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Title: Returning to Znidarsic on Podkletnov
Post by: DonEMitchell on April 04, 2018, 08:03:34 PM
Hi everybody,

I don't know anyone here, newbie rank zero.

Znidarsic's key for me toward manifesting a mystery force (gravity?) is the Znidarsic velocity (1.094 x 10^6 meter-seconds).

At that resonant velocity, a 'scale resonance,' a resonant-coupling will occur between the conducting atoms and the nuclear Coulomb field (positive).

Could a discussion expose an experimental inroad to coupling with the nuclear field?

The goose inside me thinks the mysterious behavior of AG crafts comes from the atom.  Gravity is produced by atoms; magnetism, too.

Thought experiment:

1) Establish a scale-resonance on a copper-loop with current pulses (D.C.). 
2) Map the inductive qualities, and perhaps the electrostatic 'skin,' of a resonant circuit across the Zindarsic velocity and look for something atypical for normal EM dynamics.

To establish a scale-resonance of 1.094 x 10^6 m-s on a copper loop with a circumference of one-meter would need to be driven by a frequency of 1.094 megaHz.

A two-meter loop (double scale) would need 1/2 the frequency to meet Znidarsic's velocity.  Etc.  The bigger the loop, the lower the scale-resonant frequency is needed.

What happens out of the ordinary at that resonance with Znidarsic's velocity?

Personally, I think there must be at Znidarsic's velocity some nuclear-influence that aligns multiple atoms (zillions) to accumulate a miniscule effect per atom into a macro-effect.

I'm not a builder (yet) and hope to go there in baby steps.  But I've done decades of science research, and hope to shed more light on things I expect may come to light. 

This project is well within the reach of members of this forum judged by the posts I've read.


Hint: Even a 555 timer adjusted to about one megaHz will resonate a one-meter-circumference conductor at the Z-velocity.  Bigger loops need lower frequencies for reaching the Z-velocity.

My head is a bit foggy yet on what to do and why.  Hopefully a rousing discussion will reveal pertinent details.

Builder intuitions are needed here!