are "aether", and not all aether flows manifest
 as magnetic fields.

Now, magnetic field flows, flows of water, really every physical phenomena has some additional effect of the underlying aetheric
 energy, so they do create an additional effect on aetheric energy we cannot readily detect or measure.

I am not going into the details, the details are that the aether is a superfluidic and potentially hyper-spacial substance, everything is
 a different vibration/dynamic within this underlying aether.

The energies that I am effecting are mostly not the true underlying bulk aether below, but rather the echos of material dynamics in
 the aether, which is like saying imagine matter is a tornado, and I am pulling a stream of eddies O ooooooo>  from the vortex
 mostly the not making the bulk of aether flow, but the bulk of aether is harder to detect as by default it passes through us with little

It is disturbed or energized aether that has substance, everything that aether or aetheric energies flow through condition the aether
 and the aether pulls off some of the "dance" the frequency, quality of that thing.    Each substance makes it's own aetheric field, if
 you pull the field from say steel and put it into copper it experiences much less friction and moves very quickly, but only when not
near steel, the moment it gets near steel friction hits, the friction generates more energy but it kills the velocity.

There are aetheric energies that are the 'wash" or 'ghosts" or the subtle energy of electrons, so called soft electrons or space
electrons, this is why negative ions are healthful as waves in the air knocks energy out of the negative ions and so it produces ghost
 ion energy, this energy acts like an electron, it also spins in a right handed spiral, your DNA is designed to absorb this type of
energy and it does, the positive ions however act like ghost protons and when you have a mix of these energies, when you create a
 flow they tend to go in opposite directions, the proton energy has a left hand spin and when the right handed energy conducts one
 way the left handed energy move the other way so their direction of rotation agrees, but this creates head on collisions, and these
 collisions create more energy at the sacrifice of speed, this leads to stagnation.    Orgone being electrons has been observed by the
 likes of Konstantin Meyl, when I heard that claim I did not believe it..  But it is true.

You see when I made my first coil I assume "aether was aether" and that it was one thing, but it is not, there are an endless number
 of different aetheric energies that can exist, it is all one aether, but many of these energies pass through each other, recently I have
 been discovering the importance of what I have come to call aetheric bandwidth where you pull together a larger range of aetheric
 patterns so that the energy affects a broader range of energy/matter/reality.

But this is all getting far far ahead of the basics which I need to try and tech you first, and the basic first lesson is that aetheric
 energy is what you need to learn, and that I have useful and unique insights for you to learn from.
That is not a hard thing to show you, but it is CRITICAL!

So, please, if you seriously want to achieve Free Energy, try making a coil, ask me how to prove this to yourself, I cannot guarantee
 you will feel the energy, but I can guarantee that overall most people do.

Offline aussiebattler

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Re: Aetheric transformer/inductor
« Reply #10 on: July 25, 2018, 03:37:39 AM »
I would be very wary of replicating these circuits. I ran one thru my recently acquired app "Testing for shonky circuits" and it came up with a red alert. It seems that if one of the aethers escapes and collides with a quasar a catastrophic volcanic like eruption follows. Apparently this leads to millions of electrons leaking  out everywhere causing disastrous results to all electronic devices in the vicinity. I also have it on good authority that the contaminated electrons are carcinogenic. This of course would require the experimenter to wear a full body suit for personal protection. In summary the circuits  could be replicated providing appropriate precautions are taken including the installation of fire extinguishers and taking out suitable insurance covering fire, explosion, and personal injury.

Offline aether22

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Re: Aetheric transformer/inductor
« Reply #11 on: July 25, 2018, 04:50:27 AM »
I ran one thru my recently acquired app "Testing for shonky circuits" and it came up with a red alert.
It seems that if one of the aethers escapes and collides with a quasar a catastrophic volcanic like eruption follows.

Ok, you are joking and doing it poorly, firstly what I am saying indeed does sound like gobbledygook and nonsense to you just as
 explaining electric circuits with electrons and atoms and emf would sound like so much nonsense to someone before all this science was developed.

