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Author Topic: Kapanadze and other FE discussion  (Read 858035 times)

Offline forest

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Re: Wesley's Kapanadze and other FE discussion forum
« Reply #450 on: September 03, 2018, 01:46:30 PM »
 :-\  wrong again, better read something like that or
or even think about what Richard Willis said to Dragons
We are like bird on the HV line.

Ere many generations pass, our machinery will be driven by a power obtainable at any point of the universe. This idea is not novel. Men have been led to it long ago by instinct or reason; it has been expressed in many ways, and in many places, in the history of old and new. We find it in the delightful myth of Antaeus, who derives power from the earth; we find it among the subtle speculations of one of your splendid mathematicians and in many hints and statements of thinkers of the present time. Throughout space there is energy. Is this energy static or kinetic! If static our hopes are in vain; if kinetic — and this we know it is, for certain — then it is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of nature.
What Tesla is saying is simple : if Earth magnetic field is static , induced once and never again then our hopes are in vain... but if this is a generator inducing and synchronizing our magnetosphere with external cosmic source then we can tap huge amount of energy easily and almost without cost. We can use it to catch CO2 from atmosphere , to stop pollution and burning fossil fuels and to make every people life a dream...

Offline AlienGrey

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Re: Wesley's Kapanadze and other FE discussion forum
« Reply #451 on: September 03, 2018, 04:50:43 PM »
   Some people may think that burning matter up (NMR) ,  is where it's at.
Although it can be "free" also, it's not what Tesla was after.
   While more nuclear plants are being built at this time, even though the one in Japan is still uncontrollable.
   Are we stupid, or just crazy? Or both... 

    Wesley:  Please show us a safe NMR generator. 
    Did you like getting sick, as you seem to like recommending poisonous solutions.

NickZ Hi i'm not Wesley no, your referring to a type of static  type of electricity (no magnetic charged current)
some call it radiant energy among other different other names. It draws energy from the environment or other things
or if not tuned can do other things which I wont discuss here, it's my guess you have no idea what i'm talking about
but it's another type of electricity that behaves so much unlike the conventional stuff we know. Are you sure that two
will ever be discussed on here?

Offline stivep

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Re: Wesley's Kapanadze and other FE discussion forum
« Reply #452 on: September 04, 2018, 04:06:01 AM »
some of my files that I have made for myself.

Examples of NMR in Ferrite  replacement of metal compound in within the ferrite by ion 
caused by FREQUENCY
at the same time energy level of ferrite has changed. everything is done by changing frequency of oscillation.

Nuclear magnetic resonance studies of Mn55
in the Mn substituted hexagonal ferrite Ba2Zn2-xFe12-yMnx+yO22 
R. L. Streever, T. R. Aucoin and P. J. Caplan Institute for Exploratory Research, US Army Electronics Command, Fort Monmouth, N.J. 07703, U.S.A.
Received 22 December 1969. Available online 6 May 2004.
The nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) of 55Mn has been studied in single crystals of the planar hexagonal ferrite compound Ba2Zn2-xFe12-yMnx+yO22 for values of x + y of about 0·5.
The spin echo spectrum at 4·2°K shows a broad line extending from about 300 to 470 MHz which has been identified with Mn+3 ions (replacing iron) on octahedral sites and two relatively
narrow lines at 555 and 585 MHz which have been identified with Mn+2 ions (replacing zinc) on the two types of tetrahedral sites which occur in this structure.
Both Mn+2 lines are observed to shift to higher frequencies with externally applied fields which is consistent with this interpretation.
The Mn+3 lines have also been studied at 77°K and the Mn+2 lines in the range between 77 and 200°K.
The hyperfine fields and the temperature dependencies of the resonance frequencies for the Mn+2 ions on the two types of tetrahedral sites can be consistently explained in terms of the
different electronic environments of the two sites. It is concluded that a large percentage of the Mn ions in the compound are replacing Fe as Mn+3.

