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Title: I'd Appriciate Your Input
Post by: buzneg on December 02, 2006, 12:26:17 AM
magnetic fields have the same power at any distance, it's just more spread-out and goes in different directions. If you get the curvatures right it's just a "larger gear" as you travel out and a "smaller gear" as you travel in.

So we can take this shape of the magnetic field and to simplify it make it a triangle. The triangle shape is only to simplify it for basic understanding.

Now if you take 2 equal motors with equal energy input and put them against each other, one with a "smaller gear" and one with a "larger gear" the one turning the smaller gear will determine the direction.

So you have a "magnetic hill" made up of farther away magnets, to closer magnets, that's the engines one different gears.

The "sticky spot" at the bottom has just as many magnetic lines as the outer spot, they're just working more efficient because they're in the same direction. So it's equal energy, but it traveled down a hill, that's where the "free energy" comes from. (the energy probably does come from something)

Spiral shaps are all around, in nature, in rotation, everything rotates, and when energy states are changed the object at least "wants-to" spiral in or out. Electrons orbit closer or farther from the neucleous, planets orbit closer or farther aswell.

Changing energy states is by acceleration or decelleration. When anything is decellerated it wants to spiral from the energy source to a lower state, lower gear, more inside (lesser radious) state. I'm not saying that it gains or loses energy, I'm just saying this is how it travels through the space-time grid.

I believe, in theory, that directional (anti-gravity), and space-time grid travel (warp drive?) faster then light, can be achieved using counter rotating, accelerating, decellerating disks. By pumping space-time, and then adding a bit of directional force, from the inside.

THIS IS JUST IN THEORY, but I've come up with some magnetic motor configerations, and I CAN'T IMAGINE them not working, the math part is too high for me to do. But with the math that I do know it will work and may work very good.

This model posted over at,1615.0.html does work and matches the physic's principles of my design, it also matches Milkovic's physic's
I also think it's very likely my design matches Steorns exactly, because it seems like the most simpliefed, focused on the power making physics. It's very natural.

This info will probably lead many of you to know what I'm talking about. I want to give it away but don't wanna end-up buying it from someone who was already rich.

I study the stock markets and economy very much, so I can make plenty of money if I have presentable proof of an overunity device.

posted on,73.0.html


Incase the MIB's want to silence me, which isn't too useful because with the info I gave many people will figure-out what I'm talking about. Here's alot of info about me, I know corps hold more then just this on me (like they do everyone)

This incase I don't post anymore on these forums, I plan too, and will. I will give my contact info to forum users I trust. I don't want to give it out here because I don't want jokers calling me. If I lived alone I wouldn't mind. ~heh

my name Brendan last name starts with an M ends with a Y
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