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Author Topic: Wesley's Kapanadze and other FE discussion forum  (Read 673608 times)

Offline stivep

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Re: Wesley's Kapanadze and other FE discussion forum
« Reply #2280 on: February 27, 2019, 10:53:45 PM »
For the purpose of comparing with some information  mentioned by me earlier.
I translated  set of schematics from the same author.
System is stated as verified to work.
I'm responsible  for translation only.
System  includes  many  different options.

set of H quality large format schematic is available .
But it will oversize the page.

Schematic Translation #6 ( look at page 6 )
Tesla said : You can synchronize  work of source S with  Sj  that is similar in nature. or any number of such sources.
gives chance to  amplify  oscillations  and  distribution of them  in any area or organize transport
( distribution of electrical energy produced by Sj to   source S    having in mind  that  these  signals are  reversed in phase.
Tesla N. Lesson M Tesla print 2003 386s page L140
title:  about electrical resonance L-135-L140
Schematic Translation #5  TV2 winded LEFT          ( look at page 5 )
                                       TV1 winded  RIGHT
 Schematic Translation #4 ( look at page 4  and 4a )

1.In variant TV2 without resonator use start winding from L res. coils of output , wind from the sides .( you can L res. wind in the middle of the former and  output   on the sides of the former)
Position of indicator  please find  experimentally( start from center  of the former over L res.
You can also try to  pull winds to increase pitch.)  external  look  of TV2 similar to  in Kapanadze.

2. Tr2 you can split to  two independent  current transformers.
3. U resonator ( free oscillations)
4.One of ways to tune:
5. connect  Katcher and tune it to free oscillations adjusting Crest1, L2 and  coil TV2 in such a way  that all of windings of TV2 resonates  in frequency of  Katcher free oscillations.

Connect  inverter now, and  tune it using RV1 and Cres2 to frequency multiple to frequency
of Katcher  is such a way that oscillations of current on L res  are synchronized in zero amplitude of Katcher free oscillations using  adjustment RV3 till synchronized between inverter and Katcher.

Adjust  phase  of windings ,
Length of wire or each coil  make  multiplying (- even) for example:
Resonator  200m( meters), than L res.- can be 1/4 lambda  around 50m, or 1/16 of lambda
or 1/32  of lambda and so on.
You can use also use odd ( not even)  harmonics 1/3 instead of 1/4  lambda and so on.
In such a way you can than wind   output windings.
the main point is  to have all windings of resonator, to resonate at  frequency of free oscillations  (or its harmonics.)

you can wind  around of TV2 (over the TV2,) few winds of wire, Lres or you can do  the same inside of  L res. or inside  of transformer you can insert  pipe  with  longitudinal slot.
there are plenty of options.
Depends from your construction you can add another resonator.
It will definitely work better not worse than without it.

On TV2  OUT1 and OUT2 should be  in opposite phase.(180 degrees out of phase)

1. Inverter  sinus or resonance- (you can have 50Hz as well)
 is creating  traveling oscillations and makes possible to  retrieve energy  at desired frequency.
 Retrieving of energy is possible when, "traveling" oscillations  (send oscillations) synchronizes itself with, reflected current oscillations.
Voltage in its   zero amplitude manifests maximum velocity( I can call it the right  point.)
2. synchronizator  is synchronizing  cycle of  inverter 1  and katcher 4
3.  air transformer  is made based on Tesla Transformer.
4. Katcher Borovina creates free oscillations and by that  makes possible  to create "stream"
  "Stream"  is controlled by us   response of  mechanisms of nature in area of energy transfer.

6.After you made the device  try than  to change value of resistors,
you will notice that voltage potentials   almost don't change.
You will see however change of current . Properly  assembled  device   pretty stable, even if  parameters of elements are changing.

7. katcher with  self stabilization

8. terminals to connect  battery  during Start.( like Kapanadze  9V)
9.In "stream" based  devices mutual interaction  makes processes to be supported by existence of other processes. Reflected signal in resonance circuit when  in  phase sequence is  supporting incoming signal from another  resonance circuit. By that  amplification of "stream" is possible
note: "stream" look at sub-point 4 of point 4.