From the relative integrated intensities of the two Mn+2 lines, it is found that the Mn+2 ions are substituting onto the two types of tetrahedral sites with roughly equal preference.[/c]
US Army experimented in 1967 with NMR and Transmutation.
From text above we see results of it.
It is stated that mechanism  of transmutation and  replacement by other  inorganic substance  was achieved.
But that includes energy transfer, and that is what we are interested with.(Lithuania Experiment)

Generation of metal–ligand cluster ion beams through pulsed discharge ionization and ablation 
Ansgar Brocka, David L Cedeñoa and Carlos Manzanares Ia, , (
a Department of Chemistry, Baylor University, Waco, TX 76798, USA
Received 10 November 1998;    accepted 30 July 1999.
Available online 28 February 2000. 
Abstract Pulsed capacitor discharge ionization in supersonic expansions was investigated for the production of intense beams of molecular cluster ions
from seeded and ablated compounds.
A pulsed discharge based on a triggered spark gap switch was designed and used as a method for ionization and ablation.
Several combinations of nozzle geometry and electrode arrangement in front of a pulsed valve, were made to optimize the intensity of the ion beam as well as its composition.
The cationic metal–ligand complexes Cu+–(methanol)n, Cu+–(acetone)n, Cu+–(toluene)n, Cu+–(water)n, and Al+–(water)n were synthesized by ablation of the metal from
metallic discharge electrodes in a discharge gas mixture of helium seeded with the ligand of choice.
The cluster mass spectra of the expanded plasmas show little background ion signal besides the metal–ligand species.
Charge exchange processes in the expansion guarantee high ionization yields of the desired species and account for low backgrounds.

Changes in the successive binding energy of Cu+–(water)n clusters n = 1–4 are clearly observed in the cluster mass spectra as step formation.
 A similar pattern found in Cu+–(acetone)n suggests the same trend in the successive binding energy as known for water.
Important is :
(phase, amplitude modulated) finite pulses run in parallel with all other events 
(Wesley: you do not need to  read this article)

This article is  interesting from perspective of spark gap and HV  involvement  in ionization that is frequently present in all of FE electrostatic devices,
by use of capacitor.

(Wesley: you do not need to  read this article)

for me this is very interesting article about X-ray - means photons and  NMR but  this article is not for everyone
Instead of the coil connected to PL259 (and affected by  two  other coils connected to modulator interacting with Earth Magnetic Field. -like in NMR ( one of the methods.
The second one is cryogenic.))
I have connected generator and I was modulating manually by frequency shift of   +/- one of then thousand of 1 HZ !!!!
I have got enormous  amplitude of interactive-resulting pick 10 times of amplitude of the primary signal.
Please look  at spectrum analyzer and correct me with lower window setting.I put that window as Frequency domain.
The upper one is analog.  Look at other parameters of that window
This was my video showing
strange impulses from generator ( mixer of two signals) made  by  CREATECH  Russian  link  related to FE and NMR 9 that is similar to   setup used in my video  from  above. with CREATECH. interesting phenomenon in plasma.  the old and much known
 This PDF is for me very entertaining
 but you may disagree

\  opinion about Correa.   

additional material  published by me at
Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator original device

some links  posted by me in the past : (Wesley: you do not need to  read this articles)
Watch this: NMR in room temperature using Earth magnetic field. No Cryogenic!!
and this:

additional material TESLA book: (link does not work but can be found if needed) (link does not work but info is on overunity)
==================================================  Doc Schuster videos


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Offline nelsonrochaa

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Re: Wesley's Kapanadze and other FE discussion forum
« Reply #453 on: September 05, 2018, 11:51:16 AM »
Hello everyone!
I've been looking at some old videos of Igor Moroz. First part  and second part  Basically, in second part, he is telling that he is returning same amount of energy to grid and in process using few hundred watts of light. He is using bifilar coil as the secondary in his transformer. So, the net consumption would be very little or nothing, frequency is grid frequency 50Hz. Looks very similar to Kapanadze.

