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Title: Bldc electronic drive circuit to replace mechanical commutator
Post by: Linko on May 13, 2018, 12:46:19 AM
Gday all. I'm new to all forums and this being my first. I'm also a learner in electronics but skillful with my hands. I've built a series coil 8 pole motor. 8 coils on a centre stator and two rotors both with 8 neo's each rotor. It is. Currently commutated mechanically with 4 copper segments and two brushes side by side. I have made up a vane hall sensor and a vane with windows cut out to have identical timing as mechanical commutator. My question is what type of circuit can I use to drive and collect emf to get as efficient as possible and hopefully ou results? I have done countless hrs of reading on the net without finding anything suitable. I'm hoping maybe something along the lines of the honeywell vane sensor I have or possibly two for the trigger on transit or or solid state relay... this is where I need some expertise. Any help appreciated... regards linko