10. In effect current in transformer TV2  is flowing due to voltage fluctuation  in  TV1

11.Nominal impedance for Katcher that utilities  field transistor VT2
R1-1.2k Ohm not less than 2W
R2 470 Ohm   not  less than 2 W
You may be in need to  adjust value of  R3 R4 to required value  or you will have problem with   self stabilization.

12. option of self stabilization

13.  Driving Coil (OC)-60 winds. Please wind in the same direction as your resonator .Length Oc should be even ( not odd) to length of resonator

14. TV2  output coils  please wind  in the opposite  direction (OUT1 other than OUT 2.. the same story is with  OUT3 and OUT4 )

15. or like this for small power.

16. Resonator TV2 - right winding.

17. explained in  point 11.

18. control of current

19. TV1 left  winding

20. It should look like this for big power

21. to L res current (look at Tr3)

22.  Voltage on   resonator.

23. Power - Fast diodes

24. balance.

25. to inverter? I'm not sure.

26. TV1 Tesla

Schematic translation #

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Offline stivep

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Re: Wesley's Kapanadze and other FE discussion forum
« Reply #2281 on: February 28, 2019, 02:57:33 PM »
For Dr Hans:
I'm responding to your request.

This is my set for sonoluminescence.
I need to have new resonator  suitable for HA2
Images:  corresponds with link from above .
Equipment although made for sonoluminescence  got me
surprised in area of surface wave, coincidentally, just when I was playing with it.
I do not know yet  how to explain it  from science  stand point. 
I'm puzzled. I  may ask you for independent expertise.


Offline stivep

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Re: Wesley's Kapanadze and other FE discussion forum
« Reply #2282 on: March 01, 2019, 03:14:47 AM »
New Light on Lithuania Experiment
Right  I  agree Dr Hans.
I have no problem with this part, as long as you have no problem with  intellectual property.

So there are two parts of it:
The first one is surface wave ,but we will concentrate
on the second one here.

It is the new light on Lithuania Experiment.
with :Wesley, Arunas Aidas from 2012.

The  device described by me in  email was operating from two  1W  ( generators max  range  is  2MHz) .
Maximum power drawn from grid 5W per generator x2 for two generators.
The generators  where connected to winding winded on ferrite ring (yoke) from  Russian CRT TV  Rubin.
At certain point  the device started to manifest at ~ 80W  and ~ 600W  purely resistive load
unexpected  effect.
80W incandescent lightbulb
600W halogen
After all  losses the effective power dissipation should be  below 1W but not at corresponding 80/600W

Characteristic to this unexpected  effect  there was a presence of strong  high  audible frequency sound and vibration of ferrite.

During experiments  with sonoluminescence I went across article  of
UCLA Putterman Research  Group

The body of the title is quoted below:
Mysteries of Energy Focusing Phenomena
We study the fate of energy that is injected into a system so as to push it far from equilibrium. 
A sound wave passing through a fluid can create a bubble that pulsates so strongly that it becomes a dense plasma that emits flashes of light only trillionths of a second long. 

When “Scotch” tape is peeled from its roll in a dark closet, a mysterious glow can be seen. 
Somehow the force of peeling a complex network of polymers generates a charge separation,
which then organizes to create a discharge and emit photons with energies that can extend into
the x-ray portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. 
When a ferroelectric crystal such as Lithium Niobate is heated, the ions move ever so slightly relative to their electron clouds to create massive electric fields that are capable of generating nuclear fusion in a system the size of a walnut.

In these off-equilibrium systems, nonlinear processes dominate the motion. 
Although entropy always increases in all these phenomena, the second law of thermodynamics gives little guidance in understanding how they work.
Can a similar multi-scale system someday be used as a fusion reactor?
The frontiers of physics are all around us. G.E. Uhlenbeck
I strongly  disagree with possibility of nuclear fusion due to Lawson Criterion.
however   the statement
the ions move ever so slightly relative to their electron clouds to create massive electric fields
is quite disturbing and might   link  to explanation of  Lithuania Experiment .

Mentioned in the quote:
Lithium Niobate was not conformed by me  EDXRF  SEA5120 .
Lithium was found in  sample.

Niobate  - as salt containing an anionic grouping of niobium and oxygen  can not be seen by EDXRF   SEA5120
EDXRF was calibrated from Sodium to Uranium.

Number of  participants 6
All received dose of unknown factor causing strong headache.
In Aidas case  partial  hair loss
In Wesley  case     painful headache lasting for few weeks, ( 2  months at most.)

