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Author Topic: Remarkable Anomalous Heat claims from June 2018 conference in Colorado  (Read 1092 times)

Offline ramset

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   * Contribution from Member Dr. Steven Jones [member Dr.Jones ]
Earlier this month, a conference on AHE (anomalous heat excess) was held inColorado.  I have been reading papers and will discuss more as they become available.  This is an area of keen interest for me, and has been since I began work in this arena decades ago.
   The results are remarkable! 
1 - Takahashi and group see AHE in Cu-Ni alloys, finely powdered, using either H2 or D2 gas.  However, they see NO effects when using Palladium.  (This is in stark contrast to Pons/Fleischmann where effects were claimed ONLY in Palladium, and when using deuterium -- hydrogen/H2O was used as a control!)

2 - Celani and group see AHE in (different) Cu-Ni alloys, Constantin wires.

I wrote the following to Celani (a long-time friend, from the 80's):
<blockquote>Dear Francesco,

  Your ICCF21 paper was well done - congratulations!

questions, if I may:
1 - you wrote, " sadly most of the documentation of our old experiments were destroyed by some people at LNF on Feb. 2015. Further work is necessary to improve reliability of the (nice) results (AHE=150W/g; integral of energy over 10MJ/g) obtained by 0.1mm wire."

I don't understand why would people at LNF would destroy your documentation!  can you tell me why they behaved so badly?

2 - Your experiments and those of A Takahashi use Cu-Ni alloys;  have you collaborated with them, or are you just arriving at similar alloys by separate research paths?

3 - Which method gets the more reliable/repeatable results - yours, or Takahashi's?

4 -  Very important:  Takahashi gets AHE using either H2 or D2 - is that true of your experiments also??

5 - Is there a place where other papers from ICCF21 are (or will be) available)?  I have read just yours and Takahashi's-slides so far.

Thank you very much!
Steven Jones

end quote

more to come


Chet K
PS seems the other file from Dr.Jones won't attach here [over limit??]

Offline ramset

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attempting to add separate file from Takahashi ,apparently there is a file limit here per post ?
[glad it loaded]
All Comments welcome
Chet K