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Author Topic: Wireless energy transfer experiments ,Builders board  (Read 22888 times)

Offline stivep

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Re: Wireless energy transfer experiments ,Builders board
« Reply #180 on: February 21, 2020, 09:08:41 PM »
Few links allowing you to understand better:

wikipedia quote:
In various writings,
Tesla explained that the Earth itself behaves as a resonant LC circuit when it is electrically excited at certain frequencies.
At Wardenclyffe he operated at frequencies ranging from 1,000 Hz to 100 kHz.
Tesla found the frequency range up to 30 – 35 kHz “to be most economical.”
Excitation of earth resonance at or near a fundamental frequency of about 11.7 Hz suggests energy transmission
by means of a spherical conductor “single-wire” surface wave transmission line mode.
A Schumann resonance mode (the fundamental frequency being about 7.5 to 7.9 Hz) is probably not involved.
The entire Earth can be electrically resonated with a single type-two source, so an earth-resonance based system
 would require, at a minimum, that only one generating facility be constructed.
 Alternatively, two distantly spaced type-one generating facilities could be constructed.
Such a system would not be so dependent upon the excitation of an earth-resonance mode.
In either case a surface or ground wave, similar to the Zenneck wave would be utilized.
Artificially induced earth currents would be utilized.

According to Tesla, the planet's large cross-sectional area provides a low resistance path for the flow of earth currents.
The greatest losses are apt to occur at the points where the transmitting / receiving plants and dedicated receiving
stations are connected with the ground.
This is why Tesla stated,..... continue reading  in article


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Offline stivep

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Re: Wireless energy transfer experiments ,Builders board
« Reply #181 on: March 05, 2020, 01:13:55 AM »
This post may be here only temporarily, everything depends from escalation of situation about  Viziv, Dr Corum,  at Hackaday forum.
 and later it may be removed .

I was just informed about  escalation of disinformation in regards to  Viziv  (point A to point B energy transmission)
as well as my own videos about Viziv and Schumann waveguide energy  extraction that are heavily scrutinized in some parts of the internet .
From  one hand this is quite good,because "negative information"  known also in  EU by word  anti-reclama ( anty-reklama)
 works similar to "information"  making information to be more popular.

So my publicly available  work was highly likely found by some Russian authorities  too disturbing.
But not only that. Scrutiny is applied to  whole Viziv, Tesla Tower ,and Zenneck Wave on
Hackaday forum.
So we have main two characters  there :
Mark- positive character  explaining  and delivering.
Michael Anderson - assigned by me as  negative character,
"his" conduct looks for me as work of entire team of not so much educated in subject matter Russian  specialists  of  disinformation .
Some of them with good  and some with not so good  English skills .
He is jumping off taking it to the sides ,not listening, reading, analyzing,and what I also  found so much disturbing is
that  Michael Anderson is defecating on our American and Western  education and scientific recognition.
in this case,  apparently BS, MS and PhD really DOES stand for “Bull-s***”, “More of the Same” and “Piled higher and Deeper.”

Mark in response to Michael Anderson  negative comment, is delivering understanding to the audience .
So why I mentioned it here?
Mark was trying number of times to respond to  Michael Anderson but  his posts have been hold for days, before they went published or never published.
So why Michael Anderson  had "no problem"  but Mark did?
In the advance of Russian "RUNET" limiting information to Russian audience, they use algorithms
analyzing text, cutting words and sentences in both scientific and  thematic areas that are inconvenient, to ruling Russian elite.
They also spend money on  some of our Western analyzing services giving them requested format of scrutiny.
So after so many  attempts , Mark finally used  wording  format,  that delivers information that is fooling mathematical algorithm,
without creating an attention of  life coordinators, Censors  cutting words , trimming sentences .

Correction: as of today  that whole comment of Mark fallowing thematically Viziv discussion was removed .
But now,  that may raise  your concern about 
who is the owner of Hackaday?
Who Hackaday works for ?


-whole horde of paid  individuals is working for interest of the Russian elite that is  frozen in time in their evolution, 
for already 101 years since 1918 and that empire is slowly coming to its end.
As a subject of their predatory action in 2011 during my trip to Tariel Kapanadze likely I was not terminated, because I was lucky. I only got sick.
New development:
Mark pointed  few times at possible Russian internet  intelligence service scrutiny on Hackaday forum.
From one hand, there  is nothing wrong with Russian ownership of any forum on our Western World cyber space .
this is free world  and everyone should have equal chances .
However after few days Mark's comments was chopped again,single words were cut and removed.
After that  most of  his responses to Michael Anderson were deleted.
The whole chapter where <"Michael Anderson"> who had no problem there to publicly , "defecate" at our Western education system and scientific recognition was removed too.

For curiosity if one wants to find how censorship works  from outside of known to us Western world  you may try to publish something there :)
I strongly suggest however to avoid such forums,
or if you really want to have extreme experiences  than it always helps to:
-be consulted by your IT  professional,
-having "fingerprint" changed every 2 minutes
-double fire wall
-and at best  use someone else internet connection .
some of my friends have 2 or 3 different providers.

After:-9/11, my office at WTC1
-2011 my visit to Kapanadze
-2013 unwanted "visit" of Venezuelans at one of my houses.
-2019 I was sprayed with virus straight in my face.
nothing  really surprises me  to much.

Legal note;
I'm expressing only my own personal  opinion here,  based on constitution of USA.
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