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Roto-vectorial propulsion...


iacob alex:
.....if you like to play some introductory experiments , at :

iacob alex:
.....has a "patented" starting point (1967) with Alfo di Bella's proposal (see on youtube...).
     In my opinion we need to play four masses in a syncro double rotation arrangement , so to obtain a stabile pulsatory tractive (TO) vector.
     Let's call it a syncro double roto-vectorial thrust...
     -a single rotating(eccentered) mass is a rotating vector
     -two syncro rotating (eccentered) masses is a pulsatory ( TO and FRO) vector on a line
     -four syncro double rotating ( eccentered ) masses is a pulsatory ( TO) vector on a line
      If a horse is four-legged "relation "with gravity ,  a four-masses syncro double rotating  mechanism can be a "relation" with an usefull rotational inertia , intended for transport ,also?!

iacob alex:
.....as a four-group synchro - rotating masses , at :
     It can be an intermediate "step" ,so to obtain a "clean" semi-space pulsatory tractive vector...

iacob alex:
.....with an arrangement of four double synchro rotating masses at :
     http://conf.uni-ruse.bg/bg/docs/cp14/2/2-1.pdf  (Fig.10)
.....and a half-done experiment at :
     We are searching for a stable pulsatory one-way resultant of the 4 double rotating vectors/eccenters...or an inertia "drone" equivalent , if you like it...a tractive centrifugal effect.


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