When in resonance Ferrite vibrations  creating  (at harmonics) effects in  ultrasonic region.
And if creation of additional  "strong  electromagnetic fields" is taken to account, we may  as well deal with X-ray and UV as
secondary effect of  mechanical nature of vibrations of domains in the ferrite.   
Energy conversion  in Lithuania Experiment was no longer continued  due to health effects and lack of participants.


PS. Helpful literature:;sequence=1        Look at videos in this  page

link related to picture below:
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Offline stivep

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Re: Wesley's Kapanadze and other FE discussion forum
« Reply #2283 on: March 01, 2019, 04:33:18 PM »
The schematics Wesley has republished recently on his thread look interesting but are so blurred I can't work on them to translate
and we would need more information on the wound coil data or photo to be of help, how about some more focus on that section?
here is set of HQ schematics that will oversize the page
one additional schematic  in good quality  is  (2  posts above this post.)
only one  schematics was not translated.

« Last Edit: March 01, 2019, 08:04:49 PM by stivep »

Offline stivep

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Re: Wesley's Kapanadze and other FE discussion forum
« Reply #2284 on: March 03, 2019, 12:15:51 AM »
Please read post below that explains why my video is not on line any longer.
Ruslan Kalabuhov Free Energy device 1.5kW
In my opinion it is quite challenging discussion between
Ruslan and  another Gentleman  who is not easy , and pretty much  unpredictable in his questions directed to Ruslan.

Ruslan is Latvian  facing strong trolling .
I strongly protest against user  of this  forum "color" posting
extremely vulgar comments in Russian language  such  as "piz.abola" ( word is truncated)
in address of anyone, including Ruslan Kalabuhov.
This word in vulgar language, points at female organs/sexuality and value , in the content
of brutally diminished  in vulgar  way, man superiority, making him now, a female organ like , and unlikely man.
so user color manifests:
-man superiority
-gender inequality
All of it is strong enough to remove this user from forum.

This is another warning to user using nick name "color" with perfect knowledge of Russian language
posing as Korean.And by that looking for excuse to his behavior  based on possible language barrier.
Stefan  will be notified  about  this user violating again basic forms of social interaction.
More about the prove that user color  is very good in  Russian/ Vulgar Russian slang too. is here:


« Last Edit: March 17, 2019, 11:49:29 PM by stivep »

Offline stivep

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Re: Wesley's Kapanadze and other FE discussion forum
« Reply #2285 on: March 03, 2019, 12:21:52 PM »
This morning from the nick  name DragonLord76  I got comment,  requesting to delete  Video about new Ruslan device posted yesterday
However  vulgar copy of the same video is still on line.

I decided  to remove my video temporarily
contact Ruslan and ask him what's going on.

what  kind of game is taking place.

The answer:
Да пока удалите это видео, я новое пришлю вам лично. Чуть позднее будет ещё 5 кВт и 10 кВт.

Translation: Till now please remove this video. The new video I will send you  personally.
Little later I will have 5kW and 10kW.


Offline stivep

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Re: Wesley's Kapanadze and other FE discussion forum
« Reply #2286 on: March 05, 2019, 03:48:45 PM »
No power supply self oscillated FE
The difference of potential is created by Metal roof  of 1 story ( 1 floor   with attic )
The  by PhD James Corum from Viziv diameter of the  top capacitor should  be multiplied by factor  of 4 (at best)  to have distance between   earth and  top capacitor  calculated.
Top capacitor  that is elevated to this height is   not ionizing air and not  influenced by  earth.
But that depends from ground properties below the top capacitor or  roof of the  house.
So we may just base on fact that  square area of top capacitor should be as large as possible, but not to large vs height.

Note: In one  of the tests battery was used to power    transistor  from picture 1
The current  inside the light-bulb is so  strong....
( well.. I should say  to be correct:  The voltage is so big,and current is as it is )
 that the Tungsten of the lightbulb  is not able to be heated due to internal gas/ vacuum of the lightbulb  momentary  HV breakdown.

