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many of you can't see how Ukraine is beautiful :)
I can.
Slava Ukraine .    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
«Сла́ва Украї́ні!» !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

багато хто з вас не бачить, наскільки Україна прекрасна ) але Я,  можу.
Тепер я бачу, наскільки знання української мови мені допомагає


--- Quote from: kolbacict on August 23, 2022, 09:46:48 AM ---And in your Schumann waveguide, it also moves approximately at the speed of light?

--- End quote ---
Schumann waveguide is not mine.

speed, (- phase velocity) is < than speed of light in vacuum.(1 ft/ns)
and equals speed of light  in the air

.1 Schumann waveguide is spherical waveguide 
made of concentric spheres.- spherical symmetry , where Euclidean geometry applies.
(Schumann studied the earth–ionosphere waveguide system. were ionosphere  is larger sphere, and earth is smaller)
a. Walls of Schumann waveguide are:
    earth and ionosphere

b.  Waveguide and Schumann waveguide behaves much like a  passive High Pass Filter and is basically supporting waves above a certain cut off frequency.
Power loss occurs in the walls of waveguide due to induced current, in order to reduce this loss walls are designed with as much low resistance as possible.

.2  interface is special form of waveguide that for our eyes doesn't look like rectangular or cylindrical waveguide because is flat.
    Interface can be made from:
a . conducting medium and the dielectric, or lossy conducting medium and dielectric. (The earth and air)
b . Two dielectrics having different dielectric properties (dielectric constant)

So the earth at is the same time:
a. The wall of Shuman waveguide
b. One of two components of the interface - the boundary between the earth and air.
if I touch your forehead I can feel that is warm.
your forehead is - the boundary. - the wall

ability of the wall to interact with energy fluctuation inside of Schumann waveguide
makes possible at certain conditions to transfer energy into interface.
Our Tesla coil is placed on the earth and in the air.- Like a probe

classical mechanics analogy:
put your  finger inside of water and it will become a probe
you will feel that water!!!!!!!!!!!!!

quantum mechanics analogy:
put your  finger inside of the  soil and it will become a probe
when close nearby  lightning strikes
you will feel that lightning!!!!!!!!!!!!!

put your  piece of wire inside of the  soil as ground but now connect it to your transceiver antenna PL-259 or N- connector , and it will become a probe- the antenna .
You will be able from that ground to receive not only 80 meters or 160 meters but low frequency AM radio stations !!!!!!!!!
Yes, grounded wire becomes an antenna.
What kind of Радіооператор коротковольник HAM you are?



--- Quote from: stivep on August 23, 2022, 05:35:42 PM ---
багато хто з вас не бачить, наскільки Україна прекрасна ) але Я,  можу.
Тепер я бачу, наскільки знання української мови мені допомагає

--- End quote ---
Please tell me, is there an ambassador of the United States of America in Ukraine?
According to my information there is only a temporary attorney.

Ambassador Brink
She was nominated by President Biden to be U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine on April 25, 2022,
 confirmed  by the U.S. Senate on May 18, 2022, and arrived in Kyiv on May 29, 2022.

This years ICCF24 cold fusion conference had an interesting contribution ,
A seemingly impossible contribution,and it would seem easily replicated?
 Discussions are happening about that replication,..however they involve access
To university equipment and all the red tape !
The claim,
You do have something which can analyze samples ?
Verify or show error in claims?
Such access would be wonderful and would allow more serious discussions on replication!
These type of replication discussions can bring more helpful information to the forefront
And at times even solve or expedite unknown issues with original claims!
Your resources are quite valuable to open source community!
Chet K
There is also talk on the street of another LENR breakthrough
Supposed to hear more in coming weeks!

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--- Quote from: r2fpl on October 13, 2022, 08:45:27 PM ---Thanks for the clarification.

"...Tariel Kapanadze  said to me :Humanity is not yet the level to appreciate free and for free."

I don't know who T. Kapanadze really was,
You can't ask him anymore because he's dead.
What is his son doing with this legacy?
some coworkers?
If I'm wrong, I'm sorry but then show me where.

--- End quote ---
his son doesn't have a knowledge-base, he's more humanist than technical.
It is not much problem  to have Tariel's original device, made originally by Tariel within few days from now if I want to.
Well.. at maximum one week from now.
You actually could have it too. But you need to know where bunch of them  is now.
The only difference is that I can have it with ... yes sort of "manual", if we can name it this way.
and in 100% working condition - that is for sure.
It is not really the question of money. my stupidity, reaching the level overflowing my sense of security,



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