Next, there is some danger but not much.  One example of danger, though this came from just a TV, is the mythic explosion that
 apparently occured according To Steven Marks, when a boy was watching TV and the field around the ferrite yolk collapsed, well I
have created similar dynamic fields and it kinda adds up to me, the aether moves within such rings and it can come to a collapse
and in doing to it evolves a lot of aetheric energy.

I also felt the surf board like movements of the donut that SM mentioned, this does occur, though this was very very early (roughly
 7 years ago) once i had gained elementary success with feeling the energy, it was like in the first week probably, so it verifies what
 he did IMO.

But that is an example of possible danger.  albeit only from a very specific design, and unlikely overall, but Norm Wootan with  the
 MRA and sometimes with locked motors sometimes would break a magnetic circuit and a pulse that defies conventional physics
 would be released, but this was not as dangerous as the energy wave that IIRC killed the boy watching TV.

I have also heard that someone made one of Paul Pantone's GEET's and it exploded massively, that device causes transmutation and
 not NOT conventional, it is aetheric.

Still, such things are RARE!

But go on, joke and ignore because that will add so much to Free Energy research.

Offline aether22

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Re: Aetheric transformer/inductor
« Reply #12 on: July 25, 2018, 03:57:08 PM »
So, presumably YOU yourself can feel this energy you are talking about, coming from your designs, coils or images. So I propose a
test. We will take one of your designs, coils or images, that you can feel, and we will put it into a box of some kind. We will have five
other identical boxes with inert contents. Let's use an image, since it won't be making noise or ordinary vibrations that might give it
away.  I'll mix up the six boxes, and you can tell me which one contains your energy-emanating image. We will repeat the 6-box test
ten times, and if you are able to correctly identify the box with your thing in it 8 times out of the ten trials... you win, and I'll write a
full report and get it published in a real journal. If not... I get your thousand dollars. Before we start, you provide proof of your
thousand dollars by putting it in escrow with a trusted third party (Chet? Wesley?).
Does that sound fair to you?  Since you yourself will be providing the image (or coil or device) and you yourself know already that
you yourself can feel its energy... this method eliminates all third-party variables. We didn't build the device wrong, whether or not
we are sensitive doesn't matter, there can be no excuses of that nature and you yourself will be the primary judge of whether or not
you yourself can feel this energy. 8 out of 10 trials with six boxes.... should be easy for you.

That sounds mostly fine, but there are some issues.
As for the $1k, I am unemployed, I do have the money actually and more put aside, but my [/size]mortgage just rolled over
(fixed term ended) so I put my money in there, while I can get it out of the floating portion, the plan was to pay it down from
 where it is and I am reticent to push it back up, though I could...  And in addition there will be fees for moving it out of
New Zealand which I would not be happy about losing, probable exchange losses and then I am trusting someone, though
I do have a strongly positive opinion of Chet the whole point of putting up the money is based on the idea that I am not trusted
 and he is, why do you consider my word and reputation is not enough?  I have been in this field my whole life and welching on
 such would not be good.[/font]
Also I am in New Zealand and it would cost more than that for us to get in the same place for the test unless you were ok for it
 to be performed here with people I can find and videoed...

I actually have not done much in the way of such tests, but I am rather confident I could do that, even though I don't generally
 like such tests since the energy can be consciously effected, so there is room for the test to be effected, I really don't like such
 tests in general, but I am 98% confident I'd be successful.
So my counter offer to your plan.

I make 2 different images, one that produces energy and one that doesn't, these could look near identical.
I then walk the streets of my town maybe a town within an hours drive and I ask strangers to see if they feel energy above
either image.
Then if people don't select the active image, or if a coil, the active coil, then I pay you the $1k.

Or, how about this...  as anything that involves me feeling energy locally and setting things up will be prone to be suspected
of being faked, maybe other could just see if they feel energy...
Why not just try it, and get some friends to do so?
I could make a similar looking design, indeed I could hide from you which one is active and which isn't.

If you or people you and others show it to cannot feel there is energy or pick the wrong one, then I will accept I have lost and
pay you the money, which I can get out, but I consider the chance of having to pay it out to be less than 1%.

I guess the other thing is we could do a multi part thing, first I prove that I and other locally can feel the energy, providing as
compelling proof as I can by selecting strangers.
And then you do tests there.