Note : simulation of the same can be easily made by placing  flat pieces of sheets of aluminum or copper or even rust protected other metals on the roof or elevated from the ground.
These sheets  can be just edge to edge lying down  and yet touching  one on another .
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Re: Wesley's Kapanadze and other FE discussion forum
« Reply #2287 on: March 08, 2019, 02:49:08 AM »
          Electrical Energy of Kapanadze


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Re: Wesley's Kapanadze and other FE discussion forum
« Reply #2288 on: March 08, 2019, 01:12:31 PM »
Look at picture below.
Ten  Spark Gap to u mnie byl Bomac USN-CBNQ-1B40 Argon filled Gas Switching Tube
1kW impuls.

Ty  zastosowales  kondensator ot R-140   a ja malem  pod reka  pare ceramicznych kondensatorow.
Na jedno wyszlo.
Nie radze ci publikowac  Twojego video.  Nie ryzykuj  teraz.

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Re: Wesley's Kapanadze and other FE discussion forum
« Reply #2289 on: March 08, 2019, 02:55:29 PM »
Yes, you right this is the way.
I did it.

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Re: Wesley's Kapanadze and other FE discussion forum
« Reply #2290 on: March 08, 2019, 09:14:49 PM »
Dobra nie ma co,- patrz w dol.
I nie wychodz z tym teraz . Nawet nie trzymaj  tego  u siebie.
Zawiez  do  Krakowa.
Hans  potem podjedzie  do ciebie, 5 godzin z  Hamburga.
Do Stefana nie daleko, ale to twoja  decyzja.
« Last Edit: March 17, 2019, 11:53:08 PM by stivep »

Offline stivep

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Re: Wesley's Kapanadze and other FE discussion forum
« Reply #2291 on: March 09, 2019, 01:55:12 PM »
I have got  numerous of requests to  post  more  information in  regards to my last video in other languages.
First  is my response to Dr Hans:
Das Gerät wird jetzt nach Krakau transportiert.
Ja, er will es dir geben.
Sie können sich an Stefan wenden.
Ich bin jetzt dagegen.
Er kann sich Konsequenzen aussetzen. 


Nein, ich kann jetzt dem deutschsprachigen Publikum keine
umfassendere Erklärung geben.


Funken-Lücke-Tube P24 1139 habe ich wenige von ihnen. Ich werde es am Montag senden
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Offline stivep

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Re: Wesley's Kapanadze and other FE discussion forum
« Reply #2292 on: March 10, 2019, 02:16:42 AM »
As requested I'm posting  model number of spark gap
with trigger.
Tested :
- triggered by small voltage  impulses up to 267 kHz                                  passed
- spectrum center of  the bandwidth peak regulated from 6kHz to 267kHz    passed
- width of  peak   included  all F of all L ( L1;L2;L3;L4) moving from low 600Hz  at front edge  up to 2.4kHz
  so we say around  2.4- 0.6= 1.8kHz in average)
- sliding  bandwidth of interest up down passed with  great success.
- sides of  bandwidth of interests are irregular and  quite sloping.
   but this is not important at all. The top  must include all  F of  each individual resonance and move up or down on request.
   bandwidth peak  is the center of the highest  amplitude region  having at its lowest  still 75% of amplitude for frequencies of interest region


- Tesla coil                                    passed
- structure from my video.              passed
1. 0.15mm copper foil 2m wide 10m  long x 3= 6x10 area  as top capacitor  at 15m high.
2. cooper foil  is one side adhesive,applied  on the top of flat dielectric below.( can be commercial from Home Depot)
3. regular  flat  wooden roof served as base to the structure.
3a.yes,  at one point structure was elevated but  due to strong wind, weight of dielectric was increased
   But that wind lead me to remarkable conclusion. 
   (Results of 3a are not to be published yet.)
Dr Hans, ich werde Ihnen Ergebnisse am Montag in demselben Paket mit der Funken-Lücke senden.
Stefan hat seine eigenen Probleme jetzt. Belästigen Sie ihn so nicht, bis wir bereit sind.
Ich respektiere ihn sehr viel.

- E4407b
- R3267
- HP4194a

at no voltage test:
performed at  S11, S21, S12, S22,
Note: from 10Hz to 10kHz S parameter is not available as HP4194A  was used due to R3754B  limitation.

