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Title: The water battery.
Post by: stevensrd1 on July 14, 2018, 03:15:04 PM
 Id be willing to make and sell the water powered clock, or water powered led lights or motors that I have shown in countless videos. Ive been trying to get donations or an investor so I can do just that for some time now. Would be willing to split the profits with an investor if we can make and sell enough to even make a profit. Of course anyone can make these as I have shown how to do for years in my videos, but perhaps they would sell if already made in the first place as a product for market. This is no scam and very real and simple science and as I already said anyone can watch my videos to see how its done. But you would think a clock that runs for many years on the power of one of my water battery designs would sell and make a profit. As it would save on the cost of buying batteries anyway for the clock. Ive just never tried to sell them as a fully made ready product yet. But Ive been thinking about it. Anyway just a thought. You can see my videos about this on my youtube channel at (
 and my fund raiser link is (