Or, and I know this sounds crazy, just try it!   The sensations are not subtle for long for a good % of people, the energy can be
very intense and quite shocking.
This is not all super subtle stuff.
In addition people, strangers with no knowledge have felt energy from coils, even when hidden!  It hasn't happened often, but
it HAS happened more than once!

Oh, and if you insist it MUST be on your conditions (yes, all of them), then I accept, but you must pay for the costs of travel
and the money is held in NZD by a 3rd party in person so there are no losses from sending the money.
whoever travels, me there or you here, unless by some long shot you are a New Zealander.

BTW attached is the latest image, just put it on your screen, feel in the space infront of the image, try putting your hand on
the screen covering the image, slowly move you hand back 2 feel feeling for any sensation, move your hand back in, keep this
up for 2 minutes, then just spend a few moments feeling if freestyle.   There is roughly a 50% chance you will feel something.
And a 25% chance it will be notable/intense.

Offline Acca

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Re: Aetheric transformer/inductor
« Reply #13 on: July 25, 2018, 08:47:21 PM »
Russian TV's where number one cause of fires in homes in Russian and Poland in the 1970's to 1990's. TV's did implode due to the picture tube being a vacuum for the electron gun to work. Crappy builds of electronics contributed   to that effect..

Ferrite ring was to blame as it overheated the thin neck (yoke coil)... In some circumstances the yoke went in to a resonant state and exploded. Question is why ?  Iron bonds broke went in powder and the powder was the source of fuel to burn down the apartment.  Heat was like 1800 deg.  Iron powder ignites with with a match.

There was a re-formulation of chemistry of the ferrite yoke.. and it stopped the TV fires...

Two tesla coils will make a superposition wave and destabilize atomic bonds if they are in resonance with an electrostatic field from a high voltage flyback transformer like on the back of the Russian TV's.. 

Try it it works, and aether may contribute to that effect..

As you are fascinating bringing up these effects of the aether,  like to here more on the effects, like on the helix wound  "smith coils"..


Offline TinselKoala

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Re: Aetheric transformer/inductor
« Reply #14 on: July 25, 2018, 08:51:43 PM »
@SEYCHELLES:  As you can see, oversized images screw up the thread formatting and make the "reply" buttons and other buttons scroll off the screen to the right. Please limit images to 1024 pixels or less horizontally to avoid this issue.

1. You really should not be putting money at risk unless you actually have the money to risk. This is why I mentioned the escrow as a condition to start. If you really don't have the money... then you shouldn't be gambling. Or rather, risking, even a one percent chance, that you might lose money you cannot afford to lose.

2. Your location in New Zealand should not be a problem. Please note that there is an active skeptic's society in NZ, with chapters or members in the major cities. I would accept the results of a properly blinded test designed and administered by some members of this society, along the lines of what I have suggested above. They know how to do properly blinded and controlled tests and they understand the statistics of randomization and regression to the mean.
You might even like to attend some of their "pub" meetings in order to get to know them and see how they think... and what they think about your claims.
If you have a problem with skeptics in a society, let me know and I'll get in touch with some people at the University of Auckland or Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology or some other university near you and we can try to arrange a fair test there. 

Meanwhile, you might like to research the topic of "blinding" in psychophysical testing, so you can understand why the kinds of tests you have proposed aren't really objective, fair or suitable.

3. The money is also no problem. Surely you have no-kill animal shelters, dog/cat spay/neuter programs, or similar programs that care for dogs and other pets that need help. If you lose, I will accept as payment, proof of a confirmed 1000 NZD donation to such an organization. Just post a photo of the receipt for the donation. If you lose, that is. I have no desire to profit personally in the case of your loss, but I definitely do think that people who make such offers and claims should be challenged to make them good.

To be clear, what we would be testing is your assertion that you can yourself detect the subtle energy (or whatever you like to name it) emanating from your diagrams. This is a first pass at a basic test. If you yourself cannot reliably detect which box contains your diagram, then there is something wrong with your claim. Either there is no energy to be detected, or you cannot detect it, or the box blocks detection somehow, or some combination of these factors. Further, more refined testing would tease out the finer facts. If on the other hand you _can_ reliably detect the location of the concealed diagram, then you have a start of something really big -- if further testing confirms the results of this preliminary test.