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Title: Hypothesis On Free Electricity
Post by: Eighthman on May 12, 2018, 10:28:05 PM

Follow me here:  the above shows a heavy spinning mass being easily moved around, with little effort.  Suppose there was a way to move electrons this way?  Instead of the electrons spinning co-axially on a wire (like a doughnut rotating while it moves along a rod stuck thru its hole)  - suppose we had a way to get the electrons to spin at right angles, facing outward - just like Laithwaite's gyroscopic rotor.

In effect, if there was a way to change an electric current this way,  you could propel electrons along a conductor with little effort because they would be "massless" in a practical sense.

I hope I've explained this clearly so that it can be visualized.  Or just watch the video and think, 'what if this was a spinning electron in a conductor instead of a rotor being whipped around?'.