-R3754B  starts from 10kHz but it  goes up to 150MHz if needed
 so for low F   from 10Hz i used HP4194a at gain phase mode with rectangular graph.
-HP 8753D 30 kHz to 3 GHz was not used.
Correction:HP 8753D  was checked again and my version of it  works from 30kHz to 6 GHz
So  for anything above 30kHz is OK.
-Surface wave origin and  intensity (compared Cost Rica and New York)

Look exactly here: this will  explain you  everything:
this was the whole problem of all  of these guys.
Yes  I have wide noise generator but spark gap  with trigger, gives me  so  good results.

results of this tests explains why Tariel Kapanadze used spark gap at his first devices.- next test is oriented on comparison of furnace spark generator  frequency response vs spark gap in dielectric.
- common factor is that in both cases we deal with dielectric:
a.  foil on the roof .
b. HV wire prick  by sharp end wire connected to gas furnace HV  spark generator from Tariel show to Wesley in 2011
- test  works good on  much smaller cooper area serving as  top capacitor (such as  2x2m on dielectric) 
-having few pieces such as 1x2m is more convenient.
-lying on the roof few pieces at different angle works great, as its is capacitive reactance can be regulated by moving them
 Tests have been provided under my supervision but with help  of two  guys (after virus I'm not so strong yet)

- energy intensity  geographically varies  in Costa Rica test site  and New York, New Jersey,
  That would explain why Akula work in Kazakhstan and  did not work at Riga Latvia
  and in Hamburg Germany. 
  But Ruslan  at the same Riga did not have  much problem as he was tuned  there.
  However Ruslan  was not examined by Tiger or me yet. 
  Tiger couldn't  explain it too. He is back home now asking me to visit him in Kazakhstan.
  Energy density note is my own assumption, and can't be taken for granted .

   Note: I'm not going to visit Tiger now. It is to close to Moscow influence.

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Re: Wesley's Kapanadze and other FE discussion forum
« Reply #2293 on: March 10, 2019, 04:52:32 AM »
Please look up in previous post  find 4194A in  gain phase mode ( in green color)

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Re: Wesley's Kapanadze and other FE discussion forum
« Reply #2294 on: March 10, 2019, 01:18:08 PM »
Some explanation  to the  questions in Russian  as requested:
 Q. Привет, Уэсли.
Я всё же считаю, что у Капанадзе и его репликациях происходят манипуляции с магнитным полем индуктора. То, что ты показал это другой тип устройств.
Wesley response:
Я думаю, вы ошибаетесь. "Манипуляция" - то процесс a не источник энергии.
Никто кроме меня когда-либо не указывал на происхождение энергии в  устройствe Тариэля Капанадзе
Я прав на все 100% Hикакого другого объяснения, поскольку никогда не было каких-либо объяснений.
У Тариэла было только два варианта. Отправлять энергию из точки А в В или извлекать энергию из волновода Шумана.
Вот почему б..ы так  cошли c ума сейчас. Все они молчат в ожидании директивы, что со мной делать.
В моем блоге у меня полный иммунитет. Ho б..ы делают все возможное.

Электроэнергию этого Viziv я смогу у себя поймать и пользоваться? Когда его включат?
Wesley response:
Viziv работает уже 52 дня. Но они до сих пор  держат головы вниз. «Электроэнергию этого Viziv я смогу у себя поймать» 
Нет Вы не можете Это многофазных 21 элементa, чтобы соответствовать и изменения кода доступа каждые 2 секунды

Q.<"Все они молчат в ожидании директивы, что со мной делать"> - разве они вообще могут с тобой что то сделать?
А для Viziv нужен специальный приёмник энергии со своим кодом доступа? Хакнуть можно?
Если энергии идёт до дури, то можно же просто хоть часть снимать?
Энергия радиоволн то есть!? Пусть не вся мощность, а хотя бы часть.
Детекторный приёмник, например. На каких частотах она передаёт? Я эфир просканирую.
Wesley response:
Здесь вы показываете полное отсутствие понимания  волны Ценнека . частотa ~ 18 кГц.
Посмотрите мои последние два видео и попытайтесь понять .
Проблема в том, что - это все, а не только электричество.
Они будут знать ваше точное местоположение и каждый ваш шаг. Вот почему Визив не подавляет головы.
Это США, и мы можем остановить Визив, если они нападают на нашу конфиденциальность.
 Вы не можете получить волну Ценнека, так как эта волна не распространяется в дальнем поле.
Так что вы не можете отсканировать волну Ценнека. 
Это:  поляризация и фазовое соотношение стоячей волны  в  приемникe,
- теперь взаимодействующей с Поверхностной волной, известной как Волна Zenneck

 А в россии? Они могут даже дать некоторым из вас электроэнергию за полцены в обмен на информацию, которую они собирают о вас.