Lost energy in close circuit could be recovered but not created . In this case the feedback of output power is injected again in system input .
Myself made some experiments about that point .
Example how could be possible recharge the same input source in same time . The video have 21 minutes is easy to see how much the input lower since start.

 Nelson Rocha

Offline Kator01

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Re: Wesley's Kapanadze and other FE discussion forum
« Reply #454 on: September 06, 2018, 12:16:17 AM »

concerning the video about Ohms Law broken with HV Negative Resistor (

I found these two demonstrations of Fred B´s Tech Channel very interesting especially part 2 because of a good working sparg-gap simulation model. It clarified many questions I had:


Offline Acca

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Re: Wesley's Kapanadze and other FE discussion forum
« Reply #455 on: September 06, 2018, 07:17:07 PM »
Wesley that long NMR post is really good as I have been a supporter of the "inter-atomic" model and it's NO theory..

Italians have discovered through audio ultrasonics cavitation that iron chloride goes nuclear in 2008, and since that

discovery I know that the same effect is responsible for the extra electrons in the yoke core ferrite radiation that you

have been exposed to that gave you that radiation sickness..  See low energy nuclear radiation..

As to members who post anti- free energy posts I always see these distractors as fools or spies who spend allot of

effort to stop any progress through the "dogmatic science" leverage ... and there is many here of such anti-free

energy efforts shills, spies and total nut jobs..

Keep on and God speed in your efforts..


Offline Belfior

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Re: Wesley's Kapanadze and other FE discussion forum
« Reply #456 on: September 07, 2018, 11:47:55 AM »

"In L'Évolution de la Matière (1905), Le Bon anticipated the mass–energy equivalence, and in a 1922 letter to Albert Einstein complained about his lack of recognition. Einstein responded and conceded that a mass–energy equivalence had been proposed before him, but only the theory of relativity had cogently proved it.[36] Gaston Moch gave Le Bon credit for anticipating Einstein's theory of relativity.[37] In L'Évolution des Forces (1907), Le Bon prophesised the Atomic Age.[38][39] He wrote about "the manifestation of a new force—namely intra-atomic energy—which surpasses all others by its colossal magnitude," and stated that a scientist who discovered a way to dissociate rapidly one gram of any metal would "not witness the results of his experiments ... the explosion produced would be so formidable that his laboratory and all neighbouring houses, with their inhabitants, would be instantaneously pulverised."[40][41]"
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Offline forest

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Re: Wesley's Kapanadze and other FE discussion forum
« Reply #457 on: September 07, 2018, 04:26:35 PM »
transmutation if any is a by-product !

Offline Belfior

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Re: Wesley's Kapanadze and other FE discussion forum
« Reply #458 on: September 10, 2018, 12:34:07 PM »
Ok. Theoretically is is simple. Let me explain. There is law of conservation of energy , true. However thee is no law of conservation of work done. In other words it's up to you how much work you can do with the amount of energy you have - mostly it depends on how good you can eliminate loses like friction.
So ? I think you start to see the picture. ...

Analogy to water. If you direct a stream of high pressure water into a still pool of water, there is more water moving than just the stream. Voltage we can just create.

Also you can create special situations where Nature will do the work for you.

Offline magpwr

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Re: Wesley's Kapanadze and other FE discussion forum
« Reply #459 on: September 10, 2018, 03:56:47 PM »
Hi Wesley,
Upon searching "ionization accelerates transmutation" gave me interesting results which you may find it interesting related to acceleration.
Nuclear tranmutation to Nuclear fission 1932...1939         **(Nothing to do with actual Nuclear around late 1920s)

The above is the early version way before NMR was mentioned anywhere. :)
---------------------------------------------------In the meantime completed improving my circuit to produce "ultra stable" interrupted frequency in Mhz for the tesla coil without the use
of mica capacitor for one of the 3 tesla coil driver embedded circuit,pulse generator.
Received parts to assemble the Antenna which i threw away sometime back along with tesla primary driving coil after failing to see OU.Accelerator with sine-wave 80khz will be shown once ready as it is before further modification to resolve existing "impedance issue".