Q.А как они дадут энергию за полцены, если волна не распространяется в дальнем поле?
И разве эта волна имеет огромную информационную пропускную способность, чтобы заменить собой все магистральные
средства связи (это весь оптоволоконный трафик Земли, что ты перечислил в видео)?
Wesley response:
Волна Ценнека существует на границе раздела между двумя диэлектриками с различными свойствами или между  материалaми земля. и воздух.
 Это называется интерфейсом, -воздух, который имеет устойчивые диэлектрические свойства -земля «среда с потерями»,котopa имеет нe устойчивые
диэлектрические свойства
Вам легко понять это без физики.
Представьте себе слона, который сжимается тяжелым катком и теперь плоский, но живой  и может поместиться в интерфейс.
Волна Ценнека излучает не в пространстве XYZ, а в пространстве XY, но это является только экспрессивным - это только выразительное объяснение.
Волна Ценнека излучает в Near Field Волна Ценнека не излучает в  Far Field

Q.Спасибо за разъяснение. Теперь базовая картина нарисовалась! Получается, что она стелится по земле, создавая половину стоячей волны в воздухе
и другую половину стоячей волны в земле. Волна стоячая и никуда не бежит от передатчика.
Радиус действия передатчика ограничен одной полуволной от частоты 18КГц. 18КГц - 16,666км. 1 полуволна будет равна 8,333км.
Пучность стоячей волны будет в 4,1км. Род поля - магнитный, без электрической напряжённости поля (E).
То есть это генератор магнитного поля с радиусом 8,3км. На расстоянии 4,1км магнитное поле максимальное.
Wesley response:
Нет, снова Вы ошибаетесь.
С обычной Tx электромагнитная волна производится один раз, а затем вы можете отключить Tx Bолна будет продолжать путешествие.
Волна Ценнека в интерфейсе должна быть TEM в режиме TM Если вы отключите Tx, эта волна больше не существует.
Волна Ценнека в интерфейсе  TEM в режиме TM существует при включенном Tx Так как нет нагрузки, то нет потерь в целой земле / воздушный интерфейс
Это обычная физика, друг мой, но это экзотическая часть физики  для большинства профессионалов. Чтобы понимать это,
Вы должны сначала понять то, что - волновод И понять, что земля - ​​это стена волновода Шумана.
Земля также ​​это  <'средa с потерями'> lossy media,  для волнового интерфейса (Взаимодействие с воздухом.)
Земля также это разрядная стенка для электрических ударов и колебаний энергии   внутри  волновода Шуманa
И поскольку диаметры XYZ волновода Шумана не меняются, и существует резонанс Шумана, который является доказательством
существующей там энергии 'переменного тока'/сигналa/ wave/волна мы можем погрузить зонд внутрь этого волновода.
 И это - наш Приемник

More in next post.Picture 1
This process is similar to Slotted Line but instead  of being used to measure impedance it acts as  active Rx.
The probe is interacting now with wall of  waveguide( for  simplicity  take cylindrical waveguide)
due to XYZ geometry and charge distribution if active probe is used.
Think of it as probe from inner side instead  form outer side.The opposite of that from patent.
As we humans are inside of it.
So traditional slotted line is compromise taking place due to  its physical dimension.
and by that we are no longer limited with frequency response of Slotted Line
More in next post.

Q.Вот теперь вообще понятно стало! Не все твои зрители учёные и знают вещи, которые для тебя элементарны.
Поэтому столько вопросов было. Я не мог представить как выглядит эта волна и как себя ведёт в среде.
И ты объяснил не только мне одному. Многие, кто прочитает эту переписку, тоже поймут об этой волне.
Таким образом, я своими вопросами подтягиваю тебе аудиторию, которая прочитав комментарии лучше
поймёт суть твоих идей, что ты хочешь донести.

I can understand all of 27 Slavic languages but I can speak only few of them so I'm sorry  I can not translate
based on given group request,  as I'm not able to be accurate in writing.