Offline PolaczekCebulaczek

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Re: Wesley's Kapanadze and other FE discussion forum
« Reply #460 on: September 14, 2018, 10:26:46 PM »
SolarLab this things are in lack of "mathematical beauty"(this statement is important) as Dirac would say.

It goes like this:

first we have maxwell and this

(can field exist without charge?)

then we have this (wikipedia is not enough to explain R EM) and this

and in the end we have this (yes this is my question  that I've posted on stack exchange)

there is something missing, can you feel it? if so then what is it? perhaps it's the lack of understanding of fundamentals or nature's mathematical beauty in our understanding.

"Everything that can be Invented has been Invented" ?

Offline ramset

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Re: Wesley's Kapanadze and other FE discussion forum
« Reply #461 on: September 20, 2018, 01:36:59 PM »
LENR has gotten Legs and is most definitely our future [thx To member Wavewatcher ]
and since this is a good news day
DUNE ...the Neutrino project also got legs...
-------------Seems the first link won't open in some parts of the world  :'(
so WW made a PDF

Offline Belfior

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Re: Wesley's Kapanadze and other FE discussion forum
« Reply #462 on: September 23, 2018, 11:07:40 AM »
I find this cherkunov guy a bit strange. If he is posting these antigrav videos why doesn’t go around the thing with a stick to show no wires? In one video he does,  but only goes in the front of the device. The plates are not level, but the device floats straight? What kinda force is that?

Antigravity was patented by tt brown already

Offline magpwr

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Re: Wesley's Kapanadze and other FE discussion forum
« Reply #463 on: September 23, 2018, 04:47:32 PM »
and now for some Tesla technology from ....

  Here it is just for you Wesley …
it just goes to show you that this is a just a very strange WORLD …
It’s Tesla and very high voltage again it is juat SHOCKING that this stuff may be real.. Anti gravity…
And since it deals with TESLA type technology I am posting it here …
Alexey Chekurkov
Published on Aug 18, 2018
Видео левитации диска. Желающих помочь в поддержке канала может последующему реквизиту. PayPal Payoneer
hi Acca,
Interesting video with additional details shown.
I noticed the creator of this device is using spinning magnets maybe North,South,North,South,North,South mounted in a circular plate and combining with some kind of ionization from fly-back transformer.
It reminded me of a video seen sometime ago about "induction heating" of copper pipe using just spinning magnets on a circular metal maybe somewhat similar concept to a certain extent.
Definitely more efficient than a conventional induction heater since alternating magnets poles does the same thing for less energy.
Some of you may already know or heard about latest A/C motor technology with magnets strategically placed in rotor to increase motor efficiency by around ~20%.
-------------------------------------------------------------Back to current Kapanadze build -I think i have solved what Akula used for the Antenna by using Solid core wire.Since this is the only thing that holds the primary and Antenna nicely in place.I am left with Antenna mounting brackets to dry up (epoxy) before commencing testing then demo.

Offline Acca

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Re: Wesley's Kapanadze and other FE discussion forum
« Reply #464 on: September 23, 2018, 08:18:08 PM »
Mag here in Poland there is a very large copper producer KGHM Copper. Some producers add zink to lower the cost of copper and other elements don't presume it's all the same copper wire..

Like Wesley has said isotopes of copper are many .. It may be the impurity that has an affect on the Russian Kapanadze device.. As of yet unknown ...A scientific method was not done here...

Variables are many it's like a combination lock as one adds to the depth of the tumblers in that, the chance to hit the right combination is in the orders of magnitude...randomness will not work trying to unlock that tumbler safe.

Complexity is in the state of mind as to an engineer looking at a suspension bridge it looks very simple to build and yet to an average man it is a hard thing to understand the complexity of individual parts...

As of yet that elusive effect in the " west " is missing.